Chapter 397: Ning Family Couple

    Chapter 397: Ning Family Couple

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    Ye Mo's instincts told him that the fatty was lying. His eyes were shaky while he was denouncing the officers, and he obviously didn't want this to get too big.

    Ye Mo waved to the short policeman, and he hurriedly came over.

    "One year ago, I said there was something wrong with this bar. Didn't I tell you to investigate? Why is it still here?" Ye Mo's tone was unhappy.

    The short police officer quickly explained, "This bar has been sealed already, but a few months ago, it was sold to a merchant from Wen State. This isn't the same bar as before.

    Ye Mo nodded and walked up to the fat man. He slapped him on the head and asked, "What is it you wanted to do bringing Song Xiaotan here?"

    The fat man hesitated and replied, "I wanted to have a go on her and then sell her."

    So it's a women trafficker. Song Xiaotan's face went pale. She had planned to get some money from the fatty to help Shi Xiu pay off his debt yet unexpectedly, she was almost sold.

    "Have you been doing this for a long time? How do you usually trick people?" Ye Mo asked again.

    "Yes, I have been doing this for 3 years. Well, many girls just have to see my sports car for them to come with me." The fat man didn't hide anything.

    Ye Mo kicked him flying away and then said to the two officers, "Take him away. I believe you know what to do."

    The two policemen looked at each other. They really didn't understand how Ye Mo had just asked two questions, and the fat man admitted to his crimes. If he were to go to the police station, what case wouldn't he be able to solve?

    Seeing the police take the fat man away, Shi Xiu looked at Song Xiaotan, yet remained speechless and just sighed.

    He now knew that Song Xiaotan must've seen how he was being overly forced to repay the debt and wanted to help him.

    "Tan Tan, I'm about to be the vice-mayor of Xi Tong Town. Come back with me," Shi Xiu couldn't find any better comforting words and just felt like he owed her a lot.

    "What did you say?" Song Xiaotan looked at Shi Xiu in disbelief. Still, she knew that Shi Xiu would never lie to her about something like this.


    Ye Mo left without disturbing them. He believed that Shi Xiu would be able to deal with the follow-up.

    Although he didn't like how Song Xiaotan had done things, he could tell she was genuine in her feelings for Shi Xiu. Ye Mo felt happy for him.

    When Ye Mo went to see Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng, he found out that Ye Ling had gone to Flowing Snake, because she was unhappy about not getting to see him last time.

    Ye Mo rested easy after knowing that she went there. After all, she would be much safer there than in Beijing. Flowing Snake was his territory.

    Ye Mo didn't hurry back to Flowing Snake and went to Yu State instead. He had decided to have a good chat with Ning Qingxue. If Lan Yu was still going to stop him, he would go back to Flowing Snake and then go check out the small world.


    Yu State was a big place originally, and now with the partner of Luo Yue, Fei Yu being there, it was getting even more populous.

    At this moment, Ning Zhongfei, who was supposed to be happy, was not happy at all. Although his wife had returned, his daughter had disappeared now and so did her plane.

    A passenger jet had vanished from sight for no reason, and the US had been attacked by aliens, so it came up with the Earth Protection Plan, suggesting the two hundred countries in the world should immediately build an Earth Defense Base.

    But there are also people who disagree with its theory and think the US is worrying too much. Some state advisers have brought up that the missing-jet case was similar to the ones that happened a few years ago. This time, there was a famous scientist aboard the plane, just like with the ones in the past.

    Some people even tallied all the disappearances and realized that in these last couple of years, the world had lost a 100 or so famous scholars and scientists.


    Compared to that, Ning Zhongfei and his wife cared more about their missing daughter.

    "This is all my fault. If I had gone back with you to Beijing, this wouldn't have happened. Now, we don't even know whether Qingxue is dead or alive. Sigh, I thought she would be fine as long as Ye Mo left her but now, these things are still happening." Lan Yu was very annoyed. Not only did she not get any business for the company by staying in the US, she had almost lost her life because of it. Although she was released for some strange reason, the whole experience still made her feel fear.

