Chapter 394: Capture Ye Mo

    Chapter 394: Capture Ye Mo

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    "It's simple then; I'll just have to beat you untill you believe me," the youth said as he waved his hand.

    Those four men immediately charged up. There was some killing intent coming from them, so Ye Mo could tell they weren't simple. He felt the same chi on them as he had on Guo Qi. Thinking about Guo Qi, Ye Mo couldn't help but remember Chi Wanqing. He wondered how they were now.

    The four men were very ferocious and gave it their all as soon as they attacked. Perhaps it was because of their habitual life, but against these people, Ye Mo didn't feel any mercy. No matter where they came from, Ye Mo wouldn't be merciful to those who wanted to kill him.

    The four charged up to Ye Mo, but without even seeing Ye Mo's shadow, they were kicked by him. The spooky sound of bones shattering was heard, and in just one clash these four men all had their kneecaps broken by Ye Mo.

    Still, they endured the anguish. They were sweating with pain, but no one yelled out.

    Seeing the four men fall on the floor, the youth was shocked. He had thought that it would be a walk in the park for those four to beat Ye Mo into a disabled man.

    He didn't expect Ye Mo to be this strong and this cruel.


    At the same time, in a private mansion in Beijing, a youth in his 30's had a serious look on his face as he knocked the table.

    Being the youngest and most prominent member of the Qiu family, he was 31 this year and already a high-ranking official. His future was bright. Qiu Zhixue had just received word that his brother had been beaten into a disabled man in a bar and that he was still in the hospital. The doctors had judged that he had forever lost his hearing on one side. This made him extremely furious. In the whole of Beijing, even the other few families didn't dare beat up his brother like that. Qiu Zhixue was someone who grew calmer the angrier he was. When he attacked, he went for the kill.

    So after hearing this news, Qiu Zhixue wasn't going to bring people to capture Ye Mo or anything of the sort. First, he sent Hu Peng to investigate this Young Master Mo's identity. Why had he never heard of some Young Master Mo from the Li family? Even if this Young Master Mo was indeed from the Li family, he'd have to pay a price for beating his brother.

    It wasn't due to luck that their Qiu family had become the new big family in Beijing. So what if it was the Li family?

    The phone rung, and Qiu Zhixue immediately picked it up.

    The person calling wasn't Hu Peng but a henchman of Qiu Dongchen's. He reported that something had happened to Qiu Dongchen.

    Hearing that Qiu Dongchen had brought men over to Wu Tong Bar only to get beaten into a disabled man all the same, Qiu Zhixue almost smashed his phone.

    Since when did the Qiu family get bullied like this? Qiu Zhizhe was just a rich second generation, but Qiu Dongchen was an elite of the Qiu family. He was also in his 30's, but he was already colonel ranked. He had returned to Beijing this time for some other matter.

    Qiu Zhixue smashed his fist on the table and the sturdy table was smashed into pieces.

    Qiu Zhixue couldn't wait anymore. He grabbed the phone and called, "Captain Zhu, I need you to bring your men to Wu Tong Bar immediately. Yes, I'll come over right away, and I'll contact the Special Police in Beijing."

    After hanging up, Qiu Zhixue called another number, "Second Uncle, Zhizhe and Dongchen were injured in Wu Tong Bar. I've mobilized Flying Leopard and the Special Police Force. Yes, I'm going there immediately. I don't know his origin yet, but he seems to be related to the Li family."


    Outside the room in Wu Tong Bar, the young man had had his legs broken and had received a few slaps in the face too.

    "You've sure got balls! If I, Qiu Dongchen, don't annihilate your entire family, then I've been raised by a dog," the young man cursed still.

    Ye Mo's eyes went cold. He hated people who threatened him. Ning Qingxue had been hurt many times because he hadn't annihilated the Song family. Ye Mo took a step forward and kicked Qiu Dongchen in the chest, sending him right next to the stairs.

    To other people, this seemed like just a normal kick, but Ye Mo knew that it had shattered Qiu Dongchen's cardiac meridian. He wouldn't be able to last more than three months no matter what.

