Chapter 359: Adversity

    Chapter 359: Adversity

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    Tang Lianshui nodded and said, "Yes, because our contract was just signed and hadn't been vindicated by a third party yet, they have no problem in revoking it."

    Ning Qingxue frowned and then spoke as though to herself, "In the span of three months, this is the fourth corporation that has cancelled a contract with us. Why are things like this?"

    "I know the sales manager of the Ti Feng Corporation. He revealed to me that their corporation didn't willingly revoke the agreement. It was because of Yuan Bei Corporation," Tang Lianshui said helplessly.

    "Yuan Bei Corporation? That's the biggest pharmaceutical corporation in China. Why would they care about our little company?" Ning Qingxue asked unwittingly.

    Tang Lianshui sighed. He felt that lately, this young CEO no longer had the decisiveness from before. She seemed absent minded all the time and forgot things easily.

    Now that she'd asked, he could only reply, "Half a year ago, they came to buy our corporation, but you rejected them without a second thought and didn't even listen to their conditions. After manager Li's investigation, we found out that they want to monopolize the pharmaceutic industry in Yu State.

    They didn't have to buy our company, but half a year ago at the pharmaceutical exhibition, the young CEO of their corporation Yuan Qibing was also there. He saw you at the exhibition and asked you out for dinner. He probably decided to buy our company after you rejected him."

    Ning Qingxue's face went cold, and she said, "Does he not know I'm married? Why didn't Li Mumei tell me this?"

    "Qingxue, because I thought you were thinking too much lately, I didn't tell you. The company hasn't been doing well recently, so I didn't want to mention it, but the news of your marriage is only known between the few of us. The rest of the people don't really know, not even Manager Tang," Li Mumei's voice sounded at the door.

    Tang Lianshui smiled bitterely, "Yes, I had no clue indeed."

    "Manager Tang, are you here to resign?" Li Mumei looked at the resignation letter in Tang Lianshui's hands and frowned.

    Guilt was shown on Tang Lianshui's face as he said awkwardly, "Sorry CEO Ning, CEO Li. I, I, came to hand in my resignation."

    Ning Qingxue looked at Tang Lianshui in surprise before seeing the resignation letter in his hand. After a long while, she said, "Okay, give me your resignation letter. I'll sign it and let other people handle the process. Just say I have agreed."

    After Tang Lianshui walked out of the office, Li Mumei sighed, "Qingxue, we can't blame him. His wife has to spend a lot in the hospital. All the while, our company is in a crisis, and we aren't doing any business, so he doesn't have enough money for his wife's illness. That's why he chose to resign."

    Ning Qingxue nodded, "I know. I've been thinking about too many things lately, thus I hadn't realized some matters. Manager Tang is a capable man, but no matter how capable he is, if he doesn't have a good platform to operate on, he can't do anything. This is a problem of our company."

    Li Mumei nodded, "That young CEO of Yuan Bei corporation is forcing you, and his means are disgusting, shameless. But they're the biggest pharmaceutical corporation of China, and no one is willing to annoy them. Also, in two days at the Beijing Luo Yue Corporation conference, they just might perhaps get the spot for Asia. Therefore other pharmaceutical companies are afraid of offending them. Even if you're only connected to Luo Yue the slightest bit, you will still be earning big.

    "Are they so sure that they will be chosen by Luo Yue?" Ning Qingxue frowned and said.

    Li Mumei smiled bitterly, "Yuan Bei is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Asia, and globally they're ranked in the top 5. Although the beauty pill's interestingness is completely unimaginable, it's merely a single product. Hence the power of Yuan Bei is still far greater than Luo Yue's. This is why I don't even think it's them asking to cooperate with Luo Yue but the other way around."

    Ning Qingxue rubbed her forehead. She knew Li Mumei was right, but she didn't have any way to stop this from happening.

    "Mumei, even if our company dies I won't sell it to them," Ning Qingxue said coldly.

    Li Mumei nodded, "I know this company is the blood of your parents. I don't feel comfortable selling it to Yuan Bei either. Still, if they continue to suppress us, we will be forced to shut down."

    Ning Qingxue nodded, "No matter what, we still need to go to the Beijing conference. We need to try our luck. Luo Yue is looking for two partners in Asia. We can work hard and be the other one they choose."

    Li Mumei nodded but didn't speak. She knew that the possibility of that was too low.

    Also, if Yuan Bei let out news that they don't like Fei Yu, then other companies wouldn't cooperate with Fei Yu either.

    Yuan Bei Corporation had some status even in the international market. Their heart safety serum was renowned all over the world and earned huge profits for the company.

    Knock knock -Manager Yu of the Human Resources Department came in. She saw that Li Mumei and Ning Qingxue were both here and spoke worriedly, "CEO Ning, CEO Li, there have been quite a lot of people resigning the past few days. Do you think we should do something?"

    Li Mumei said straight up, "There's no need. If they want to resign, they can. If we become the partner chosen by Luo Yue in two days, then that will be more convincing than anything."

    Seeing the manager of human resources leave, Li Mumei also felt helpless. Other people worked to be the chosen partner, but they worked hard to become the underling of the chosen one. The difference was too huge. However, Li Mumei knew in the depth of her heart that there were around a few hundred companies in Asia wanting to partner with Luo Yue or even more, and their company could only be ranked towards the end.

    Ning Qingxue didn't talk at first. Only after seeing that the human resources manager had left did she ask, "Mumei, how was it?"

    Li Mumei nodded and said, "Last night, there was indeed a murder case at Yuan Ge World. A counterfeiting boss was killed and nothing else, but-"

    "But what?" Ning Qingxue quickly asked.

    "I looked at the police footage and copied one over. Ye Mo indeed went there last night and asked for a beer but he didn't even drink. He just sat for a while and left. He also gave a few hundred dollars as a tip to a waitress. I went and questioned that girl," Li Mumei said.

    "What did she say?" Ning Qingxue didn't seem to notice that she was a little desperate. This was completely different to her previous attitude towards Ye Mo.

    Li Mumei looked at Ning Qingxue in surprise but still quoted, "After he gave the money, he told me to bring him a beer and not disturb him. One extra word and he would leave immediately. The strange thing was that the time he left was very coincidental. When that Fei Fei of the nightclub had come back and that CEO Cheng had gone to find her, a handsome man also came for Fei Fei soon after. It was at this time that he left the night club by himself. It's said that the police are suspicious of him, but they can't find him."

    "What's that got to do with him? He didn't even go upstairs," Ning Qingxue said without noticing Li Mumei's strange eyes at all.

    "By the way, Mumei, let's not care about such things. For now we still need to prepare for our trip to Beijing. My dad will go there tomorrow, and we can go there the day after. If we don't try, we have no hopes at all, but if we do, we will feel better even if we fail." Ning Qingxue finally focused her attention on the company.

    Li Mumei smiled bitterly. -From the beginning to the end, it was you who told me to investigate. I really didn't want to care about this.- But still, she felt Ning Qingxue was a little different now. To be exact, after she had told Ning Qingxue that she was married to Ye Mo, her attitude seemed to have taken a peculiar change. Perhaps she didn't even notice it herself, but Li Mumei saw it clearly as a bystander.
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