Chapter 384: He Feng Yuan Family

    Chapter 384: He Feng Yuan Family

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    "Quickly get CEO Lan over here." After finding out that Fred was missing, Sha 1 immediately began to worry. His original plan was to capture Fred and ask for forgiveness in front of Lan Yu, but now Fred was missing.

    "Wait," Sha 1 stopped his men and tidied his clothes, "I'll go myself."


    Lan Yu was anxiously waiting in the luxurious room when Sha 1 walked in nervously.

    "CEO Lan, I'm Sha 1 of Five States. My men are stupid and actually believed Fred's words, so they were disrespectful to CEO Lan. Please forgive me, CEO Lan," Sha 1 apologized and made a 90 degree bow.

    Lan Yu looked at Sha 1 in confusion. Since when did human traffickers become so polite to the people they kidnap?

    Seeing Lan Yu not talk, Sha 1 quickly said, "CEO Lan, in fact, I tried to capture Fred, but he has gone missing currently. Hence, we haven't been able to find him yet."

    Although Lan Yu was still confused, she said, "I don't need you to say you're wrong, I just want to leave. All I want now is for you to let me go."

    Sha 1 wiped the sweat off his head, "No problem, of course you can leave. There's a card here, the password is all 1s. Although I know CEO Lan isn't short on money, this is my compensation for all my mistakes."

    Lan Yu didn't understand what was going on, but this was what she wanted. As for the reason, if she couldn't think of it, she might as well not think about it.

    When he brought her back onto the streets, Sha 1 wiped the sweat off his forehead and ordered, "Send two people to secretly protect her. If anyone dares offend her, don't blame me for being rude."


    The Luo Yue conference was over. Out of all the companies present, the unhappiest had to be the Yuan Bei Corporation. It was the largest pharmaceutical company in China with its power spread all over the globe.

    More than that, in the He Feng area, the Yuan family was the local overlord. Even the Vice-Mayor had to consider his words.

    But today, the young CEO of Yuan Bei Corporation was slapped in the face by Luo Yue's CEO Yu in front of a few hundred corporations from all over the world and had been escorted out of the place.

    This was a complete insult to Yuan Bei Corporation.

    "Yu Miaodan, I don't care how popular your Luo Yue Corporation is, nor who is behind Luo Yue Corporation. If I don't send you to the 18th level of hell, I, Yuan Qibing, am a pig. Ning Qingxue, don't think that just because you have Luo Yue supporting you, you can forget about everything. When you kneel in front of me begging for mercy, you will know who's boss!" Yuan Qibing smashed the last cup on the table and finally calmed down a little.

    Yuan Qibing always thought himself a calm and elegant person. The reason he was acting out like this was all because of Luo Yue and Ning Qingxue.

    A woman in her 30's wearing a light blue professional dress walked in. She bowed respectfully to Yuan Qibing and then took out a folder handing it to him, "Young CEO, this is what I managed to investigate. Luo Yue Corporation's sudden rise to fame is due to the support of Hong Kong Mo Family Corporation.

    Yuan Qibing didn't look at the files and frowned, "Hong Kong Mo Family Corporation? Did they know Luo Yue had such a powerful product at the time? Who's the big boss behind Luo Yue?"

    The woman replied, "They aren't registered in China, and their data is completely safeguarded. With our current resources, we can't find out their registration information. Aside from that, there is more bad news: the new health pill they are producing is listed as a military cooperation. It's said that the military is having negotations with them now.

    "What?" Yuan Qibing suddenly stood up. He wasn't dumb. Although he wanted to annihilate Luo Yue immediately, he knew this wasn't to be rushed.

    If Luo Yue caught the military's eye, then it would be hard for him to do anything. Although his Yuan family was not bad, they weren't enough in comparison. They couldn't even know much of the inside news.

    "Immediately obtain the recipe for the two pills before they start their cooperation with the military. And don't they have a pharmacist called Yu? Take her to He Feng secretly. As for that Ning Qingxue; hmph, can a woman I want fly away?"

    "Did you find out who is supporting Luo Yue?" After his moment of anger, Yuan Qibing had returned to his cool countenance. Those who knew him would know this was when he was at his angriest and scariest.

    The woman replied, "We can't tell for now. Yu Miaodan prepared a lot of things herself. She's very capable."

    "Capable? Haha, the more capable the better. I like capable women. Hope she's as capable in bed too. Though this woman is a bit old, she can serve as an entry," Yuan Qibing laughed hysterically.

    This woman didn't seem to mind Yuan Qibing's laughter and said calmly, "Ning Qingxue has for some reason left Beijing. When we found out that she was going to Ning Hai, she had already left. She just flew to Hong Kong and is now waiting for a flight to San Francisco.

    Yuan Qibing stopped. He was confused. This was the gloriest moment of all for Fei Yu; how could she, being the big boss, leave? Anyway, the more alone she was, the better it was for him.

    "Have you found out whether she's married?" Yuan Qibing asked.

    "Yes, she is. Her husband is the former young master of the Ye family, but because he wasn't welcomed and was found out to be of bastard blood, he was kicked out of the Ye family. After he married Ning Qingxue, he soon disappeared," the woman replied.

    Yuan Qibing walked to her and grabbed her ass, squeezing and rubbing, "Alright, not bad."

    It was unknown whether he was referring to her work or her ass.

    However, she remained calm and didn't look harassed at all.

    Just when he was about to reach his hand into her chest, the phone sounded.

    Yuan Qibing picked up the phone and just spoke a few words before putting the phone down. He said to the woman, "Go out first."

    "Yes." She walked out of his office calmly and without even tidying up her clothes.

    Seeing this woman walk out, Yuan Qibing called again, yet this time, his voice became cold and calculated. If someone heard him now, they wouldn't connect him to the Yuan Qibing who sounded infuriated and threw things around.

    "Uncle Ping, what did my dad say?" there were no more emotions in his voice.

    A clear and deep voice sounded, "Young CEO, the CEO is here. I'll hand the phone to him."

    Soon afterwards, a voice that sounded a little old could be heard, "Bing'er, I know about what has happened. Those Luo Yue guys are indeed very cocky, but before we act we need to investigate things clearly. Our number one rule of the family is to do things carefully, and take revenge swiftly. We try not to offend people, but once we do, we need to beat them to death. We can't give them any chances of survival."

    "Yes, dad. I've already investigated them. They don't have that big of a support. I just received news that Ning Qingxue is preparing to go to San Francisco in two hours," not only did he sound slower and more respectful, his tone itself was full of reason.

    "Mhm, but don't underestimate that husband of Ning Qingxue's. Although he has gone missing, from what the Song family members said, this Ye Mo doesn't seem to be simple. The leader of the Song family, Song Qiming, has ordered the Song family members not to offend Ye Mo. I don't know if this is related to the Ye family, but since there was such an order, you need to be careful of that Ye Mo."

    Yuan Qibing replied, "I know, however the Song family and Ye family were never as strong as they claimed to be. Their opponents didn't even do anything, yet they started to decline. The Song family was even kicked out of Beijing."
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