    "Stop!" Qiu Zhixue just arrived when he saw Ye Mo kick Qiu Dongchen unconscious. He could no longer control his anger.

    But he stopped himself from going forward; the military truck was already arriving. He was waiting for the Special Police Force to come up and take Ye Mo away. No matter who of the Li family Ye Mo was, he wasn't going to let him go.

    Qiu Zhixue wasn't dumb. He was clear on Qiu Dongchen's power; a few bulky men together wouldn't even be able to get close to him. Moreover, he had brought along four teammates. It would be suicide for him to go up.

    The truck stopped as multiple police squads carrying rifles took up position and quickly surrounded the bar. An officer walked in front of Qiu Zhixue and bowed.

    Qiu Zhixue didn't order to capture Ye Mo yet. He still wanted to wait for Fying Leopard.

    At this moment, a car halted in front of Wu Tong Bar with two men hurriedly getting out of it.

    "Here I was, wondering who could be this cocky, hurting our Qiu family people. So it's Young Master Qiuyang! Your Li family sure is powerful, too powerful," Qiu Zhixue saw Li Qiuyang and Li Chunsheng appear and immediately sneered.

    Li Qiuyang felt strange. He came to see Ye Mo; he didn't expect so many Special Force agents to be surrounding the place. Qiu Zhixue was here as well, and judging from his tone, someone seemed to have seriously beaten up their people.

    "I was the one who did it. This has nothing to do with Young Master Li. If you're looking for touble, come up and join me. I'm right here," Ye Mo's plain voice sounded.

    Qiu Zhixue was dazed. Seeing Li Qiuyang arrive, he was sure the Li family had to be responsible, but why did this young man then suddenly say it had nothing to do with Li Qiuyang?

    Li Qiuyang was stunned for a second and quickly reacted. He looked contemptuously at Qiu Zhixue. If the Li family people had been responsible, then it would be okay for him to be like that. But acting up the same way in front of Ye Mo, sadly, he was wrong. In the past, Ye Mo had killed Song Qiming's son and the Song family still hadn't done anything to him. Some Qiu family that was far lesser than the Song family didn't even have to be mentioned. He really felt pity for this Qiu Zhixue.

    Qiu Zhixue was no simple person. He would rather torture Ye Mo to death slowly in a dark room than show of how powerful he was in front of everyone.

    He saw the contemptuous look in Li Qiuyang's eyes and also took Ye Mo's words to heart. There seemed to be something he didn't know and this made him annoyed.

    Li Qiuyang walked in front of Ye Mo and bowed before saying, "It's my honour for Brother Ye to remember to come to me for help."

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "Let's go inside and talk." Then, Ye Mo kicked the four men at the door away one more time.

    Qiu Zhixue was dazed; he didn't expect Li Qiuyang to be this polite to Ye Mo. He was sure that this person wasn't from the Li family. If Ye Mo were from the Li family, even if he were the most core member, Li Qiuyang still wouldn't be this polite to him.

    At this moment, a Range Rover pulled over, and seven Flying Leopard members got off and ran in front of Qiu Zhixue.

    "Brother Qiu, I've brought my men ove-" before the fierce man finished his words, he noticed Ye Mo who stood there talking to Li Qiuyang and immediately showed surprise.

    He was sure that that young man was their instructor, Ye Mo. The guy ran over and bowed to Ye Mo, "Flying Leopard Commanding Officer Zhu Hongsheng is honoured to see you, instructor!"

    Ye Mo frowned and asked plainly, "Your Special Forces are that worthless, coming out due to some random trash call?"

    "Reporting in; this is my fault, instructor. Because I'm acquainted with Qiu Zhixue, I brought out some members out of my own volition. I'm willing to receive punishment!"

    Zhu Hongsheng's face went red. One reason he had come was because he knew Qiu Zhixue, another was because Qiu Zhixue was next in line to become the family leader of the Qiu family. He hadn't dared reject him.

    Ye Mo sneered, "Do I have the time to punish you? Go back to where you came from, otherwise, don't blame me for what happens!"

    "Yes, sir." Zhu Hongsheng didn't even look at Qiu Zhixue and bowed before taking his squad members on the Range Rover and leaving.
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