Chapter 371: Chinese Gang

    Chapter 371: Chinese Gang

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    Just from looking at the thickness of the stack, the old man knew there had to be at least 10.000 in it. One question for 10k; this young man was too rich even if he didn't seem all that well dressed.

    "I am the one who gave the bracelet to Old He. Don't trouble him. If there's anything, just ask me," a deep voice sounded at the door.

    A middle aged man with a scar on his adam's apple came in. It looked like a bullet scar. Although it was blocked by his hair, Ye Mo could see it with his spirit sense. If the bullet had gone just a little more to the side, this man would be dead.

    He had calluses all over his hands. Ye Mo didn't know what he did for a living, but the man had some killing chi on him. It was obvious he had killed and not just once. He was a tough guy.

    Yet no matter how tough he was, it was just like floating clouds in front of Ye Mo. Ye Mo said plainly, "Tell me where the bracelet came from, and the money is yours."

    The middle aged man sneered and took the money without a shred of hesitation before saying, "A friend of mine in the US asked me to sell this for him. This friend was having it tough, so he sold the only valuable possesion he had.

    "Take me to see this friend of yours," Ye Mo demanded without beating around the bush.

    The middle aged man suddenly smiled, "I've already told you where the bracelet came from. Sorry, but I can't help you with anything else."

    Then a knife suddenly appeared in his hands, and it spun like a flower.

    Ye Mo glanced at the knife and said again, "I'll give you another 10 grand. Lead the way."

    The middle aged man shook his head, "I won't show you the way. There's nothing good about you finding the owner of the bracelet. San Francisco isn't a happy place, brother." Afterwards, the man sliced in the air with the knife.

    "That's my business. You don't need to worry about me, so just lead the way," Ye Mo's tone went cold as though not seeing the knife in the man's hands.

    "What if I don't want to?" the middle aged man also heard the change in tone. His tone grew stiff as well.

    "I believe you will." After saying this, Ye Mo took out a gun and pointed it at the man. Han Zaixin had given him this gun. To Ye Mo, it was really useless, however it could be used to threaten people. If he needed to kill, he wouldn't use a gun.

    The middle aged man stared at the pistol, and his face suddenly changed. He went silent for some time, not rebuking Ye Mo. He packed away his knife and nodded, 'Okay, I'll lead the way. But before I do, I want to talk with you alone."

    Ye Mo looked strangely at the middle aged man and thought, 'From the looks of this man, he doesn't seem like someone to succumb so easily. So why did he?'

    Ye Mo still reminded him, "There's no need for you to take out the knife you packed away, and neither will you need to take out the gun on you. Otherwise, my gun might fire accidentally. As for a talk alone, I'm not particularly interested, but since you want it, let's go."

    The man didn't seem to notice Ye Mo's gun and turned to the store owner saying, 'Old He, I'll borrow your room for a moment."

    Old He nodded and didn't talk. He picked up that book again and continued reading. It was as though nothing had happened just then.

    Ming Yu Tower wasn't big, but it was very quiet. The middle aged man was obviously someone who came here frequently. He just opened the door and waited for Ye Mo to come in before closing it.

    Before Ye Mo sat down, he suddenly took out a gun and at the same time shot at Ye Mo's wrist.

    Ye Mo had been threatened by many people, and he had seen many people fire. None were as fast as this man taking out a gun. It had taken less than half a second.

    Such a short time, such a short distance; it could be said no one would be capable of dodging this bullet, except for Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo didn't even have to dodge. The gun in his hands disappeared. What took its place was a golden bullet caught between his two fingers.

    "You..." the middle aged man realized that Ye Mo had caught his bullet with two fingers and could no longer stay indifferent like before.

    Ye Mo squeezed his fingers and this bullet turned into a V shape. Then, he stared coldly at the middle aged man and said, "This is your first and last warning. If you dare shoot again, I will turn you into a corpse. If you hadn't shot at my wrist just then, you would've already been dead."

