Chapter 469: Im Worried That He Wont Come For Me

    Chapter 469: I'm Worried That He Won't Come For Me

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    They had seen magic artefacts before, but they were usually just defensive ones. Offensive magic artefacts were really rare.

    The dagger Ye Mo had taken out seemed to be an offensive magic artefact, everyone at the scene was shocked.

    Ye Mo saw this and laughed to himself. It wasn't a magic artefact, it wasn't even a low level magic artefact. It was just a dagger that he had made sharper with two formations inscribed on it.

    A magic artefact wasn't so easily made. His flying sword was only barely a top level magic artefact, even after using many precious materials. This was only because he had gotten a star jade; if he hadn't, it would have only been a good level magic artefact.

    But Ye Mo knew these people had no notion of low level, middle level or top level magic artefacts. The whip Xian Daoist used against him was also an offensive magic artefact. But in the cultivation realm it was only a higher level weapon.

    Ye Mo wasn't going to explain this to them.

    After Zeng Zhengxia inserted his inner qi, he pulled out the whip around his waist and used the dagger to hack it lightly. Crank- The whip he had meticulously made was broken.

    "This is a real magic artefact! It's a good dagger, it really is a great dagger." Zeng Zhengxia caressed the dagger. He was lacking a good weapon. With it his battle power could increase more than one level.

    At that moment, Zeng Zhengxia took out the yellow essence and said to Ye Mo, "I'm very happy with this sword, but the yellow essence is worth far less than your dagger."

    Ye Mo looked at Zeng Zhengxia with surprise. He understood the hidden sects people far too well. It was just how power ruled everything in the cultivation realm. He hadn't expected Zeng Zhengxia to say that. If it had been someone else, he would've accepted the deal without a doubt.

    Zeng Zhengxia's words gave Ye Mo a great impression, he was a really truthful man. Thinking about this, he said, "This dagger is nothing to me, I have a few more. Brother Zeng, please give me your yellow essence."

    "Okay, okay, you have my respect, Brother Ye. Haha."

    Then, Zeng Zhengxia threw his yellow essence to Ye Mo and started to play with his dagger.

    Ye Mo took the yellow essence, he looked at Zeng Zhengxia and said, "Brother Zeng is an upright man. Ye Mo approves you greatly. If you have time, you can come to my place later on to have a chat. I live at the top of Xiyue Hotel."

    Ye Mo could tell that Zeng Zhengxia had extremely severe internal injuries. If it was left untreated, he would only have a few years left. If Zeng Zhengxia was willing to go to his place tonight, then Ye Mo wouldn't mind helping him treat it.

    "Okay, I'll come bother you after this, Brother Ye. Haha." Zeng Zhengxia sat down.

    After this, everyone who wanted to trade something looked at Ye Mo, wanting to exchange a dagger with him, but Ye Mo didn't want what they had. They were average pills or earth level cultivation methods.

    As the meeting progressed, most people gave up on Ye Mo taking out another dagger. At some point, Xiang Mingwang of Gourd Cave took out a jade bottle and said, "I have an earth spirit pill here. It can let anyone below great heaven go one step further."

    Everyone started talking about it. That earth spirit pill was worth more than Ye Mo's dagger.

    Xiang Mingwang didn't mind the people's eyes and just looked at Ye Mo, "Ye Mo, if you still have another dagger like that, I don't mind trading this with you."

    Ye Mo spirit sense had already scanned the pill, it was a real pill indeed. Ye Mo thought about how someone there could make actual real pills. Did this person have spirit sense too? But he immediately remembered the Shen Nong Cauldron. If he could get it, it meant other people had used it before to make pills.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo sneered. Although Ye Mo was interested in this pill and wanted to see what it was like, Ye Mo didn't have a good impression of Xiang Mingwang. Furthermore, this pill was at most similar to his chi increasing pill or even inferior.

    No one expected that Ye Mo would just scan the pill and say, "Not interested."

    "You-," Xiang Mingwang was angry. He hadn't expected that Ye Mo would say he wasn't interested in something that precious. Was the pill not worth 100 times more than that yellow essence?

    Xiang Mingwang's expression sunk and he didn't say anything, but everyone near him could feel his killing intent.

    Ye Mo looked down on him. The old man had just said that the meeting had to be fair, but now, just because he didn't want to trade with him, he had killing intent. What a shameless old fart indeed! He had no right to mess with Ye Mo.

    Many people could feel the killing intent, but to them the earlier Ye Mo was killed, the better.

    Gu Yanghe had just gotten a fist art and was very happy. Upon hearing Xiang Mingwang's words, he sighed and said to Ye Mo, "Brother Ye, you really shouldn't have pissed Xiang Mingwang off. He's very vengeful and strong. It could be said that no one other than Wu Feng is a match for him."

    Ye Mo smiled, "I'm worried he won't come for me."

    Gu Yanghe sighed and shook his head, thinking that young people were too out of their mind. He didn't realize that Ye Mo was a match for Xiang Mingwang. Ye Mo was only in his twenties, but he could be as strong as Xiang Mingwang.

    But he couldn't say that. He just met Ye Mo and had a good impression of him because he had feud with the He Liu sect. Ye Mo killed them.

    Just when Xiang Mingwang was going to put away the earth spirit pill, someone said uncertainly, "Xiang-Qianbei, wanbei is Qi Shiheng from Wu Yi, I have a spirit sensing stone, if-"

    Before Qi Shiheng could finish, Xiang Mingwang waved his hand and said, "That thing has no use for me." Then, he put away the earth spirit pill.

    Hearing this, Ye Mo thought it was Space Abyssal Rock, the material to make storage devices.

    "I'll take the rock," Ye Mo's words caught everyone's attention again.
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