Chapter 436: Cruel and Nasty Person

    Chapter 436: Cruel and Nasty Person

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    Tian Youneng was the only person who was happy to see Ye Mo be so cocky. He had the guts to utter such words to Xu Shi? He would be a dead man for sure.

    Tian Youneng was very aware of Xu Shi's identity. Even the Li Family's leader wouldn't dare say something like 'abusing the Heaven Squad'. This was really a sign of brain damage. This young man was probably too naive. If he were to realize what the Heaven Squad represented, he would probably lose his ability to speak then.

    Xu Shi's face went from green to white. He had heard people say that even his master was no match for this young man, but he really couldn't believe it. His master was at the great heaven level. A great heaven level man was no match for a young man in his 20s. Xu Shi really couldn't believe it.

    Xu Shi didn't know whether he should continue challenging Ye Mo or stop there. He was very talented and under Tan Jiao's careful tutelage, he had finally managed to reach earth level in his 40s.

    Even in the hidden sects, only the best genius amongst geniuses could achieve this; if he backed down in front of so many troops, how could he keep his face?

    Tian Youneng saw Xu Shi's face was pale. Of course, he couldn't believe that Xu Shi was scared. He believed Xu Shi was angered because of Ye Mo, and he knew it was time for him to come out to prove his standpoint.

    The reason he could reach his current position was due to his good manipulation skills, and knowing when to take the right team.

    A capable person must not only use others to fight others, but also stand on the correct team as fast as possible, and stay in it. He was such a manipulative person, he had successfully gotten Xu Shi and Ye Mo to fight. Ye Mo had even said such rude words. It was now time for him to pick a side.

    Tian Youneng sneered, "Who are you? Who do you think you are? This is a place for Commander Li and Instructor Xu to talk, who told you to intervene? Is Instructor Xu someone you can speak loudly to? Young man, you had a mother that gave birth to you, but you didn't have a mother who taught you manners. You won't live long like this."

    He knew that Ye Mo's origin couldn't be simple, however, the more he spoke like that, the angrier that man would be. The young man would explode in anger. Then, Xu Shi would stop him. When they can't hold back any longer, Xu Shi would take him out. Then, he would support Xu Shi and tell him that this young man's background might be detrimental to Xu Shi. With Xu Shi's arrogance, he would protect him for sure.

    As long as he got on the good side of Xu Shi, he believed Li Qiancai wouldn't go against him for that young man. Perhaps once he got on the good side of Xu Shi, the Qiu Family would look at him in different light.

    Although there was a risk in offending that young man, if he wanted to climb high, there would always be risks.

    Slap, slap- Two slaps hit Tian Youneng's face, and before he could react, a kick landed on his chest.

    Tian Youneng was pushed back more than ten meters before landing. He spat out mouthfuls of blood, and he wasn't breathing properly.

    Of course, Ye Mo knew what the man had been thinking, but he wasn't going to waste time talking to him. Although the kick didn't kill him, he was barely half alive.

    Tian Youneng crawled on the ground, as guards went over to help him up. He looked at Ye Mo with a face of disbelief. That man had dared to attack him openly in the barracks, he wanted to order people to immediately execute Ye Mo.

    But he couldn't speak, he just wanted Xu Shi to attack quickly and kill Ye Mo.

    But he observed with disappointment that Xu Shi didn't do anything about Ye Mo beating him. It seemed as if those cocky words he had said before hadn't come from him, as he sunk into silence.

    Tian Youneng's heart sunk. He felt that this time his plan wasn't going too well.

    The soldiers saw Ye Mo attack and wanted to go up, but Instructor Xu and Commander Li were still there talking to Ye Mo.

    "Chen Hongzhe, contact General Han and tell him what happened over here, including Guo Qi and Fang Wei's incident", Ye Mo said.

