Chapter 364: Crazy Conference

    Chapter 364: Crazy Conference

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    Compared to the imminent conference in Beijing, the trip to China Town was more important for Ye Mo.

    There was the Pacific Ocean between the US and China. To Ye Mo, although he could fly to China Town, San Francisco, it would cost him quite a lot of stamina.

    Ye Mo estimated that if he hadn't absorbed so much spirit chi on the Gu King's island and consolidated his cultivation state, then perhaps he wouldn't even be able to fly to San Francisco. But now, if he brought something that he could rest on in the Pacific Ocean, then he should be fine.

    If he could take the plane, he wouldn't choose to fly on his sword, but now, he was going to San Francisco. And no matter how well-connected he was, he still needed a visa. This was too troublesome for him. Ye Mo didn't like troublesome things.

    So, Ye Mo eventually chose to fly to San Francisco on his sword. It was faster and more free.

    Ye Mo's storage ring wasn't big. He stored some food and water in it and then bought two inflatable boats before heading to San Francisco.


    The amount of people in Beijing these few days far exceeded expectations. As more and more people rushed into Beijing, Luo Yue Corporation felt the importance of the conference.

    The reason they chose to have the conference in Beijing was because they knew how much rapture it would cause. Above everything, Beijing was the capital of China. There wouldn't be a problem no matter how many people came. If they chose another city and too much people came causing serious consequences, then they wouldn't be able to handle the aftermath.

    Although there were many people here for the business opportunity, most of them were here to buy a bottle for themselves, since the outlets in other regions were out of supply.

    This massive surge in population brought great pressure to the security of Beijing. The Beijing government had notified Luo Yue Corporation to bring the conference forward to avoid bringing more people into Beijing.

    Luo Yue Corporation made the quick decision to immediately resupply at the ten outlets in China and started to sell more of the beauty pill and even pushed out the health pill early. On top of that, they held the conference a day earlier.

    This immediately resulted in a smaller population flow to Beijing. Still, journalists from all over the world were still rushing in.


    Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei travelled to Beijing in the middle of the night for no other reason but the earlier conference date. This sudden change in date caught a lot of people off guard.


    Beijing's Da Tang Hotel was a five star hotel not because of how lavish the design was, but because it had a first grade international meeting room.

    Today, there was a sea of people outside it. All sorts of journalists had rushed here, because the conference was going to be held here.

    The Da Tang Square outside of the hotel was also very popular. Many small business owners came here to seek business opportunities and established an impromptu market.

    Yet the most eye catching of all was still the store of Luo Yue outside the Da Tang Square. Here, Luo Yue was going to bring out 10.000 bottles of the beauty pill and 2000 bottles of the health pill.

    Although countless people wanted to buy a bottle of the beauty pill, no one tried to push in line, because everyone knew that if you tried to, you would lose the right to buy.

    Due to such an influx of people, everyone has been limited to 5 bottles each. Despite all the restrictions, the 10.000 bottles were gone in the first two hours. A position at the front was worth 10k.

    Other than a rare few who bought one or two bottles, most people bought 5 bottles.


    It was still two hours before the conference, but journalists had started interviewing the pharmaceutical companies from all over the world. Unlike other conferences, Luo Yue Corporation will choose their partner on the spot and inform them then and there.

    That wasn't all; The chosen companies will also decide their sub-contractors on the spot. All the conditions of the contract will be publicized.

    Although there were only a few spots, everyone was rubbing their palms. Even if they couldn't be chosen, it would be good to get a sub-contract.

    In the spacious resting room of the Da Tang Hotel, hundreds of corporate elites had congregated here. Due to the change in date, only 140 out of the 190 or so companies in Asia had made it. The European, American and other African companies together added up to about 170. Many more couldn't make it due to the change in date.

    The most popular to get the spot were the Yuan Bei, Xian Lin and Lian Feng Corporation of China, Korea's Xiao Han Corporation, Japan's Ai Wei Corporation, USA's Tuo Luo Corporation and France's Mouka Corporation.

    Therefore, the journalists mostly interviewed these companies. There were also a few journalists interviewing 2nd and 3rd grade companies, but they had much less people.

    The young CEO of Yuan Bei corporation Yuan Qibing had the most journalists around him, because they were most likely to succeed.

    Not only that, more than 80% of the corporate representatives would come to greet Yuan Qibing, because they wanted him to have an initial impression of their corporation. Once Yuan Bei got the spot, they would have more chances to become a subsidiary.

    "Mr Yuan, Yuan Bei Corporation is one of the five greatest pharmaceutical corporations in the world and the biggest pharmaceutical corporation in China; What do you think of Luo Yue's conference this time? Do you think your corporation has hope of being one of the two companies in Asia to be partnered with them?" a very sweet looking female journalist winked at Yuan Qibing and asked what everyone wanted to ask.

    With the question of this female journalist, all the microphones were pointed at Yuan Qibing.

    Yuan Qibing was a young CEO who wasn't even 30 yet. Not only was he good looking, he was one of the most successful young people in China. Many admired him.

    Yuan Qibing smiled elegantly at the journalist's question, "Despite Yuan Bei Corporation being the leading goat of Asian pharmaceutical companies, we still have many inadequacies and many corporations are on par with us. But being a company that focuses on traditional Chinese herbal medicine, we share many common attributes with Luo Yue Corporation.

    Of course, Luo Yue is a new corporation, but their achievements are being witnessed by the world. The beauty pill they created is superbly astounding, just like the heart safety serum we have made. We produce it purely based on herbs, with no side effects at all. I believe we are quite similar in that way. If we can work together, it would be the strong working together."

    As soon as he finished, another journalist asked, "Mr Yuan, you just said that Luo Yue is a new corporation, does this mean that their power is far less than Yuan Bei? And, you compared the heart safety serum with the beauty pill; Does this mean their values are equivalent?"

    Yuan Qibing's face sunk. Although he believed that their company would have no problem being selected by a small company like Luo Yue, he was very unhappy faced with such a sharp question before the conference even began.

    However, he couldn't just not answer. Perhaps the entire world was watching him right now, one wrong word and his Yuan Bei Corporation would be pushed to the tip of the wave. Even though in his mind, the Luo Yue Corporation wasn't even suited to carry their shoes, he couldn't say this. The profit of the beauty pill was too crazy after all. Not a single corporation could ignore it.

    Yuan Qibing removed his smile and said, "Luo Yue Corporation have proved their power being able to produce the beauty pill. As for the beauty pill and the heart safety serum, they can't be compared because they have different target audiences."

    "Mr Yuan, if your company succeeds, how many sub-contracts will you be choosing in China?"

    "Mr Yuan, the Luo Yue Corporation is developing rapidly. Would they soon rise to be the new leading goat in pharmaceutics in China?"

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