Chapter 392: Shi Xius Destination

    Chapter 392: Shi Xiu's Destination

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    "What's up?" Ye Mo looked at Shi Xiu and asked.

    Shi Xiu seemed to have remembered what happened to his family and explained sadly, "Cha Ci Town is under the jurisdiction of the Xi Tong suburb. My dad was locked up in Xi Tong Town."

    Ye Mo suddenly said to Wu Ze, "In that case, let's go take a sit in your room. There are some things I'd like to ask about."

    Hearing Ye Mo mention some 'asking', Wu Ze quickly and respectfully brought them to their room on the second floor.

    Hu Peng's face changed many times seeing Wu Ze and Ye Mo leave, yet he didn't dare stop them. He was in the same room as Wu Ze, but he wasn't going back with him now. He desperately wanted to investigate who Ye Mo was.

    Seeing Secretary Hu not stop Ye Mo, the two policemen didn't have the guts to say anything and left. They knew water ran very deep in Beijing and one mistake could mean the end for them.

    Young Master Qi couldn't even help himself get up, let alone dare inquire about Ye Mo. This large discord was brought to an end just like that. The boss of the bar didn't dare say anything either. No matter which side he'd stand on, he would just be a pawn.

    Wu Ze's room was definitely not small, it was very grandiose actually. The waiters were told by Wu Ze to leave.

    "Young Master Mo, please take the upper seat," Wu Ze said carefully.

    Seeing Ye Mo sit down, he then looked at Shi Xiu and asked, "May I ask who this is..."

    Ye Mo introduced, "He's called Shi Xiu, an old school mate. We're friends. Shi Xiu, come, sit next to me. Okay everyone, have a seat."

    Ye Mo didn't care about seats, but he was helping Shi Xiu build up support. You needed to show your attitude for someone like Wu Ze to respect you.

    "Young Master Mo, let me make introductions; these two are my colleagues in Beijing at the moment. One is Cheng Changhui, the other is my future colleague in Xi Tang Town, Zhou Ping." He didn't introduce Ye Mo though.

    The two quickly greeted Ye Mo and called him 'Young Master Mo'. They had been in politics for a long time. How could they not know that someone whom old fox Wu Ze respected wasn't simple.

    They drank a cup and Ye Mo went straight to the point. Smiling, he asked Wu Ze, "How come you're going to be Xi Tong Town's mayor?"

    Wu Ze was just a low ranked government official. The reason he could get connected with Li Qiuyang was due to his good perception and analytical skills. Ye Mo had clearly not wanted to come to this room today, but Shi Xiu had said that his family was from Xi Tong, and then Ye Mo came. It was obvious that Ye Mo came for his friend's sake.

    Now that Ye Mo asked, he quickly replied, "Under Young Master Yang's care, I've always been managing the environmental sector, and now I've been promoted to Suburb Mayor. Zhou Ping was the vice-mayor until now, and he's my old friend, so he came to celebrate with me today."

    He knew that what Ye Mo was asking about was related to Xi Tong Town, so Wu Ze just said everything he knew.

    Zhou Ping saw that Wu Ze was talking to Ye Mo like a subordinate, stating his job and responsibilities clearly and felt more fearful of Ye Mo. A mayor was like the local lord to the suburb, but in Beijing a mayor meant nothing.

    Seeing Ye Mo not comment, Wu Ze continued, "I was going together with Hu Peng. He used to be Mayor Qiu's secretary and now, he's also becoming a vice-mayor at the Xi Tong suburb, to manage the commercial part."

    Ye Mo heard this and hummed. Then, he said, "In that case, Hu Peng doesn't need to go." He wouldn't give a ** about Mayor Qiu. Who was that to him?

    "By the way," Ye Mo looked at Shi Xiu and said, "Shi Xiu, how about you go be the vice-mayor at Xi Tong?" Ye Mo felt like this would be a good idea.

