Chapter 474: Bottom of Broken Top Mountain

    Chapter 474: Bottom of Broken Top Mountain

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    Bottom of Broken Top Mountain

    A ten meters distance meant nothing to Wang Lenchan, and his blade arrived at Ye Mo's neck in a single breath's moment.

    Ye Mo seemed to be scooped up by the wind blade like a leaf as he dodged it.

    Wang Lenchan didn't continue his attack. He looked at Ye Mo coldly, "No wonder you're so cocky, you have some power indeed. But if this was all you've got, this place will be your grave."

    The pale moonlight was shining on Wang Lenchan's sword, giving it an eerily white sheen.

    Ye Mo's face was calm and expressionless. He was thinking about another problem, 'Wang Lenchan obviously didn't reach great heaven, so how come he's stronger than Tan Jiao who did?' He also remembered Monk Wu Dao who supposedly hadn't reached great heaven yet had been on par with Ye Mo at Wu Liang Mountain. Had Tan Jiao not reached great heaven? This was impossible too. Tan Jiao had definitely been at the peak of the earth level before, so how could he not know whether he'd reached great heaven?

    Even if Tan Jiao had only just reached great heaven, and his strength hadn't stabilized yet, his power shouldn't be worse than a half step great heaven cultivator. Was there some other reason to it?

    "Ye Mo, do you know why I still haven't killed you?" Wang Lenchan's words broke Ye Mo's train of thought.

    Ye Mo smiled, "Do you want my ancient martial arts cultivation method? Or is it that you want to introduce your wife to me? Sorry, I don't wear worn shoes."

    "You're asking to die!" Wang Lenchan sneered but still didn't attack despite Ye Mo's provoking.

    "I, Wang Lenchan, have been dominating for decades and killed countless men, how could a mere brat like you understand my intentions. Although you're a little smart, there's no need to play your tricks in front of me. You are a bit right, though. If you give me what you got from the ancient martial arts heritage site you must've found, I will let Beijing's Ye family live. I will take your business in Flowing Snake, however. Other than that, I heard you have a beautiful wife. I won't kill her, but I will keep her by my side. Of course, you can reject, but even if you do, I have ways to make you talk and if you make me use them, everyone related to you will be dead," Wang Lenchan threatened coldly.

    Ye Mo suddenly emitted an intense killing intent. He had just been planning on killing Wang Lenchan and the people he brought originally but now, he had to annihilate their entire family. His principle was 'whatever you want to do to me, I'll do to you'.

    "What, you want to resist?" Wang Lenchan sneered, "Do you think you can talk big with me just because you killed some trash from the He Liu Sect? Young man, I can only confirm that the insolent are indeed fearless."

    Ye Mo suddenly took out a short sword and said calmly, "I underestimated you before, but now I guess that you probably knew the things in my bag are fake. Only you saw through it; I really didn't expect this. I won't be able to sleep if I don't kill someone like you."

    Ye Mo thought of Dongfang Xi. This Wang Lenchan gave him the same feeling of discomfort as that Dongfang Xi. It was as though he were a snake. From Wang Lenchan words, Ye Mo could guess that he had already known that the bag was fake, yet he had still taken his things out. If Wang Lenchan didn't say that he had been playing tricks, Ye Mo still wouldn't have known that Wang Lenchan had seen through his gimmick.

    At this moment, Ye Mo understood Wang Lenchan's intentions. He wanted people to think that he killed Ye Mo out of anger and since his things had all been split up, it was natural that he take over Flowing Snake after Ye Mo died.

    Ye Mo didn't expect this man's calculations to be this deep. Compared to Wang Lenchan, that Xiang Mingwang was an idiot.

    Wang Lenchan said expressionlessly, "Ye Mo, you're wrong, you're too young. I can tell from your expression that the bag was fake, but I'm sure that I wasn't the only one to notice it. What I succeeded in, though, was that I didn't let people see that I know about it. Anyway, enough of that. Ye Mo, I'll give you 3 seconds. If you don't speak up, I can only force it out of you."

    Ye Mo thought about what he did wrong; he had given out the dagger and pill casually, but when they asked for his bag, he acted too stingy. That's what gave him away. Thinking through it, Ye Mo laughed, "Good, Wang Lenchan, you taught me a lesson today but even then, I won't let you go. I have promised to kill all who threatens me. The same will hold true for your Nan Mountain Wang family. I don't care where your family hides, I believe I can find them."

    "Ye Mo, you just passed on the last chance for Beijing's Ye family to live. You can beg for mercy after I catch you." Wang Lenchan sliced at Ye Mo's leg with his sword.

    Ye Mo didn't use his flying sword and just blocked the slice.

    Clank- There was a crisp sound as Ye Mo was blown away like a leaf .

    Wang Lenchan dazed around for a moment,. His sword clearly hacked at Ye Mo's leg, so how could it send him away that far?

    Before Wang Lenchan could react, Ye Mo landed, the long sword in his hand turning into a white ray, slicing towards a brush ten meters away.

    "Ye Mo, don't you dare!" Wang Lenchan's eyes were bulging out, and he dashed over like the wind. He couldn't care about Ye Mo's life anymore. The long sword in his hand was cloaked with white chi as it sliced towards Ye Mo who hadn't landed yet.

    But no matter how fast he was, he was still a bit slower than Ye Mo.

    Arghhhh! Howls of pain sounded as blood splurged.

    Clank clank- After multiple clashes, Ye Mo fell to the ground and was sure that Wang Lenchan was indeed stronger than Tan Jiao

    Two shabby figures came out from the brush, though. A middle-aged man was carrying a youth in his twenties and landed next to Wang Lenchan.

    The middle-aged man looked at Ye Mo as though he was going to turn Ye Mo into ashes with his eyes before looking back to Wang Lenchan and crying, "Family Leader..."

    Wang Lenchan looked at Ye Mo with a green face and then glanced at where Ye Mo had sliced.

    "Family Leader, he attacked all five of us. Xian Lin, Xian Zha and Wang Xi were all killed. Only I and Cang'er managed to escape, but I took a slice to the chest," the middle-aged man put the youth down and cried.

    Wang Lenchan heard this and almost spat out blood. How did Ye Mo know there were people hiding by the side?

    "Ye Mo, you've successfully pissed me off; if I don't murder the entire Ye family, I'm an animal!" Wang Lenchan raised the sword in his hand.

    Ye Mo smiled. Although Wang Lenchan was strong, it was impossible for him to escape his hands.

    Ye Mo said slowly, "Wang Lenchan, did you think your Wang family would be able to leave today? You don't need to worry about scheming for my Flowing Snake, because I will annihilate your Wang family tonight. But I have to say, your sword is really good. It actually still hasn't broken now."

    Wang Lenchan shivered, he had only imagined himself killing Ye Mo's entire family, but he hadn't thought about what would happen if he lost.

    Of the three people Ye Mo killed, two were at the earth level middle stage, and one was at the black level tertiary stage. Was Ye Mo great heaven state? Or was he half step great heaven like him?

    Wang Lenchan realized that he had far underestimated Ye Mo and subconsciously looked at the sword in his hand. There were multiple crevices on it.

    Wang Lenchan's head buzzed. This sword that was passed down his family wouldn't be afraid of clashing with even magic artefacts, how could it get chipped by Ye Mo's little sword?

    'Wait,' Wang Lenchan just remembered Ye Mo's attack, 'how could that small sword shoot out a white ray? Even a magic artefact couldn't do that.'
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