Chapter 379: Those Who Came Are All Beautiful Women

    Chapter 379: Those Who Came Are All Beautiful Women

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    "What? You're saying this necklace of mine is a defensive artefact?" Ning Qingxue pulled out the necklace and asked in shock.

    Su Jingwen nodded, "Perhaps it's not only a defensive magical artefact but also capable of calming your mind like my bracelet. I don't even get colds anymore. I think seeing how Ye Mo loves you so much, something he gave you wouldn't be ordinary."

    "You're saying that Ye Mo gave me my necklace?" Ning Qingxue finally understood where her necklace came from, but this only made her more confused. Master Wu Guang said that a qian bei of his had made this. Wu Guang was in his 70's. How could his qian bei be Ye Mo?

    Su Jingwen sunk into silence. She knew that Ning Qingxue had lost part of her memories, but don't people usually retain their most important memories? How come she didn't have any impression of Ye Mo at all? Although she didn't like how Ning Qingxue had forgotten everything, Su Jingwen still replied seeing Ning Qingxue stare at her, "Yes, you yourself said it, and I knew that Ye Mo cared about you a lot from your own words at the time, so..."

    Ning Qingxue suddenly stood up. She walked in front of the wooden stick and gave it to Su Jingwen, ordering, "Jingwen, hit my face."

    Su Jingwen took the stick and shook her head, "Qingxue, you don't understand what a defensive artefact is. Even though you wear it on your neck, it wouldn't just protect your upper body."

    "Okay whatever, just hit me," Ning Qingxue nodded. She still didn't understand why she was doing this. Perhaps she didn't want Su Jingwen to beat her in trust.

    Su Jingwen took the stick without hesitation and smacked towards Ning Qingxue's arm. Before it could touch Ning Qingxue's arm, it was blocked by a veil of light which flicked away the wooden stick.

    "It's true." Ning Qingxue caressed her necklace, and everything seemed to have been explained. When she just woke up, the necklace was a bit faint in colour, and it took some time for it to recover its gloss. This meant the necklace could self-repair.

    Then according to Li Mumei, the reason she didn't get injured seriously after the car crash was this necklace. She wondered if it was due to the necklace that she managed to wake up.

    Su Jingwen looked at Ning Qingxue who was in shock and felt a little down. Although there was only her and Ning Qingxue here, she felt like she was redundant. She stood up and said, "Qingxue, I'll be going back."

    "Huh?" Ning Qingxue came back to reality and quickly said, "Thank you, Jingwen. How about I treat you to dinner tonight?"

    Su Jingwen shook her head, "Don't worry about it, maybe next time. I'm a bit tired today."

    Ning Qingxue nodded, "Okay, come visit often. Sometimes it gets really boring living here by myself. I really admire your courage, smacking down on your arm like that."

    Su Jingwen smiled, "Okay, I'll come by frequently."

    After which, Su Jingwen walked to the door, yet she suddenly turned around, "In fact, it doesn't really have anything to do with courage. I trust him; that's why I did it."

    Su Jingwen was long gone when Ning Qingxue was still standing in the yard. The last words Su Jingwen had utterdd kept ringing in her mind.

    Ning Qingxue murmured, "Alright, I'd really like to know what sort of person you would be in my mind if I hadn't lost my memories. Could a mere month really change the impression I had built up of you over the course of many years? How come I didn't divorce you after having finished using you? How could I disregard my own life to look for you? Would such love happen to me?"

    Before Ning Qingxue could close the door, another girl came from outside, and she looked no less pretty than Su Jingwen.

    Ning Qingxue looked at the girl and felt very strange. Did she come for Ye Mo as well? Why were all these people who looked for Ye Mo women, beautiful women at that.

    "Who are you?" Tang Beiwei and Ning Qingxue asked the exact same question simultaneously. Tang Beiwei had been waiting for her brother at Serenity for more than half a year, but Ye Mo still wasn't back. She missed her brother. After all, he was all she had left in this world. Thus she came to find Ye Mo.

    But when she revisited this small house in Ning Hai, there was no Xu Wei nor her brother. She instead saw an absurdly gorgeous woman who was even prettier than her; this made Tang Beiwei confused.

    "I'm Ning Qingxue, who are you looking for?" Ning Qingxue broke the silence.

    Tang Beiwei smiled, "Oh, it's sister-in-law Qingxue. I am Tang Beiwei. Ye Mo is my brother."

    "Oh, then come in and take a seat."

    This girl proclaimed she was the sister of Ye Mo but wasn't surnamed Ye. She knew about Ye Ling, but she had never heard that Ye Mo had another sister.

    After knowing that Xu Wei moved away, Tang Beiwei was disappointed. Still, in order to wait for her brother to come back, she chose to live here for the time being.

    Ning Qingxue didn't ask why Tang Beiwei called Ye Mo brother. Sometimes, things shouldn't be asked. She was sure Tang Beiwei wasn't Ye Mo's sister. Why make things awkward? She didn't feel that to the bone love for Ye Mo, so no matter how many pretty women came looking for Ye Mo, she would only be surprised and not angry.

    The both of them didn't talk much and it became apparent that there was nothing to be said after a few sentences. Tang Beiwei realized a little while later that this sister-in-law Qingxue knew almost nothing about her brother.

    She felt like her brother deserved more than that. Although she knew what had happened to Qingxue from her brother, how could she forget him so completely? This meant that she was a heartless woman. She wouldn't let someone like that marry her brother no matter what.
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