    As soon as Ye Mo said this, Shi Xiu and Zhou Ping and co. were all shocked. What sort of joke was this; a vice-mayor wasn't a small thing. Even the position of vice-mayor of a small suburb was obtained only after many calculations and schemes. This wasn't the main thing. It depended mainly on whether you met the requirements. In Chinese politics, other than capability, experience and age were a main thing too.

    Even Wu Ze thought what Ye Mo was saying to be gibberish, but he didn't dare voice this opinion. Ye Mo was indeed powerful, but that was as far as Ye Mo himself goes. If he could arrange anyone to be a vice-mayor, then the government system would turn to chaos.

    Ye Mo had never been in politics and thought that it didn't mean much to be a vice-mayor of a small suburb.

    "This..." Wu Ze interjected carefully, "Usually, this isn't allowed," he wasn't clear about Shi Xiu's identity, so he couldn't say for sure and just told him the situation.

    Ye Mo waved his hand, "Shi Xiu has already been at deputy Ke-level, if he goes to Xi Tong now and makes some achievements, he should be fine becoming vice-mayor right?"

    Wu Ze heard this and thought for a moment before saying, "Actually, if brother Shi has already been on the deputy Ke-level, then he can be Ke-level after making some achievements. After some time, he can be promoted to that level."

    Wu Ze really wanted to form a good relationship with Ye Mo, so although there was some pressure in saying this, he still tried his very best to help Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo looked at Wu Ze with approval and commanded, "Make that Hu Peng leave and give his vice-mayor of commerce position to Shi Xiu. Shi Xiu can then invite a few big businesses to Xi Tong Town and..."

    Although Wu Ze wanted to get on Ye Mo's good side, hearing this he couldn't help but think of Ye Mo contemptuously. This young man might originate from a great place, words really didn't get through to his brain, did they? Was 'getting a few big businesses' that easy?

    Ye Mo didn't mind at all and continued, 'Hm, these businesses need to be famous too. Right, I'll let Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals move into Xi Tong town and-"


    Ye Mo's words shocked the people around him quite heavily. Luo Yue move to Xi Tong? No matter where Luo Yue moved to, it would be huge political achievement.

    "Young Master Mo, you- Do you really mean it?" Wu Ze couldn't control his excitement and stood up. If Shi Xiu really brought Luo Yue into Xi Tong suburb, then he would even dare let Shi Xiu become vice-mayor.

    What a joke, who didn't know about Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals? If there was a special Luo Yue outlet in Xi Tong, then it could immediately kickstart tourism and other businesses in the town.

    Ye Mo looked at them uncomprehensively and patted Wu Ze's shoulder, confirmimg, "Of course I meant it."

    Wu Ze said excitedly, "If Young Master Mo can really bring Luo Yue into Xi Tong suburb, then even if I don't get the mayor position, I will still support brother Shi. I can bring brother Shi to the Ke-level position of Chief of Commerce, then let him substitute for vice-mayor and have him climb up later on."

    Ye Mo waved his hand, "Thank you for your good will. Shi Xiu will indeed need your help, but you don't need to take responsibility for Shi Xiu becoming vice-mayor."

    Afterwards, Ye Mo took out his phone. He was thinking about who to call but even after a long time, he couldn't think of someone to help. He couldn't help but sigh; he knew too few government officials.

    "Give me Li Qiuyang's phone number. I'll call him." After considering for a while, Ye Mo felt that he should call Li Qiuyang. He had the ability to instate Wu Ze as a mayor, which meant that he had some power. After that, he was going to contact Han Zaixin. Although he knew that Elder Han didn't have any contact with these low-level officials, Elder Han did know the higher-ups.

    "Okay, okay," Wu Ze enthusiastically gave Li Qiuyang's phone number. He knew how much his master respected Ye Mo.

    Shi Xiu was shocked on the side. He still didn't understand how Ye Mo coukd have such power and authority. The position of mayor was just a matter of a phone call? This was already past the boundaries of his imagination.
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