Chapter 473: Dark Windy Slaughter Night

    Chapter 473: Dark Windy Slaughter Night

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    Ye Mo sat down seemingly helplessly and grabbed his bag tighter. "If that's the case, do I get to choose first?"

    Feng Wu intervened and said, "Since you three were the ones who contributed, then you all can choose first."

    Feng Wu was worried. He was afraid that Ye Mo would bring in his academy too. Luckily, despite Ye Mo being cocky, he only took revenge on the two sects that had gone against him.

    The other ancient martial arts sects also had the same concern, but they didn't dare say much.

    "We'll settle with this. We'll give our bags to Brother Feng. Please finish one bag before moving onto the next. You can't take back your own things." Wang Lenchan sneered.

    As long as he got something from Ye Mo's bag, he would be winning.

    Ye Mo's expression sunk as he took out the yellow essence and Space Abyssal Rock, before giving the bag back to Feng Wu. Everyone knew that Ye Mo had traded these two and they weren't worth much, so nobody said anything.

    Now that it had been settled and everyone at the scene could get free premium quality things, they were all happy. However, most people were looking at Ye Mo's bag. After all, it had to be the most precious, and they were scared that the Wang Family and Gourd Cave would hate them for taking their things.

    Xiang Mingwang's bag was taken out and the things were put on the table. There were three bottles of earth spirit pills, two very good looking swords, an earth level middle and primary stage cultivation method and a wooden box with a fiery ore inside.

    Seeing this, Ye Mo rejoiced. This was an earth fire essence stone. Although it wasn't much use to Ye Mo now, he could use it in the future for sure. And, there were herbs but no spirit herbs.

    Ye Mo walked up, grabbed the earth fire essence stone and said, "If I skip this stone, it might make a big splash."

    Xiang Mingwang had a bleak face on and didn't seem to hear Ye Mo's words.

    Then, Wang Lenchan took out an earth spirit pill. No one else dared to take Gourd Cave's things. After this, it was Ye Mo's turn again. He took the earth spirit pill and smelled it, "Although the quality is bad, I guess I can feed my bird with it."

    Xiang Mingwang almost spat blood in anger.

    Seeing that no one dared to take his things and it was Ye Mo's turn again, Xiang Mingwang suddenly got up and said, "Everyone, please take whatever you want. I won't mind."

    Since Xiang Mingwang had already said that, everyone went up and the things were soon split between them.

    Wang Lenchan's bag was open. Ye Mo just took out an earth level cultivation method and said, "Goodbye, today's was a good meeting."

    Xiang Mingwang sneered. "Your bag hasn't been opened yet. Don't you want to know who takes your things?" He really wanted to see Ye Mo's face when everything of his was taken.

    Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "It's nothing, I already told you that it's just some pots. Whoever likes it, he can take it."

    Then, Ye Mo turned away and left. Feng Wu's voice sounded, "Ye Mo, if you're bringing someone to the tournament, you need to be at Duan Ding Mountain by 9 a.m."

    Seeing Ye Mo leave without even taking his bag, many people shook their head. Ye Mo was quite unlucky. He had lost so many good things for no reason and he didn't even dare say anything.

    Wang Lenchan's bag was soon empty. Feng Wu took out Ye Mo's bag and said, "Sect Leader Wang and Xiang, please look at it first."

    Feng Wu took out everything in the bag, there was clattering and after it was dead silent.

    Ye Mo had been telling the truth all along. There were no pills or magic artefacts in his bag. There was a kitchen knife, a big pot and some spoons.

    Xiang Mingwang was dumbfounded and so was Wang Lenchan. Everyone stared at the huge collection of kitchen utensils, they all wondered if Ye Mo was mad. It was an ancient martial arts' meeting, but he actually carried a bag of kitchen utensils.

    A small nun wanted to laugh but quickly covered her mouth. Laughing in that moment would have meant mocking Sect Leaders Xiang and Wang.

    "Such a cunning little brat." Xiang Mingwang's expression was very black. He took out of the bag everything, but it was all for useless, or it was only meant for a bag of kitchen utensils.

    Wang Lenchan's face was calm and seemed to be thinking about something.

    Feng Wu sighed. Ye Mo had overdone it, he knew that Wang Lenchan would have killing intent for Ye Mo. Perhaps that night was Ye Mo's last.

    Anyone who knew Wang more or less could tell that he would kill him, but he couldn't be stopped. Not even Feng Wu could, much less Ye Mo.

    The meeting ended in this eerie situation.

    Ye Mo left the King Qing Guang Palace, he knew that that evening wasn't going to be calm.

    "It really is a dark windy slaughter night," Ye Mo murmured and walked to the top of the mountain.


    The Broken Top Mountain was at the border of Gui Cheng City, 900 m above the sea level. It was called "broken top" because it had no peak. It was like a pyramid sliced in the middle, so people liked gathering at the top for activities.

    But then, for some reason, it was sometimes haunted, there had been more than one case of possessions and death. iIt was even said that those who went to the top would die of a strange disease.

    So, less and less people went to the top. The government sent specialists there and they said that there was a strange magnetic field that caused hallucinations. But no one believed it.

    As time went on, many people found that it wasn't just the mountain, but the entire city was haunted. However, it wasn't as severe as the Broken Top Mountain.

    Ghosts were very ethereal things. Many citizens feared it, but for the cultivators of the hidden sects it didn't matter. Hence, the tournament was chosen to be held at the Broken Top Mountain.

    The reason Ye Mo had come there that late at night was because he knew someone was going to attack him. He wanted to find a place without anyone to disturb. Also, he wanted to see what kind of ghosts were lurking there.

    Walking near the mountain, Ye Mo felt a bleak wind blow past him. Something was wrong there indeed. He didn't take out his flying sword. He wanted to draw to him the person who wanted to kill him, so he needed to know what surrounded him.

    The ghosts Ye Mo had been in contact with were the ones cultivators controlled. The 9 Moon Sect was an example. Without a certain environment, ghosts wouldn't be able to live long. The mountain didn't have the conditions for ghosts to exist there, how could there be ghosts?

    Thinking about this, a bleak wind struck his neck. It was rapid, but it had an eerie chi.

    Before he could think, Ye Mo dodged. He was surprised that his spirit sense hadn't been able to find where the wind attacked from.

    Just when Ye Mo wanted to find out the source of the attack, his spirit sense scanned Wang Lenchan, who was coming rapidly. He didn't say anything, he just hacked towards Ye Mo with his sword. He was even faster than the bleak wind from before.

    Ye Mo knew that bleak wind wasn't from Wang Lenchan.
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