Chapter 477: How Come Sect Leader Wang Isnt Here?

    Chapter 477: How Come Sect Leader Wang Isn't Here?

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    "Has Wang Lenchan already come after you? Did you kill him?" Zeng Zhengxia couldn't believe it, but why else would Ye Mo be asking where the Wang family was?

    It wasn't rare. The hidden sects code was to either not attack, or attack and kill them all.

    Ye Mo smiled, "That's right. He wanted to kill me so I had to kill him first, but I didn't leave anyone alive. I've never heard of this Nan Mountain and I thought, since you're all a part of the hidden sects, someone would know where it is."

    Zeng Zhengxia was even more shocked that Ye Mo could admit it. It seemed that it was true what they said about Ye Mo annihilating the He Liu and Dian Cang.

    He had thought that Ye Mo wasn't bad, but a little worse than him. Now, he didn't dare think like that. Although he was earth level tertiary stage, Wang Lenchan perhaps only would have needed a few moves to kill him. Yet, Ye Mo had managed to kill Wang Lenchan and all of his men. Had he really reached the legendary great heaven?

    "Are you great heaven state?" Zeng Zhengxia was upright and straight forward, but he wasn't dumb. It was shocking just to say it. A twenty year old great heaven master?

    Ye Mo hummed for a moment. He thought of Tan Jiao. Since he could defeat Tan Jiao, he should be counted as great heaven, right? But then he thought of Wang Lenchan and Wu Dao. If great heaven meant to be only a bit stronger than halfway great heaven, it couldn't be called great heaven. Moreover, Tan Jiao was far weaker than those two.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo shook his head, "I probably still have some way to go before great heaven. I don't know how much exactly, but I'm not afraid of great heaven levels."

    Ye Mo wasn't bluffing. He could fly on the flying sword and control it telekinetically. Even if he had to face a great heaven, he would only need to be careful. If he couldn't win, he could always run away. But he had never met a real great heaven master, so he didn't know how big the difference was.

    Zeng Zhengxia exhaled and calmed down. After a long while, he said, "No wonder you're not scared of Xiang Mingwang. Xiang Mingwang is at most as strong as Wang Lenchan, and even a bit weaker than Feng Wu. Brother Ye, you really are the genius of the millennium."

    Ye Mo smiled. He knew his own business. If he hadn't cultivated ancient martial arts, he might have not even reached black level by then. The reason he was that strong was because he was a dao cultivator, it meant that he was cultivating the immortal path. Which ancient martial art could be stronger than the immortal path?

    Zeng Zhengxia continued, "It's impossible to find the Wang family. Even the Wang family members themselves don't know where it is, much less others. I suspect that Xiang Mingwang and the others wouldn't know either. The Wang family always keeps a low profile and only brought two members for the tournament this time."

    Ye Mo sighed.

    "Doesn't Brother Zeng live here?" Ye Mo couldn't find Zeng Zhengxia with his spirit sense that night, so he asked.

    Zeng Zhengxia nodded, "None of the six great sects live here. They live at a government provided place. Brother Ye, the tournament starts at 9 a.m. I came to see you mainly. Now I need to go back and prepare. This time, our 36 Rivers Sect has four disciples participating. It's my honour to meet someone like you, Brother Ye."

    Ye Mo immediately said, "Brother Zeng is a truthful person. No one dared to speak up for me, but you did. Brother Zeng, I take you as a real good friend."

    "Alright. My 36 Rivers is at the Duan Heng Region, you're welcome to go there," Zeng Zhengxia said happily.

    Ye Mo nodded and said, "But the reason I invited Brother Zeng over is because of your internal injuries. If I'm not wrong, your internal injuries are very serious. If it's left untreated, you can only last three to five years."

    "Brother Ye, you can tell I have internal injuries?" Zeng Zhengxia stood up in shock. He wasn't afraid of death but he was afraid that there was no one strong enough to take over the 36 Rivers. If he died, they would fall from the 5th spot.

