Chapter 470: Conflict With Xiang Mingwang

    Chapter 470: Conflict With Xiang Mingwang

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    He knew that the spirit sensing stone was used in the past by ancient martial artists in order to improve their strength by sensing the power inside, but that only worked for those below earth level. If it had just that function, then it would indeed be more worthless than the earth spirit pill.

    What they didn't know, however, was that due to the real use of the spirit sensing stone, it was worth countless times more than that earth spirit pill.

    "Huh?" Qi Shiheng was surprised greatly. It's not like he needed the dagger desperately, but he knew it was worth much more than his spirit sensing stone.

    Even if he didn't need it, he could use it to trade for the earth spirit pill.

    Everyone at the scene was dazed and immediately realized that Ye Mo was trying to suck up to Xiang Mingwang indirectly. Almost everyone was sure that Qi Shiheng would use the dagger to trade for the earth spirit stone.

    Gu Yanghe saw this and felt relieved yet a little disappointed at the same time.

    Xiang Mingwang heard Ye Mo's words but sneered. It was too late now; as soon as he got the dagger, he would teach this young man a lesson. Did he think the hidden sects were so easy to mess with?

    "Here you go," Qi Shiheng was afraid that Ye Mo would regret his decision and quickly gave his spirit sensing stone to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo shook his head. Why was there such a huge difference between people? Zeng Zhengxia was worried about his yellow essence not being worth Ye Mo's dagger, but this Qi Shiheng knew that his thing was worth far less than Ye Mo's dagger, yet he wanted to trade as fast as possible.

    Ye Mo put away the Space Abyssal Rock but didn't give out that offensive magic artefact. He took out a porcelain bottle instead, saying, "This is a chi increasing pill. It has the undoubtable capability of letting you reach earth level middle stage, without any hidden side effects."

    Qi Shiheng accepted the bottle absent-mindedly. He had been planning on using the dagger to get the earth spirit pill from Xiang Mingwang, but Ye Mo was giving him a pill now.

    "This..." Qi Shiheng looked at Ye Mo worriedly. He had never heard of this chi increasing pill. What if he was cheated?

    Slap- Xiang Mingwang slapped the table as he suddenly stood up, "Ye Mo, this auction is about fairness. You took someone's thing but gave out a useless pill in exchange, do you think I won't do anything to you?"

    Qi Shiheng looked at Ye Mo and Xiang Mingwang blankly. If he knew things would turn out like this, he wouldn't even take out the stone. He could mess with neither Ye Mo nor Xiang Mingwang. If it were just Ye Mo, he would accept the situation and just give the stone to Ye Mo.

    But he knew that if he did so now, it would mean starting a conflict with Xiang Mingwang. Xiang Mingwang was looking for a chance to attack Ye Mo, and if he did that, Xiang Mingwang would lose the opportunity to.

    Everyone at the scene became excited. Xiang Mingwang was going against Ye Mo! There was a drama to watch now. Although many people wanted to support Xiang Mingwang, Xiang Mingwang had called out Ye Mo personally, so if they supported Xiang Mingwang openly, it would mean going against Ye Mo. If they pissed off Ye Mo and he went on a carnage at their sect, it would be the end for them.

    Xia Changtian and Yu Tao both lowered their heads. They didn't dare show that they knew Ye Mo and just wanted Xiang Mingwang to kill Ye Mo, but they didn't dare show that either.

    "Xiang Mingwang, with what eye did you see that I gave this person something useless? You haven't even looked at my pill, yet you know it's useless? Looks like you're either an immortal or a fool!" Ye Mo uttered in contempt.

    As soon as Ye Mo said this, everyone was shocked. Who was Xiang Mingwang? Gourd Cave's Vice Sect Leader, second most famous only to Monk Wu Dao! Even if someone did want to disagree with him, they would still have to respectfully call him Sect Leader Xiang, but this Ye Mo just straightaway said his name and called him an idiot!

    Gu Yanghe applauded Ye Mo's courage in his mind but couldn't stand up to help Ye Mo.

    "Very good, I've seen cocky people, but I've never seen someone as cocky as you! I want to witness for myself the might of the man who killed six earth level members from He Liu Sect. I hope your power is as strong as your tongue." Xiang Mingwang could no longer hold his anger, and he pulled out his long sword.

    Feng Wu who was sitting next to Xiang Mingwang stood up and reminded him "Brother Xiang, calm down. You can fight him after things are clear. This is a trade gathering after all, it wouldn't be good if the chaos got too big. Even if you're going to fight, you can't fight here out of respect to King Qing Guang. We're still in his palace in the end."

    "What's there to clarify; is a pill that makes one unconditionally reach one step higher at the earth level something he can take out? Everyone knows how precious the earth spirit pill is already. With his preposterous past, it's certain that he's lying," Xiang Mingwang said without hesitation, but he didn't go up to attack yet.

    Feng Wu nodded, showing his agreement to Xiang Mingwang's words, but he looked at Ye Mo and said, "Ye Mo, you say that your chi increasing pill can raise the user of it one stage even at the earth level, but no one can tell if it's real or fake. One has to wait for half a month even after eating the earth spirit pill. Besides, everyone here knows that it's hard to concoct pills nowadays. So regardless of whether your chi increasing pill is real or fake, I suggest that you return the spirit sensing stone to Sect Leader Qi and give one of those daggers you mentioned before to Sect Leader Qi."

    Ye Mo nodded, although this Feng Wu was favoring Xiang Mingwang a little bit, he was still rather fair.

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "My chi increasing pill isn't something the likes of an earth spirit pill can compare with. There's still an hour or two before the end of the gathering. Hey you, if you eat my pill now and it shows no effect within the hour, I will return your stone to you and give you a dagger as well. Regardless of whether my pill is fake or not, it should have nothing to do with others."

    Ye Mo's words made the entire scene be overcome by silence. Did his pill really have such absurd effects? If it did, why hadn't anyone heard of it? Ye Mo's words sounded so confident and with everyone being able to see the results one hour later, would he still tell any lies?

    "I think Brother Qi should give it a try first. After all, no one really knows whether the pill is real or fake," Zeng Zhengxia commented at this moment.

    Ye Mo sighed. This Zeng Zhengxia was an upright man indeed. He was still willing to help Ye Mo talk at this moment, clearly not minding Xiang Mingwang's revenge.

    Qi Shiheng was just the leader of a small sect so seeing that this thing was getting bigger and bigger, he was getting worried.

    As he heard Ye Mo promise that the results would show in one hour, he ate it without further thought. He wanted this thing to end as early as possible.
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