Chapter 387: Hijack plane

    Chapter 387: Hijack plane

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    It was already too late by now. Only when Jin Zhaonan had calmed down, did he finally realize Ye Mo's terror.

    "Tell me any news you have about sister Yan. I will decide whether or not you live based on that," Ye Mo said plainly.

    "I can hand over the entire wealth our gang has accumulated all these years," Jin Zhaonan offered.

    Ye Mo sneered, "You think I care about that little money of yours? To me, it's much too simple to earn money. I will give you one minute; if you don't speak up now, there will be no second chance."

    Before Ye Mo said anything else, Li Erxi recounted, "More than ten years ago, the Grey Alliance fought the Chinese gang and ordered us to come along. At that time, our power was too weak, so we didn't dare disobey. We could only send out ten of our brothers to help. Two of them indeed met sister Yan. A guy from the Chinese gang who was protecting sister Yan killed one of our brothers, while the other brother escaped.

    And then recently, I heard that you got that bracelet from one of our men. It turned out that that bracelet had been taken from sister Yan by the brother who escaped. He had reported that although he had seen sister Yan, she had escaped. Aside from that, he never mentioned anything about getting a bracelet."

    Jin Zhaonan quickly nodded, "Yes, that is what happened. Sister Yan wasn't anyone important anyways, so even though she disappeared, no one cared to investigate."

    Ye Mo could tell the two weren't lying and that they knew very little. He had come to the US to investigate the bracelet, but the lead died off here.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo got annoyed. He raised his hand and gave the two of them a fireball each.


    The next day, the biggest news in San Francisco was the clash between mobs with the police attacking suddenly. In one night, many gangs had disappeared, returning peace to the citizens.

    Of course, this was just the official story. The actual situation was that Grey Alliance and the Vientamese gang had been annihilated by Ye Mo, and the Mountain Gang and Hong Martial Gang had both been heavily wounded, hence they were all scooped up by the police. Now, the Tang Gang was the biggest gang.

    Although there were a lot of small gangs, no one dared fight for interests with the Tang Gang.


    At this moment, Ning Qingxue sat on the plane towards San Francisco with her brows tightly locked together. Their Fei Yu Corporation could finally rest easy, yet now, she couldn't contact her mother. To her, her parents' safety was the most important, and the company's prosperity came after that.

    If something happened to her mother, then no matter how well things were with Fei Yu Corporation, it wouldn't be what she wanted. So, knowing that her mother had gotten lost in the US, the first thing Ning Qingxue did was to go to San Francisco from Hong Kong. The plane flight was more than ten hours. Ning Qingxue rubbed her head and tried to relax.

    She took out a fireball charm and looked at it carefully. It looked like an exquisitely decorated piece of paper. She had told Tang Beiwei that she was going out for a few days and Tang Beiwei persuaded her to take this. Tang Beiwei gave her more than 10; she couldn't reject it, so she took them and put them in her bag.

    Without what had happened with Su Jingwen, Ning Qingxue would think there was something wrong with Tang Beiwei, but now, she didn't dare think of the charm as something useless.

    Just when Ning Qingxue was studying the charm, two ordinary men walked past her seeming like they were going to use the toilet. But when they walked past her, Ning Qingxue suddenly felt her necklace go a little cold.

    If it were before, she wouldn't think much of it, but now that she knew her necklace was a defensive artefact, this sudden coldness made her alert. She subconsciously looked at the two men and at this moment, one of them looked back. He immediately avoided her gaze. There was something wrong with these two.

    Ning Qingxue quickly stood up and wanted to report this suspicious situation, but the moment she did, the middle-aged woman next to her suddenly pointed a gun at her and said softly, "Mrs Ning, please don't move around; my gun isn't very obedient."

    At this moment, Ning Qingxue had understood that these people were targeting her. She sat down slowly and looked coldly at the woman, "Who are you? What do you want?"

    "You don't need to worry about that, you just need to remember that you're under our control now. We're not hijacking the plane though, we're here to invite Mrs Ning to be our guest," The woman smiled.

    In her eyes, it was really an insult to her identity to use a gun against a weak woman like Ning Qingxue.

    Ning Qingxue didn't feel very anxious and declared frostily, "Tell me who you are,l. If you don't, I will resist immediately."

    The woman smiled, "It's fine if I tell you. However, it's not because I'm afraid you will resist, but because you will soon see that person. His surname is Yuan; shouldn't have annoyed him."

    "So it's that scum," Ning Qingxue sneered. She didn't think that Yuan Qibing would be this bold to abduct her on the plane.

    The two men didn't come back, but Ning Qingxue was sure that they were watching her from close by.

    Seeing Ning Qingxue quieten down, the woman didn't say anything further. Their mission was to watch Ning Qingxue until Yuan Qibing came over.

    "Nobody move! We are simply hijacking the plane, not killing anyone. But if someone doesn't do as told, then don't blame us," the two men suddenly took out their guns and pointed at the passengers.

    Ning Qingxue was stunned. Was Yuan Qibing crazy? No matter how much power he had, can he really hijack a plane? Is he not afraid of dragging the Yuan family into a bottomless pit?

    Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked at the woman beside her and noticed that she was very shocked too. Ning Qingxue immediately realized that the thugs and the woman weren't from the same group. They just happened to be on the same plane.

    Although Ning Qingxue was calm, not everyone was as calm as her. A fat man immediately screamed and ran off from his seat.

    Bang, blood spilled and he crashed onto the ground.

    The plane was silent; even the cries of children were stopped by adults.

    There was only suppressed sniffing. At this moment, the plane suddenly started shaking. Some people's faces were already getting pale.

    Bang bang -there was the feeling of losing balance.

    Everyone feared that it was the end, the plane was crashing. The plane became boisterous again.

    Two white men who just got up were immediately shot. As they fell, the two thugs yelled again, "Everyone sit down! Anyone who disobeys will be executed immediately."
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