Chapter 389: Abjected Shi Xiu

    Chapter 389: Abjected Shi Xiu

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    "So these fireball charms are genuine too," Ning Qingxue murmured. If what had happened didn't seem so real, she would've thought she was dreaming.

    Bang bang -There were two more gunshots, and Ning Qingxue just realized her current predicament. She was still on the plane and these people seemed to be hijacking it to some base. If she went into that base there would be no way for her to ever run away.

    Thinking about this, Ning Qingxue no longer dared to hesitate and quickly set up the parachute. Luckily, she had learnt this in uni.

    Ning Qingxue put the parachute on and grabbed a big bag, putting in some food and water.

    Then, there were more gunshots as someone seemed to be walking over. Ning Qingxue quickly opened the emergency exit and jumped off.


    In one night, the San Francisco mafia powers had been washed over. However, the government was busy investigating the alien invasion and didn't have time to care.

    With another plane from Hong Kong to San Francisco suddenly disappearing, this increased the government's efforts in the alien investigation.

    Ye Mo left Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu here to help Peng Yueji develop Tang Gang while he went back to Beijing.

    Since he couldn't find out where sister Yan was, there was no point in staying in the US. He had too many things to do, the main thing being to gather herbs and go to the small world to get revenge from Tai Yi.

    Returning to Beijing, Ye Mo already knew that the Luo Yue conference was long since over and that Fei Yu had been chosen. Ye Mo was very happy with this. It didn't matter if other companies gave Luo Yue more benefits than Fei Yu.

    He felt it was right to help his father-in-law out. Moreover, Ye Mo believed that even though Ning Qingxue lost her memories for the moment, one day, she would remember everything again. Ning Qingxue was someone he loved, and she was his wife. He wouldn't let their family's company be dominated by the will of another company.

    Yu Miaodan and co. had already gone back to Flowing Snake. Ye Mo decided to go see Ye Ling too before returning to Flowing Snake.

    "Shi Xiu, please let me go. Can't you give me a chance to pursue happiness? If you really like me, let me go. Stop pestering me," a crisp woman's voice sounded, but what caught Ye Mo's attention was the name Shi Xiu.

    Ye Mo looked up and saw Shi Xiu standing not too far away. There was a young girl standing in front of him. She looked not bad, but because of the way she dressed, Ye Mo didn't like her.

    Ye Mo was surprised to meet Shi Xiu here. Ever since he left Ning Hai Uni, he had never seen him again. And due to all sorts of things later, he didn't have the time to go looking for him.

    Now that he saw Shi Xiu, Ye Mo was very happy and walked to him.

    "Tan Tan, you know my heart for you. Why are you still leaving? Those people are lying to you. Tan Tan, don't leave, we can start again. Believe me, we can start again," Shi Xiu was about to cry.

    Ye Mo frowned, and stopped his steps.

    "Start again?" the girl sneered, "Start again with what? You don't even have a job now, and you're about to go to jail. Are you going to drag me with you? If you're really want the best for me, then please let me go. You gave me this necklace; now, you can have it back."

    The girl dumped a platinum necklace in Shi Xiu's hands, "Please don't come looking for me again."

    Then, Tan Tan turned to leave. Shi Xiu suddenly called, "Tan Tan, if you don't come back, you will never see me again."

    Tan Tan turned around and looked coldly at Shi Xiu, declaring, "Shi, threatening me with death? Then go die! I will be happy if I don't see you."

    Afterwards, a red sports car came over and parked not too far from Tan Tan, "Tantan, get on." The windows of the car opened, revealing a fat, coarse face.

    Tan Tan smiled and ran over. She opened the door and kissed that coarse face.

    Shi Xiu looked on the side in shock. There was no more blood running through his face.

    Ye Mo sighed. He felt this world was becoming more and more like his world. In Luo Yue continent, power was everything. Here, money was everything; there was no difference.

