Chapter 403: Preparing To Tax

    Chapter 403: Preparing To Tax

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    "Mo Kang!" Xia Rou grabbed him excitedly. The reason why she liked Mo Kang to begin with was due to his forgiving and magnanimous heart for her. Now, it seemed she had been right; Mo Kang was still like that.

    More than twenty years and still he didn't marry another woman, carrying that wedding certificate with him all this time. And this was when he had misunderstood her! There might have been too much hardship between the two of them, she felt it had all been worth it.

    "Thank you, Ye-Qianbei, for saving my life," Xia Rou let go of Mo Kang and thanked Ye Mo. She couldn't call him 'brother' like Mo Kang. She was from the hidden sects, where they really cared about generation titles. But Ye Mo didn't mind, he waved his hand and said, "Sister Xia, I'm brothers with Brother Mo, don't call me qianbei."

    "Yes, and Qianbei, Ziwei is my sister; she has a bad temper, but please forgive her on Mo Kang's account." Although she agreed, Xia Rou still didn't dare call Ye Mo 'brother'. After all, this person was a great heaven level master.

    Ye Mo took out a few normal treatment pills and handed them to Mo Kang, telling him to use it on Xia Ziwei. He wouldn't give something as strong as a lotus life pill to Xia Ziwei.

    Seeing Xia Rou and Mo Kang carry Xia Ziwei to the side, Ye Mo then looked at the two black level warriors of Hong Martial Sect, "I have two orders; if you guys can fulfill them, I don't mind letting you live."

    "Qianbei, we will do whatever you want," they said respectfully. What they were afraid of was that Ye Mo wouldn't give them a chance. As long as they had a chance to live, they would be willing to eat **.

    "Come with me first." There were some things that Ye Mo didn't want too many people to know. Mo Kang wouldn't ask about it either.

    Ye Mo brought the two into the room and then said, "Introduce yourselves first. Show me that you have value. I won't keep people without worth."

    The younger man quickly nodded and said, "My name is Gong Yizheng. I joined the Hong Martial Sect 11 years ago and know everything about it. I am willing to be Qianbei's spy there."

    Ye Mo sneered, "Do you think I need a spy to annihilate the Hong Martial Sect? Your value isn't great."

    The man heard this and immediately began sweating.

    The other balder man heard this and said, "I'm Tang You. I've been in the Hong Martial Sect for 19 years, and not only do I know the sect very well, but I also know about many other sects and their members. This time, people dared scheme for Qianbei's Luo Yue company, so I'd like to investigate the matter and present a detailed report to Qianbei."

    "Wanbei is also willing to investigate," Gong Yizheng quickly said.

    Ye Mo sneered, "I don't need you to investigate. I can still let you go, but I have a way to control your soul and will need you two to cooperate with it. When I use it, don't resist, or you will die. After I take a part of your soul, you won't be able to betray me in your life. If you do, I merely have to shatter your soul card and no matter how far away you may be, you will still die."

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, they were both shocked. They didn't expect Ye Mo to let them off easily, but they didn't expect this to happen.

    Can a person's soul really by controlled? Or even have a part taken away? They had been cultivating ancient martial arts for this long yet had never heard of such thing. This was too absurd.

    Seeing the two freeze on the spot, Ye Mo said in derision, "Since you don't agree then never mind. I don't want to waste energy to take your soul anyway."

    It did indeed use a lot of his spirit power to take the soul, and the success rate was quite low. Furthermore, you need the victim to fully cooperate with you but even then, there is only a 50-50 success rate. If it fails, then the victim will die. Of course, Ye Mo didn't care about their lives.

    "Qianbei, I am willing," Gong Yizheng was the first to react and said.

    Tang You saw this and also quickly responded, "Qianbei, I'm also willing."

    "Okay, in that case, relax and don't think about anything," Ye Mo instructed as he took out two small jade cards. He was preparing to seal their souls in these jade cards. If he had still been at the chi gathering primary stage, the success rate would've been even lower.

    When Ye Mo extracted their soul, the two felt a sense of weakness. After seeing their soul taken away with their own eyes, they noticed a black line on the jade cards. Then, Ye Mo put the jade cards away into some unknown place.

    Originally, they thought Ye Mo was just trying to scare them but now, they didn't dare doubt him at all. They both had a deep feeling that if only Ye Mo shattered the jade card, they would die immediately.

    Ye Mo didn't expect the first time to succeed. Usually, cultivators used this against mortals, and it was very hard to succeed on cultivators unless the difference in their cultivation was really high.

    "Qianbei, please give your orders." The two were both anxious and didn't dare to think about anything else. This was too metaphysical for them to understand anyway.

    Ye Mo nodded and said, "Tell me everything you know about the hidden sects and write it out. Then, head back to your sect leader and tell him that I ordered you to have him send a letter in my name to all the hidden sects. Those who dared scheme for my Luo Yue may start preparing for their annihilation. If they can take out some things that I'm happy with, then I can let it go. But if I'm not satisfied with what they show me, or if they pretend to have never gotten word of it, then don't blame me for being ruthless."

    The two heard this and felt lucky that they got to follow Ye Mo early on. Otherwise, they would've been dead meat. They wondered how badly those who had schemed for Luo Yue at first, yet were now being taxed by Ye Mo, were going to feel and regret.

    Besides, there was nothing bad about serving Ye-Qianbei; look at how dominating he was! Just one word and those hidden sects would be like obedient grandsons, gifting him stuff to make amends.

    Ye Mo then said, "As long as you two handle things for me well, I won't be stingy with rewards. It isn't impossible for you two to even reach the earth level. I will go to Hong Martial Sect in some time, so tell your sect leader not to play any games. My tolerance is limited."

    He whacked them with the stick first and gave them a sweet date afterwards. Although Ye Mo knew the two wouldn't dare to betray him, if he wanted them to do things of their own initiative, he needed to reward them.

    "Yes, Qianbei," The two said as they started thinking. In all of the hidden sects, the people at earth level were not many. If they hadn't met Ye Mo, they would've remained black level for the rest of their lives but now, this was their chance. Even if there wasn't any soul control, they would still try to please Ye Mo.

    When Ye Mo brought the two out, Mo Kang and Xia Rou were already waiting for them.

    "You two go first," Ye Mo waved for Gong Yizheng and Tang You to leave.

    Mo kang looked at the two strangely and asked, "Brother Ye, are you really letting these two go?"

    Xia Rou pulled Mo Kang. She meant that this was Master Ye Mo's business, so he shouldn't intervene.

    Ye Mo didn't mind at all and nodded, "Yeah, they grabbed this chance well, so I told them to relay a message to the Hong Martial Sect." He then looked around and said, "Since there's no problem here, I'll be going to investigate that jet now."

    Mo Kang said, "Mo Ping is already investigating; I'll come with you to have a look later as well."

    "Qianbei, I'm not planning on going back, but if there's anything you need, just tell me. Xia Rou can still help," Xia Rou thought that even though she wasn't strong, she had still been living in the hidden sects and so she knew the hidden sects better than Ye Mo. She had heard Ziwei say that Ye Mo didn't come from the hidden sects after all.

    Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "You two just have a good reunion. I can investigate the plane myself. If Mo Ping finds something, just tell him to go meet me tomorrow afternoon at the Bamboo Night private manor. That's where I'll be."

    Xia Ziwei hesitated for a while before saying, "Ye-Qianbei, three years ago when my sister told me to bring Mo Kang here, I encountered something, and perhaps it might be of use to you."
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