    Ye Mo smiled and took out a pill, "This is a lotus life pill. Your injuries will be cured after you eat it."

    "A lotus life seed? Is that the lotus life pill sold at the Xi Xia Temple that cured Miao Quan's internal injuries?" Zeng Zhengxia said in shock.

    Ye Mo nodded, "That's right."

    Zeng Zhengxia took the pill solemnly and said slowly, "Brother Ye, it really is my luck that we can be friends. I know that Miao Quan searched everywhere for the source of the pill, but the Yu Association didn't dare say it. I really didn't expect it came from you. I know this pill is very expensive and it can't be found in the market. I'll take it. If there's anything Brother Ye needs, just tell me, I'll do it at all costs."

    Ye Mo patted Zeng Zhengxia's shoulder and said, "Since we're friends, there's no need to say such things. Brother Zeng still needs to bring your sect disciples to Broken Top Mountain. I won't delay you anymore, we'll meet up there."

    Ye Mo didn't need to use the lotus life pill to cure Zeng Zhengxia's injuries. But firstly, it would cost too much time and chi, secondly, since they were friends, one pill didn't matter.

    After Zeng Zhengxia left, Han Yan finished washing herself and they walked downstairs. When they went to the 8th floor, there were already a lot of sect leaders and elders coming out.

    Many were obviously surprised to see Ye Mo come out unscathed. Those who knew Ye Mo still came up to greet him. Xia Changtian and Yu Tao were even more shocked, but they didn't show it at all.

    Han Yan sighed. If she had come by herself or with her master, they wouldn't have had a place to talk and they would have had to let others enter the elevator first. It was a different story following Ye Mo. No one dared to go in first. It was only Ye Mo and her who entered the first elevator.

    This was power. Society was all about power.

    Ye Mo didn't mind at all, he was too used to it. When he had been at Luo Yue before, he needed to be like that too.

    When Ye Mo and Han Yan walked into the main hall, Wang Xiyue was already there waiting for them. He quickly brought them to a special dining room and told Ye Mo that the car was ready.


    The previous night, Broken Top Mountain had been bleak and cold, but now it was vibrant and boisterous. Cars kept coming to the bottom of the mountain, as people in different clothes from various sects headed to the mountain.

    Other than some who had special connections with the hidden sects, most people couldn't come.

    The top of the mountain was around a quarter square kilometer. It had already been cleared out. In the centre there were two huge fighting stages. Seats had already been placed around it. There were around seven to eight thousand people there. Ye Mo estimated that most of the mortal people there were those who helped the hidden sects do business.

    Although there were squads to maintain order, the guests were obviously well-mannered and weren't fussy with their seats. The scene wasn't chaotic at all.

    Guang Han Sect's status was very low. They only had two seats and they were at the back. When Ye Mo brought Han Yan to the site, they were brought into the 36 Rivers region by Zeng Zhengxia, who had been waiting for them.

    "Brother Ye, you can sit here. I'll have someone take Ms Han to sign up, also, I'll help you get a conductor position for the tournament," Zeng Zhengxia said.

    Ye Mo smiled, "If I conducted the tournament, that old fart Xiang Mingwang would definitely not agree. Moreover, I'm not interested in that. I'll just sit here. Han Yan, go sign up first, I'll have a look around here."

    After Han Yan left, Zeng Zhengxia had to leave, because he needed to conduct the tournament. But Ye Mo obviously had high quality service in that area, constantly having a waiter by his side.

    Ye Mo saw that the place to sign up was quite chaotic and it would take an hour to settle things, but he wasn't worried. He had two main goals there: one was to bring Han Yan to the tournament, the second was to see where that spirit well was.

    In order to not make things hard for Zeng Zhengxia, he didn't ask him.

    In that same moment, Xiang Mingwang had a bleak expression on his face as he asked, "How come Sect Leader Wang still isn't here?"

    His tone was obviously unhappy, since Wang Lenchan obviously had taken everything for himself the previous night. Despite knowing that Wang Lenchan would share something when he arrived that day, he still wasn't very happy.
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