    Ye Mo walked in front of Shi Xiu and patted him on the shoulder, "Brother, you're a man, why worry about not having some woman? Although this woman looks not bad, it's better to stay away from her."

    Shi Xiu turned his head over numbly, but soon his face was coloured in surprise, "Ye Mo, it's actually you? I went to look for you a few times but never found you."

    As though the trauma from the girl had disappeared, there was only joy in his eyes. Ye Mo was his true friend. After graduation, he realized that although many students were polite and nice to him, once something happened, they all stayed away from him in fear of being dragged down with him.

    Ye Mo studied Shi Xiu. His hair was messy, and he was dressed very casually. He seemed miserable.

    "Shi Xiu, what happened to you? Why are you like this? Didn't you say you had a place to go after graduation; a government department or something?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

    Shi Xiu's eyes went dull, and the joy of seeing Ye Mo faded a lot.

    Ye Mo noticed and knew something big must have happened to Shi Xiu, so he said, "Let's find a place to talk."

    Shi Xiu nodded and after a while asked, "Ye Mo, how have you been after graduating? I had some things going on before graduation, so I wasn't able to connect to you. And then, when I went to find you, you had already left Ning Hai."

    Ye Mo smiled, "I've been quite well recently, I even earned some money."

    Shi Xiu looked at Ye Mo's clothes. Although they were clean and tidy, they didn't seem to be very good brands. He knew Ye Mo's character; he loved face, so Shi Xiu didn't point it out. However, he didn't know that the Ye Mo in his impression was completely different to the current Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo was really grateful to Shi Xiu. If it wasn't for him, he might never have woken up and may have disappeared forever. And, Shi Xiu had been truly nice to him, he was genuine.

    "Let's go drink," Ye Mo pointed at a bar not far away.

    "Uh..." Shi Xiu looked at the name and shook his head, "Wu Tong Bar; you need a gold card for that and it's very expensive. Let's go to a different place."

    "You need a gold card..." Ye Mo hesitated. He didn't care about money, but he didn't have the gold card. He couldn't just steal one again like last time. Ye Mo didn't want to do that just for finding a place to talk.

    "Then let's go to a different place," just after Ye Mo finished, he saw a woman carrying a child standing in front of him.

    "Aren't you my savior? Dr. Mo?" this woman walked in front of Ye Mo and bowed while calling out in joy.

    "It's you!" Ye Mo also recognized the person. It was that girl he met on the train. He remembered her name to be Wang Yan and that she had been infertile. Then, he gave her three herbs and now, she was carrying a child. It seemed she was cured.

    Wang Yan pulled the man beside her excitedly and said, "Da Wei, this is the Dr. Mo I told you about. Who would've thought I'd see him here today."

    The man heard Wang Yan's words and quickly bowed to Ye Mo. He was really grateful to Ye Mo. These passed couple of years, although they had saved quite some money, they hadn't been able to get a child which troubled them greatly. Hence, they thanked Ye Mo from the bottom of their heart.

    "Mr Saviour, I was stingy before and didn't even give you a card. You must take this card now no matter what." Before, Wang Yan had suspected Ye Mo was a fraud and didn't give her card to Ye Mo. She regretted it so many times afterwards.

    So the moment she saw him, she took out a card.

    Ye Mo waved his hand, "No need that; I still have some money and don't really need it. But, I don't have a gold card for this bar. If possible, can you two bring us in?"

    "Yes, yes, of course," The man pulled out his gold card and gave it to Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo wore ordinary clothes, he had experienced far too many things doing business.

    "This..." Ye Mo didn't take it. Although he wanted the card, he couldn't just take someone else's.

    "I still have another here," Wang Yan saw Ye Mo's hesitation and quickly took out her card and said.

    "In that case, I won't be polite," Ye Mo took the card.

    Seeing Ye Mo and Shi Xiu go in, Wang Yan pulled her husband and said, "Da Wei, let's prepare a card in a bit and then go to their spot to drink with them. We mustn't miss this chance to thank him."
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