Chapter 380: Jasons Game

    Chapter 380: Jason's Game

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    Johnson brought Ye Mo to the door of Hong Martial Gang. Ye Mo looked back at Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu and said, "You two don't need to come; just wait for me at Ming Yu Tower. I'll be back soon."

    Johnson looked at the eight cars parked outside. Only he had come back out, with a lost arm at that. He had a feeling that as soon as he brings this Chinese guy to the Grey Aliance, he wouldn't be far from death.

    But he knew that if he didn't, he would die now. He didn't harbor any hopes for someone to save him from this demon.

    Seeing Johnson doubt, Ye Mo said coldly, "If you hesitate for another second, I will make you disappear immediately. I don't believe that I won't find anyone to bring me to your nest."

    "N-, no, I'll drive now," Johnson didn't think of it as just a threat at all. He knew Ye Mo would really kill him.

    Although with only one hand, Johnson drove very quickly. An hour later, the car was parked outside a private manor.

    Ye Mo didn't need to go in to notice that the HQ of Grey Alliance was much more pompous than Hong Martial Gang's.

    Even though his spirit sense had a radius of 200 meters, he could still only see but a corner of this manor.

    Ye Mo retrieved his spirit sense and noticed that the door was open. A small black waiter ran over and bowed to them speaking English.

    "Qian bei, Jason is waiting for you. He will lead the way," Johnson knew that Ye Mo didn't understand, so he quickly translated.

    Ye Mo considered something and sneered. That Zhu Hongsheng had big dreams but little wisdom. Ye Mo had launched a massacre in Hong Martial Gang, and the only survivor was in his hands. Nevertheless, the Grey Alliance immediately knew. There was no way there was no traitor amongst the gang members.

    Hong Martial Gang would be gone under his leadership sooner or later.

    Walking in, Ye Mo realized what it meant to be grandiose. For instance, there was a huge swimming pool! In fact, there were multiple of them. There were also bamboo patches and a football field, as well as a golf course.

    America was a magical place. A mob boss could have such wealth and even live so comfortably.

    Witnessing this place, Ye Mo couldn't help but admire America's way; private property must be respected.

    Jason had been in the mafia for so long, there was no way the US government had no evidence of his crimes. Since he was still living freely, it meant he had his ways.

    The three of them walked a few hundred meters further, and an oval shaped building became visible. Ye Mo sent his spirit sense in.

    The oval building resembled a gymnasium yet was much smaller. The inside was intriguingly decorated.

    It looked like the bottom of a frying pan and there were only seats at twenty meters and above. There was a slanted surface for around twenty or so meters. This surface was made of smooth metal and even seemed to be flickering with electricity.

    Ye Mo could imagine it already; they wanted him to go in and be captured immediately. Such an evil method, even Great Heaven masters wouldn't be able to escape.

    Ye Mo suspected that it was completely metal and that as soon as you stood on it, they would electrocute you. Nearby, there were a few cages. Other than a lion, they also contained two leopards and a tiger.

    Ye Mo was sure that this building hadn't been built just for him. He didn't know why Jason had such a construct, but since he had come already, he wouldn't fear it now.

    Not to mention, he was chi gathering stage 4 now. He wouldn't be scared of a mere electric house.

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense, and the flying sword appeared beneath his feet, carrying Ye Mo into the house while he was followed by Johnson.

    As soon as they went inside, the big door leading to the outside rumbled as it fell down to the ground and shut the entrance.

    The thing was, Ye Mo had already noticed that when Johnson first came in, he was nervous and seemed to be waiting for something.

    As expected, as soon as Johnson had entered, he rushed to one corner of the construct and started slamming his foot there. Ye Mo watched on coldly. He figured there must be some sort of trap mechanism that could save Johnson.

    However, he stepped on it for a long time, yet there was no reaction. Johnson had portrayed a sliver of hope on his face before, but it immediately turned into fear as he yelled.

    "John, you bring our enemies to our door and even lost your throwing arm for the flying knives. Did you really think you'd still get to live?" a cold voice sounded from the top.

    Ye Mo scanned this person right away. The voice's owner was in his 60's, but apparently he kept his look very well as he looked less than 50. Ye Mo knew this person had to be Jason.

    Jason's Chinese was far less fluent than Johnson's. He looked expressionlessly at Ye Mo and spole, "They say you're very strong. I heard those twenty people couldn't even last a few minutes in your hands, so today, I'll dedicate my Gladiator Pan for you to have a taste."

    Jason's pronunciation was pretty inaccurate, but Ye Mo could guess what he meant. Jason clearly also knew his Chinese was bad, hence he ordered the short man beside him, "Explain it to Mr Ye."

    That short man quickly informed, "This construct is meant for people we don't like in order to fight beasts. You will be fighting beasts in the cage soon. Only by killing them can you live a little longer. We'll be watching until you die."

    "You might be very strong, but no one dares to fight me. Those who have are all dead, regardless of who they were or what their status was," Jason's tone was very confident.

    Jason then looked at Ye Mo and shook his head, "You Chinese are too full of yourselves. You actually came to my place all by yourself. That Zhu Hongsheng is the same. He doesn't know that it would only take a few moments for me to destroy him. I even know how many women he sleeps with each night. He's a far cry from Peng Hanwen from all those years ago. And even Peng Hanwen I annihilated without using my full power."

    Ye Mo's face remained calmness itself. After Jason was done, he asked plainly, "Why did you destroy the Chinese gang before? Also, do you know where sister Yan is at?"

    Jason laughed, "You have a lot of questions for someone who's about to die, but I like your personality. Me starting a war with another gang over a woman- Peng Hanwen's brain must be dead to think that. As for that sister Yan, I'll tell you. I just saw her profile from afar. I never knew how she looked, and I still don't know."

    Then, Jason spoke contemptuously to Ye Mo, "Okay, the game begins now."

    As expected. Ye Mo knew his guess would be right. Jason didn't start a war with the Chinese gang over sister Yan. It was for some other reason; perhaps he wanted to consume the Chinese gang.

    Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned the short man's face and saw him have a strange expression. Something like regret and longing.

    Ye Mo thought and asked again, "Before the game starts, I have another question to ask."

    Jason took out a remote controller and pointed at Ye Mo, "Seeing how you're about to give me a fascinating show, I'll allow you to ask one more question."

    "Okay, who is the guy helping you translate?" Ye Mo pointed at the short man.

    Jason laughingly answered, "My advisor; he came from the Chinese gang."

    "Suo Ren, you must be that guy who betrayed the Chinese gang before, right?" Ye Mo's tone was full of killing intent.

    Suo Ren's face changed. Although some people had guessed before that he was the person who had betrayed the Chinese gang, those people were dead now. Besides, he'd been staying inside and keeping a low profile recently. Even then this Ye guy could guess his identity?
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