    "Huh. Yes, Instructor Ye", Chen Hongzhe was dazed but immediately nodded. No matter how powerful Ye Mo was, he couldn't just attack a high-ranking officer in the barracks like that, but he did. Chen Hongzhe sighed. Tian Youneng thought he had been smart, but he was instead harmed by it. He was sure Ye Mo would be completely fine, while Tian Youneng would definitely get in big trouble.

    "Ye Mo, even if you're the head instructor of the Flying Special Forces, don't you think you're abusing your power a little?", Xu Shi finally said something.

    Tian Youneng heard this and his heart sunk completely. He had been kicked in such a way, and had been helping Xu Shi, but Xu Shi chose not to attack but say something that didn't even matter. He knew he chose the wrong side this time.

    His mind wasn't completely clear. If he had realized that General Han was Han Zaixin, perhaps he would have been even more hopeless.

    Ye Mo scanned Xu Shi and didn't reply. He said to Li Qiancai, "Commander Li, please help deal with Qiu Zhifei."

    "Of course, it's dishonorable that such a disgrace happened in the military", Li Qiancai wasn't afraid of Ye Mo asking for help, he was afraid of Ye Mo not asking him for help.

    Xu Shi's face turned red but still didn't look for trouble with Ye Mo. He admired his master greatly. Even his master had said not to mess with Ye Mo, how could he? If Ye Mo hadn't attacked Tian Youneng, perhaps he would still try, but from what Ye Mo had done he could see clearly there was no mercy.

    If Ye Mo was really as strong as his master said then, if he did fight him, it wouldn't end well. Despite him not believing that Ye Mo was that strong, he still wanted to try. But his master wouldn't have lied to him, if Ye Mo was merciless, his life would be over.

    Xu Shi eventually held back his anger and didn't attack, despite Ye Mo saying such things. Song Yangzhu shook her head in disappointment. Xu Shi was too timid, but she couldn't attack herself either, she knew her power was nothing against Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo also commended Xu Shi for resisting. These sort of people were the most dangerous. An easily angered person was no big threat, no matter how strong he was. If they had been in the cultivation realm, someone like Xu Shi was the most dangerous. These sort of person looked like gentlemen, but were very bleak. They could also tolerate all sorts of scorn and mockery, but once they seized an opportunity, they would think of the cruelest way of ending their enemies.

    If Xu Shi had attacked, then even if Ye Mo hadn't killed him, he would have disabled him. But Xu Shi didn't attack, so Ye Mo couldn't just go up and beat him up. Ye Mo had a sliver of disappointment in his eyes. Xu Shi acted cocky, but he only did so to people he could act cocky with.

    Song Yangzhu saw his disappointment and was shocked. Did Ye Mo want Xu Shi to attack?

    "Sister Lu is back." Fang Wei's eyes were sharp and he was the first to see Lu Lin get off a jeep. Guo Qi had already rushed over there.

    Ye Mo also saw Lu Lin was fine, and didn't seem to have been interrogated harshly. Then, he felt safe to say goodbye to Li Qiancai. The reason he had asked Li Qiancai to deal with Qiu Zhifei was because he didn't want to directly attack the Qiu Family.

    Although Qiu Family had offended him twice, these weren't caused due to a direct offense to him. He didn't need to and didn't have the time to annihilate the Qiu Family.

    The Qiu Family was different from the Song family. The Song Family wanted him dead constantly and kept attacking his kin. That's why he had the killing intent.

    Ye Mo wasn't a savior and there were too many cocky second generations of the big families, he couldn't kill them all. As long as they didn't offend him, he didn't care.

    Seeing Ye Mo leave with the three people he had helped and the accompaniment of Commander Li, Xu Shi felt relaxed finally. In one instant, he had really wanted to challenge Ye Mo immediately, even if his master told him not to do so; but the moment he did, he had felt an intense killing intent from Ye Mo.

    Xu Shi looked intriguingly at his martial sister Song Yangzhu. She never got involved in others' business, but today she had seen the conflict with Ye Mo due to Guo Qi's incident; and when he had been about to attack, she hadn't said say anything. Her actions were very odd that day.
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