Chapter 377: Who Is It

    Chapter 377: Who Is It

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    A henchman quickly went to get Huang Zheng, but soon after, he ran back in and spoke worriedly to Zhu Hongsheng, "Sister Zheng is gone, she just took some simple luggage with her and left San Francisco. As for where she's headed, we don't know yet."

    "What? Huang Zheng left?!" Zhu Hongsheng suddenly stood up and uttered in disbelief. After a long moment, he slunked back down into his chair.

    "Brother Sheng, sister Zheng didn't leave that long ago. If we hurry to the airport, can't we stop her?" some underling asked.

    Zhu Hongsheng shook his head, "I know her character; if she wants to leave, then we won't be able to stop her. Sigh, it was really my fault this time. I let a perfect opportunity slip through my fingers..."

    There was one other point that Zhu Hongsheng didn't mention. The biggest thing he lost this time wasn't this chance but Huang Zheng's support. Never before this moment had he realized how important Huang Zheng was to him. This woman looked average, but she had a cunning heart. Now that he thought about it, the reason Hong Martial Gang had it's current position today was greatly due to Huang Zheng's planning.


    At the same time, at the conference in Beijing. Ning Qingxue was hesitant faced with her cousin's request. She really didn't want the Ning family corporation to join as a subcontractor, but it was her cousin who was asking.

    Seeing Ning Qingxue's hesitation, Li Mumei said, "Brother Yang, I honestly understand what Qingxue is feeling right now. This is really difficult for her. Even I don't want the Ning family business to join as a subcontractor under Fei Yu Corporation."

    Ning Yang nodded and said, "Okay, I will relay this to big brother. I don't blame Qingxue, they went over the line in the past. They didn't even think about Qingxue's happiness for the rest of her life, sigh..."

    Ning Qingxue nodded, "Cousin, if you ever don't like staying in the Ning family, then come to our Fei Yu Corporation. There will always be a spot for you here."

    Seeing Ning Yang leave, Li Mumei looked at the representatives for the Ning family corporation and sneered contemptuously, "Qingxue, the Ning family shouldn't need to come beg you for a subsidiary position with their ability. They probably sent Ning Yang here to recover your relationship with the Ning family."

    Ning Qingxue nodded, she could guess that the Ning family had such intentions but didn't see it as clearly as Li Mumei.

    "Mumei, I want to got to Ning Hai. Can I leave things here to you and dad?" Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of Ye Mo, and she wanted to go after Mumei told her what had happened between her and Ye Mo. However, she got delayed due to the conference.

    She wanted to go to Ning Hai and ask Xu Wei and Su Jingwen some questions.

    "Qingxue, you can go. The rest of the procedure is very easy. I can do it with Mumei. Sometimes, it's good to not leave any regrets. Not everything your mom said is correct. Just do what you want to do," Ning Zhongfei walked over. He could feel the changes in his daughter and didn't feel supportive of Lan Yu's words anymore.

    Ning Qingxue nodded and said, "Dad, CEO Yu said that you are close with Luo Yue's big boss, which is why we got the spot. Do you know their big boss?"

    Ning Zhongfei shook his head with confusion, "I don't. If I did, then we would never have been in such a predicament."

    "Uncle, that CEO Yu of Luo Yue really said that we were chosen because their big boss ordered it so. How could you not know him?" Li Mumei interrupted.

    Ning Zhongfei was dazed, "There was something like that? I don't know their big boss. By the way, did you ask what their big boss's name was?"

    "I did, but CEO Yu just answered mysteriously that the big boss would come over to our company, so she didn't say. By the way, Qingxue, I feel that CEO Yu gives you special treatment. Not like business partners but more like a higher up," Li Mumei still mentioned the worry in her heart.

    Ning Zhongfei hummed for a moment and nodded, "Mumei holds some reason to her words. Qingxue has such beauty, it's normal for people to like her, but since it's already done, why did the big boss use my name? Could it be him? No, he's too young."

    "Dad, who are you talking about?" Ning Qingxue immediately asked.

    Ning Zhongfei replied, "It's the young man I met yesterday. I gave him a bracelet too. Mumei said he was a fraud, and I haven't seen him here indeed. I also thought he must have been a fraud, but other than him, I don't think there's anyone else to suspect."

    "Uncle, did that person also say he had a pharmaceutical company?" Li Mumei asked.

    Ning Zhongfei nodded, "He said that the bracelet was related to him, hence I gave it to him. Then, he invited me to coffee and said he was going to the conference looking for partners. I-"

    "Hold on..." Li Mumei interrupted.

    "What's wrong?" Ning Zhongfei asked in confusion.

    "Uncle, repeat that last bit you just said," Li Mumei suddenly said.

    Ning Zhongfei repeated, "He said that he was also coming for the conference looking for partners and was encouraging me to go as well, and he said he knew-"

    "Yes, that part. In the morning, I thought uncle said it wrong or that the guy was bull**ing. But now, it seems that he is the big boss of Luo Yue. People came to the conference to become partnered, yet he came to the conference to look for partners. Doesn't this mean he represents Luo Yue?" Li Mumei said.

    "Yeah, I had been wondering as well. Why would he make a wording error like that? So he was the big boss of Luo Yue. He's so young. Mumei said he was a fraud, and I was a bit doubtful. He didn't seem like a fraud. I'm really honoured to have met him," Ning Zhongfei was full of happiness.

    Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, "Dad, I don't feel this is right. You just met that young man and gave him a bracelet thanking him for the encouragement. But he's the big boss of a company; how can he give you the partnership over something like that? A successful big boss of an entrepreneurship shouldn't mix private with professional."

    Li Mumei nodded, "This is also what I want to say. Qingxue, you need to be careful, it might have something to do with you."

    Ning Zhongfei said slowly, "No matter what, if Qingxue is going to be harmed, I would rather not have this spot."

    Ning Qingxue said, "Let's not talk about that. Everything will show in time. Lou Yifei is about to come to our company. Mumei, just ask her more questions. I want to go to Ning Hai once, but I may be back soon."


    Ning Qingxue wanted to know why she had loved Ye Mo as much as Li Mumei put it.

    It felt unbelievable to her, but she knew that LI Mumei wouldn't lie to her. Also, if what Li Mumei said was false, her mother wouldn't try to stop her from remembering the past so much.

    Although hearing about it seemed absurd, in the depth of her heart, she actually felt like Li Mumei was right. Li Mumei said that Ye Mo had changed from that waste of a human being.

    Ning Qingxue investigated a bit, and that house in Ning Hai did indeed belong to her. Just as Li Mumei said, she had bought this house after marrying Ye Mo.


    Coming back to the house in Ning Hai, Ning Qingxue took out the keys Li Mumei gave her and opened the door. The backyard looked barren and not taken care of. All the flowers in the pot had died and only a small stalk of grass still stood in the middle with a bent stem as though clinging to life.

    When Ning Qingxue saw the grass, she felt her heart ache again. Qingxue felt lost. She went near the flower pot. She subconsciously wanted to pat the almost dead grass and suddenly felt some joy as though that grass was recounting past happenings to her.

    The middle of the grass was silver, but there appeared to be a small mark of blood on it.
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