    "Who the hell are you?" the man finally woke up from the extreme shock. His tone was still shaky. He had seen too many masters but none as strong as Ye Mo. Catching a bullet with his mere hands, no, a mere two fingers, and from such a short distance? And he could even bend the bullets with his fingers?

    This wasn't something he could comprehend. He was in extreme terror and shock.

    Ye Mo pronounced coldly, "Who I am is not important. What's important is that I'm asking you, not you asking me."

    The man wiped the sweat from his forehead and took away the gun. He wasn't afraid of dying, rather simply shocked by Ye Mo's power.

    "I'm Shi Kaigen, people also call me Fly-on-grass. Qian bei, if you have anything to ask, just ask." There was respect in his eyes. Ye Mo wouldn't even need a gun to kill him. It would take only a few seconds with nothing but his bare hands. Without a doubt, Ye Mo was one of those legendary Chinese ancient martial artists.

    "I don't have anything to ask. I'm not interested in who you are either. I just need you to take me to see the owner of this bracelet," Ye Mo said plainly.

    Shi Kaigen smiled bitterly. If it was someone else who had the guts to talk to him like this, he would've slapped them already, but he didn't dare do that to Ye Mo.

    He carefully made some tea for Ye Mo before saying, "in China Town, San Francisco, there are many gangs. Us Chinese usually belong to Tang Gang and Hong Martial Gang. Other than these two, there's also a Vietnamese gang, and some other native gangs."

    Ye Mo didn't interrupt Shi Kaigen. Since he was talking about these gangs, it meant that it was related to the bracelet.

    "20 years ago, there was a Chinese man called Peng Wenhan who illegally migrated to San Francisco. With him at the time was also a woman. However, that woman was heavily injured. At the time, there were even more gangs than now, and the US government couldn't manage them all. There were fights and killings everyday. In order to survive, Peng Wenhan established the Chinese gang and took in large amounts of Chinese brothers. As time went on, the Chinese gang grew big and people in the gang called the woman 'sister Yan'."

    Hearing about this, Ye Mo had a feeling that the woman who came with Peng Hanwen might be related to him.

    Shi Kaigen continued, "Ten years later, the Chinese gang was the definition of strength in San Francisco, and small gangs didn't even dare mess with the Chinese gang, yet at this time, something happened to the Chinese gang.

    The big boss of the Southeast Asian gang Grey Alliance, Jason, once saw the woman Peng Wenhan had brought to America and immediately wanted her. Not only did Peng Hanwen disagree, he was furious, after which the two clans clashed. The Chinese gang wasn't afraid of Grey Alliance, but due to a traitor, Peng Wenhan was assassinated, and the Chinese gang splintered into pieces.

    Ye Mo frowned. Jason was the big boss of the Southeast Asian gang. Why would he fight with the Chinese gang over a woman, nonetheless a fight to the death? This wasn't as simple as it seemed.

    Shi Kaigen continued, "After the Chinese gang splintered, sister Yan was nowhere to be seen, but it was said that she wasn't taken by Jason. Later on, the surviving brothers of the Chinese gang established Tang Gang and Hong Martial Gang in China Town. I have a friend at Hong Martial Gang. He strongly wanted me to join them, and he wanted me to sell that bracelet. He also told me that sister Yan once wore the bracelet."

    "Since it's hers, why is it being sold?" Ye Mo asked.

    Shi Kaigen shook his head, "Truth is, sister Yan wasn't welcomed by the brothers in the gang. You could argue that the Chinese gang is gone due to her. There weren't a lot of people who liked sister Yan. Of course, the main reason is because Hong Martial Gang is about to have a big serious clash with Mountain Gang. It's said that the Vietnamese gang will be supporting Mountain Gang, so my friend wanted to leave. He's selling the bracelet to get some money."

    "Where is that friend of yours?" Ye Mo immediately asked.

    Shi Kaigen answered, "He owns a house in a street in China Town. Although I know the approximate location, I don't know where exactly. But if qian bei wants to see him, it's very simple. I can arrange to meet him tomorrow."

    Ye Mo sneered, "I want to see him now. Take me there immediately."
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