Chapter 368: Unexpected

    Chapter 368: Unexpected

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    Suddenly realizing her actions, Yu Miaodan quickly said, "Excuse me, that was an accident. Well then, now I'll read out the names of the companies who will partner with us."

    Everyone thought to themselves, 'Accident? She clearly almost broke the table. How was that an accident?' Of course, everyone only considered this internally. No one would come out to say it. Besides, the names were about to be announced, and everyone was holding their breath.

    Yu Miaodan cleared her throat and said, "After our critical analysis, we have selected the three partners for Asia, Africa and Europe/US. Qi Li Corporation will be our African sector partner. They may have 5 sub contractors-"

    As soon as Yu Miaodan's words sounded, the Qi Li Corporation representative stood up and clapped in joy which soon brought everyone in the scene to applaud.

    "America's Tuo Luoluo Corporation will be our Euro/US partner. They may have 20 subcontractors," as Yu Miaodan read, Tuo Luoluo Corporation was also very excited. Everyone's guess was right; Because the number one corporation didn't come, Tuo Luoluo who was ranked second got the spot.

    After the applause died down, Yu Miaodan continued, "China's Yu State Fei Yu Corporation will be our Asian partner. They may have 20 subcontractors."

    Different from before, this time, the scene was dead silent. Too silent. If Yu Miaodan didn't start to clap, everyone would've thought CEO Yu had misspoken.

    "What? How could it be Fei Yu Corporation?"

    "Yeah, it should be Yuan Bei Corporation or Lian Feng Corporation. Even if it was us, it shouldn't be Fei Yu."

    "This is impossible..."


    There was heated discussion. They didn't believe some small, unknown Fei Yu Corporation could get the spot. Shock, jealousy... All sorts of emotions filled the scene.

    No-one wanted to believe it. Theu were all still coming back to their senses. This was deemed impossible yet became reality.

    "Qingxue, am I dreaming? How can it be our Fei Yu Corporation?" Li Mumei seemed to have just woken up. Ning Qingxue was also in shock. What was going on?

    Ning Zhongfei was dumbfounded. Although he'd also tried, he never would've thought they would get chosen. His highest goal was to be a subcontractor.

    But immediately, all the companies started to come over and cheer for them. Then, he realized it was real, more real than gold. There was only one sentence in his mind, "The tables have turned. Finally."

    "Qingxue, it really is our Fei Yu Corporation. This is real," Li Mumei confirmed. Out of all of Asia, it was their company.

    After her intial joy, Ning Qingxue asked hesitantly, "Why is it like this? How can it be our company?"

    "CEO Ning, I'm the representative for Dong Gu Corporation, Qian Qi, this is my namecard..."

    "I'm the representative for Lian Feng Corporation. Hello, CEO Ning..."

    Ning Zhongfei looked at the representatives rushing in at him in disbelief. His hands were sore from all the name cards he took.

    Yuan Bei Corporation was in even greater disbelief. Even if it wasn't their corporation, it shouldn't be Fei Yu.

    "This is impossible. CEO Yu, our Yuan Bei Corporation is ranked first in Asia. Why is the spot taken by a tiny company like Fei Yu? Why?" Yuan Qibing looked at the boisterous scene and yelled, unable to bare the reality.

    Yu Miaodan said plainly, "During our selection process, every company is equal. You're the first in Asia? How come I don't know? So what if you are? That is the past."

    "There's some backdoor agreement, some dodgy deals, I don't agree!" Yuan Qibing yelled in anger. He didn't notice what Yu Miaodan meant. She meant that since there was Luo Yue, other companies won't be number one.

    Yu Miaodan slammed the table again, "Yuan Qibing, this is our Luo Yue conference, you have no right to point fingers. We don't welcome you here, get out!"

    "Yu, what right do you have to tell me to get out? We're giving you face by coming. Don't think just because you have a little beauty pill, you're anything great. We can still seal away a small company like you. My intention is that you should report this to your superiors. Some things aren't for a manager to decide. Don't lose out your company's interests like this." Yuan Qibing was so angry that he forgot about staying low to get the beauty pill recipe.

    The scene quitened down. No one expected to see this scene. People were immediately watching the good show. Yuan Qibing had some reason to his words, after all. Luo Yue was only a small and new corporation. How dare they fight Yuan Bei. It wasn't impossible for Yuan Bei to seal up Luo Yue. If the beauty pill recipe leaked, then Luo Yue would be over.

    Even if the recipe didn't spill, it wasn't impossible for China's biggest pharmaceutical corporation to block a newly established company.

    Almost everyone looked towards Yu Miaodan and wanted to see if Luo Yue would stand down.

    Li Mumei looked at Ning Qingxue and said, "Qingxue, if CEO Yu agrees to them, or feels threatened by them, what should we do?"

    Ning Qingxue smiled and shook her head. She could tell that Yu Miaodan was no simple person. If she was so easily threatened by Yuan Qibing, then Luo Yue wouldn't let her be the head manager.

    Yu Miaodan sneered and said in a clear voice, "From now on, Luo Yue will reject any cooperation with Yuan Bei. On top of that, I will make a clear statement that any business involved with Yuan Bei will not be able to cooperate with Luo Yue. If we find out, we will immediately cancel any involvement. This is the first part of the agreement for those who wish to collaborate with us."

    "You!" Yuan Qibing was so angry he couldn't say anything. How could she be like that? She wasn't here to do business but to throw her temper around.

    There was no such section in agreements all over the world that if company A had conflict with company B, then those involved with company B would no longer be able to collaborate with company A, even if there was the slightest involvement, alright?

    This was being childish, yet this childish statement was listed as the first and foremost part of the agreement.

    Everyone sighed. Although this was being childish, it was also being cruel. Yuan Qibing finally met someone more ruthless than him. Yu Miaodan had always had a smile on her face, but when she attacked, she would kill.

    Yuan Qibing had let out tough words, but before he could even make a move, Luo Yue attacked first. People wondered what Yuan Bei would do next and who would win eventually.

    "Han Zai!" Yu Miaodan yelled.


    "Drag out irrelevant people in this room. They are not welcomed here," Yu Miaodan said expressionlessly.

    "Yes." Han Zai walked ferociously towards Yuan Qibing with his 1.9m tall figure.

    Yuan Qibing almost spat blood in anger. He wanted to say some tough words but was grabbed by the neck by Han Zai and dragged out like a chicken.

    Everyone sucked in a cold breath. Luo Yue was acting like hoodlums. This wasn't like a head manager at all. Little did they know; Yu Miaodan was the boss lady of a mafia before.

    Li Mumei breathed out in ease and said, "This is really satisfying. Not only are we chosen, that scum even got what he deserved. I'm uncomfortable seeing his cocky face. I admire this CEO Yu to the bones."

    Ning Qingxue smiled, "Let's think about this later. Before we had nothing to do, but now, we have too much. We still need to recruit 20 subcontractors. This is a challenge for us."

    "Yeah, that's right, we haven't had such glory in a long time. This Luo Yue Corporation is really nice. By the way, what if someone like Yuan Qibing in Luo Yue also wants you," Li Mumei questioned nervously.

    Ning Qingxue looked back and rolled her eyes, "You really think too much."
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