Chapter 464: Increasing Power

    Chapter 464: Increasing Power

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    Ye Mo smiled. He didn't want to make it hard for Wang Xiyue, so he said, "He's right, this suite is my property, sorry."

    "Then that makes things easy. Even if you move out for a few days, the place will still be yours. Of course my friend won't let you lose out, he's a hidden master too."

    Wu Yingyuan said. He thought that that would be the best way to do it. After all, he was a Vice-Mayor, these two young people would agree to him immediately.

    From what Wu Yingyuan could see, Ye Mo looked pretty average. Although Han Yan had a good temperament, she wasn't some extreme beauty. She was probably just some relative of Wang Xiyue's.

    But what he didn't expect was that this young man would just scan him coldly and say, "Sorry Mayor Wu, please leave fir now. I still have some things to discuss with Boss Wang."

    Wu Yingyuan was being kicked out, which made him furious instantaneously. He had to be very tolerant these past few days, but now even a small young kid dared send him away?

    "Boss Wang, I believe there are some things that young people don't fully understand," Wu Yingyuan said. He knew that Wang Xiyue was on good terms with everyone in the ghost city and knew what sort of person he was.

    Wang Xiyue had a pained look on his face. He knew what Wu Yingyuan wanted.

    Ye Mo's face sunk, and he said plainly, "Did you not hear my words, I don't want to rent out my house. So are you a representative of the government or a robber?"

    "Good, the young are brave! I'll relay his words exactly as he said them, but I believe Boss Wang can imagine the consequences." Then, this potbelly just up and left.

    Wang Xiyue had wanted to let Wu Yingyuan back off without offending him, but Ye Mo's way of doing things had forced him into a corner. Although Wang Xiyue knew that Ye Mo was a master with no fear of that master that Wu Yingyuan was talking about, after this, that Wu Yingyuan would be giving Wang Xiyue a hard time for sure.

    Ye Mo could guess Wang Xiyue's worry and patted his shoulder, "Boss Wang, don't worry, you won't be affected by this. What I'm curious about, though, is why I can't see any elders at the tournament?"

    Wang Xiyue heard this and although he didn't believe it quite well, he still answered, "According to the waiters, they went to a meeting to trade things, but I don't know the specifics."

    So that was it. Ye Mo finally understood. It was hard for these people of the hidden sects to gather so completely, so they were going to have a meeting exchanging things. If there was another auction, he might go take a look too.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo gave a black bracelet to Wang Xiyue and said, "Thank you, I will consider you my friend. This defensive artefact is something I made in my spare time, it's yours now."

    Wang Xiyue took it with a face of joy and surprise. He knew that something Ye Mo would give had to be valuable. After he wore it, he immediately felt tough and sturdy and thanked Ye Mo. On top of that, Ye Mo said that he was his friend now, so he didn't even care about the matter of Wu Yingyuan. Worst comes to worst, he would just move to another city.

    Seeing Wang Xiyue leave, Han Yan said worriedly, "Brother Ye, the person you hit was from Yi Jian Sect, and the man who knelt down was from the Xia family. They are powers our sect can't handle, I'm afraid that this night..."

    Ye Mo smiled and didn't answer her directly,saying instead, "Yes, your power is too low indeed. You're at the yellow level tertiary stage, and you haven't even fully consolidated it yet. If you go into the tournament like this, I think it'll be very hard."

    Han Yan blushed. She knew Ye Mo was speaking the truth. But this tournament was very important for her, and there was rarely anyone in the Guang Han Sect who could reach yellow level tertiary stage before 30. She was already a genius by their standards.

    Ye Mo could tell what she was thinking from her face and said, "You gave me a thousand year lotus seed, and I told you then that I would give you a pill when I had the chance. Now, I'll give you two pills to choose from. One is a lotus life pill made from the seed, another is the chi increasing pill."

    Seeing Han Yan's confusion, Ye Mo said, "The lotus life pill can cure any injury and even bring back the dead depending on the state of the brain."

    "There's really such a precious pill?" Han Yan said dubiously but didn't deny the existence of it.

    "If there really is such a precious pill, I would want it for sure. Can it cure even cancer?" Han yan asked.

    Ye Mo nodded, "Theoretically, yes, but do you not want to know the use of the chi increasing pill?"

    Han Yan immediately replied, "No matter how potent it is, it can't be as strong as the lotus life seed, of course I want the lotus life seed."

    Ye Mo smiled and put two vase bottles on the table, "The left is a lotus life pill, the right is a chi increasing pill. The chi increasing pill can make ancient martial artists go up 1 to 3 levels depending on the person's talent."

    "What? wouldn't that be more powerful than the black rising pill?" Han Yan was stunned for a long time before asking. If there really were such a pill, wouldn't there be tons of ancient martial artists?

    Ye Mo didn't say anything and waited for her to choose.

    Han Yan took the chi increasing pill without hesitation, "Of course I want the chi increasing pill, but does it really have that effect?"

    Ye Mo smiled, "You will know after you eat it."

    Then, Ye Mo asked, "Do you know the power level of the people entering this tournament?"

    Han Yan shook her head, "I don't, but I know that there will be at least more than ten black level geniuses. The rest should be at the yellow level tertiary or peak stage."

    Ye Mo nodded. With Han Yan's talent, this chi increasing pill should allow her to reach black level and get into the top 30. If he didn't give her the chi increasing pill, she would have a 90% chance of failing.

    Then, Han Yan looked at the chi increasing pill in her hands with obvious excitement. If this pill was real, she pretty much didn't need to go to the tournament. Her main purpose was to get a black rising pill. She really didn't care about that couple hundred million.

    Ye Mo saw that Han Yan just stood there with the pill in her hand, so he said, "Eat the pill first and then start cultivating. I'll get you a weapon."

    Han Yan listened to Ye Mo and ate the pill.

    The chi increasing pill melted in her mouth immediately and resolved into an intense, pure essence chi that charged at her meridians. She sat down and circulated her cultivation method to digest the pill.

    Three hours later, Han Yan stood up in excitement. In a mere three hours, she had now reached the peak of the black level primary stage. She would only need a single special moment to reach the black level middle stage. The pill Ye Mo gave her was too absurd! How much would it be worth; she didn't even dare to imagine it.

    As Ye Mo came in and saw this, he praised, "Not bad, you're at the peak of the black level primary stage now. It seems like you can get into the top 30 for sure. If you do well, you might even get into the top 10."
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