    "Ye Mo..." Ning Zhongfei uttered this name and fell into silence. Then he said, "The young man I met in Beijing really does look like him, but the differences are also obvious at the same time."

    Lan Yu was stunned, "Are you saying that Ye Mo helped you and that that's why Fei Yu got the spot?"

    Ning Zhongfei shook his head, "No, I just feel like that young man looks like Ye Mo, but Ye Mo was much shorter than him when I last saw him, and the shape of his face doesn't really look similar. That young man seemed to be much more handsome. On the other hand, I only saw him once when I made the marriage arrangement before. It's been so many years, I don't remember precisely how he looks."

    Lan Yu gave Ning Zhongfei a strange look. She was certain that the person her husband had seen had to be Ye Mo.

    He hadn't seen Ye Mo, but she had and not too long ago at that. Ye Mo had changed so much compared to before; it was reasonable for her husband not to recognize him.

    "What's wrong?" Ning Zhongfei saw his wife's strange gaze and asked.

    Lan Yu sighed, "Zhongfei, should we tell Ye Mo about Qingxue going missing?"

    "Didn't you not want Qingxue to remember the past? You don't want them to be together, so why would you be telling Ye Mo about Qingxue's matters?" Ning Zhongfei asked doubtingly.

    Lan Yu fell into a long silence before saying, "I think I might have been wrong in the past. Since things have already happened, we can't stop them. I don't know why Qingxue only lost the memories related to Ye Mo, but it's obvious that her feelings for him are deep. I always thought that Qingxue had been hurt due to Ye Mo, but this time it obviously has nothing to do with him. Perhaps, this might just be her fate."

    Ning Zhongfei nodded, "To be honest, I've been against you suppressing Qingxue from remembering the past all along. She has the right to get it back. But now that she's gone missing, what's the point of telling Ye Mo? It will just make him worry. Besides, you disagreed with their relationship when she was fine, and now, you want them be together when something has happened to her? That doesn't seem good."

    Lan Yu shook her head, "Zhongfei, you don't understand Ye Mo. Although I don't understand him either, I wonder; why did the Song family stop pestering Qingxue? I suspect this has something to do with Ye Mo. It's just that because we left Beijing, there are a lot of things we don't know."

    "So you want to tell Ye Mo so that he can think of a way? Think about this though; if even the US government couldn't find anything, what can Ye Mo achieve by himself?" Ning Zhongfei commented.

    Lan Yu waved her hand, however, and said, "First of all, Ye Mo is Qingxue's legal husband. It's not really okay to not tell him when she goes missing. Secondly, I suspect that the young man you saw in Beijing was Ye Mo. Otherwise, who would help our family for no reason?"

    "That was Ye Mo? Even if he was, what gives him the right to hand us the spot? Ning Zhongfei wondered in disbelief.

    Lan Yu said slowly, "It's very easy to confirm whether or not that was Ye Mo. We just need to ask Li Mumei; she knows him. Or, we can find a picture of Ye Mo and then we'll know."

    Just when Ning Zhongfei was about to agree, Li Mumei came over. Her eyes were swollen red after finding out that Ning Qingxue had disappeared. She couldn't even sleep well. If it weren't for the fact that she didn't know where Ye Mo was, she would've told him already. Yet who would've thought that he'd come to Yu State today.

    She didn't dare tell him that Ning Qingxue had gone missing. She made him wait and was going to tell Lan Yu that Ye Mo had come.

    Ye Mo saw Li Mumei leave and felt strange. She seemed to have something on her mind; her eyes were even a bit red. Fei Yu had gotten the spot, sowhy did she still seem unhappy?

    "What? Mumei, you said that Ye Mo is here? Quick, tell him to come in." Lan Yu suddenly stood up. The loss of her daughter had made her hopeful about Ye Mo.

    Ning Zhongfei also stood up. Was that person who had called him 'brother' really Ye Mo?
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