Chapter 484: Scheme against Han Yan

    Chapter 484: Scheme against Han Yan

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    Scheme Against Han Yan

    At this moment, that youth on the stage understood that if it weren't for Ye Mo, he would've either been dead or mauled by now. As the young walked off the stage, he bowed in front of Ye Mo and said, "This wanbei is Zhang Hua from Wu Dang Mountain's Guang Yao Temple. I thank Qianbei for saving my life."

    "En, prepare for your next match," Ye Mo nodded. He knew that there were a lot of places that might not be famous, but that didn't mean they didn't have a proper heritage. He had heard of the Wu Dang Mountain but never of this Guang Yao Temple. From their name though, Ye Mo could tell their expertise had to be in the area of pills. No wonder the youth had qi recovery pills.

    Ye Mo knew that the Gourd Cave wouldn't be letting things go like this, but he couldn't know what they would do exactly.

    Despite Feng Wu telling everyone to be gentle, the tournament became more intense instead since there were only 20 spots now. Everyone used every allowable means. After this round, there were seven contestants with light injuries, five with heavy injuries and there had even been one death.

    But no one cared about it and neither did Ye Mo. Although some sects wanted Ye Mo to do something about it, it seemed as though Ye Mo didn't see it. He would only concern himself with the Gourd Cave. Since other sects chose to participate, they needed to take responsibility.


    At lunchtime, Han Yan asked while eating, "Big Brother Ye, I feel like you're targeting the Gourd Cave. Do you have enmity with them?"

    Ye Mo nodded, "I've killed quite some hidden sects people before, and their sect wants to be the leading avenger. Xiang Mingwang won't let me go for sure but neither am I going to let him go. But today he endured well, so I believe they will attack me after the tournament."

    "Big Brother, you need to be careful. My master said that the Gourd Cave is the strongest outer hidden sect. They have a lot of masters, far from what the He Liu Sect can compare to," Han Yan advised worriedly.

    "You don't need to worry. If he wasn't scared of me, he would've attacked this morning. Just worry about your match, wait-" Ye Mo suddenly stopped speaking.

    Han Yan looked worriedly at Ye Mo and asked, "What's wrong, Big Brother Ye?"

    Ye Mo frowned and suddenly said, "Xiang Mingwang is known for being impetuous, and today their sect lost face hard. They can't do anything to me, but I suspect they might do something to you."

    "Do something to me? But I'm always with you, what can they do?" Han Yan asked in surprise.

    Ye Mo said seriously, "With their capabilities, they can definitely arrange some master to fight you. If they really do, things won't go well for you. They might even try to kill you. You could choose to exit the tournament..."

    Han Yan shook her head, "Big Brother Ye, I have finally understood the truth about this world these few days. Power still rules over all. I can't retreat in the face of danger every single time. There are some things I need to face eventually. I came here for the black rising pill, but now that I'm already black level, I don't need the pill. However, if I keep avoiding fights, that will have no benefit to my cultivation. Besides, I'm confident that I will be fine even if I have to fight the Gourd Cave's disciples.

    Ye Mo nodded. He knew she was right.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo took out some materials and made two wind blade rune papers for Han Yan, "Keep these two rune papers. In desperate moments, just throw them out saying 'Lin'."

    Ye Mo was afraid the fireball would cause too much of an uproar, so he gave her two wind blade runes.

    Han Yan looked at Ye Mo and said awkwardly, "Big Brother Ye, wouldn't that be a bit crazy?"

    Ye Mo smiled, "If you trust me, just save it for your opponent."

    Han Yan smiled and accepted, "Thank you, Big Brother Ye. Other than my grandpa and my master, I trust you the most."

    "If the Gourd Cave's disciple tries to kill you, you can just kill them, don't worry about the consequences," Ye Mo said.


    There were only 40 people participating in the afternoon matches, and there was still one more elimination round left. Han Yan's match was more to the end. Ye Mo noticed that the frigid woman he had saved seemed to have gotten stronger and easily beat an opponent that was the same stage as her.

    Ye Mo felt like her inner qi didn't seem to be the same as yesterday's. Ye Mo frowned. Was it due to that yin yang fish or the jade slip she took? He had checked both of those items with his spirit sense and hadn't found anything.

    Although Ye Mo was confused, it's not like he could ask to see those things again.

    The girl called Zi Xu wasn't so lucky. She met a black level fighter and was kicked off the stage.

    At this moment Zeng Zhengxia said to Ye Mo, "I just got the list; Han Yan is fighting the Gourd Cave's Lu Ran. This guy is the second seed, he's about to reach the peak of the black level. This battle doesn't look too good for Han Yan. No wonder Xiang Mingwang didn't say anything yesterday."

    Ye Mo smiled in derision. It was just as he'd expected.

    "Brother Zeng, don't worry, even if Han Yan is no match for him, that Lu Ran won't be able to do anything to her."

    Ye Mo had given her the rune papers and taught her a few moves. He was sure that if she was familiar with those moves, she wouldn't lose too badly even if she couldn't win. Not to mention that she had a defensive bracelet.

    The next fight was that Zhang Hua kid fighting a yellow level tertiary stage fighter. Although that fighter wasn't bad, he still lost to Zhang Hua.

    After Zhang Hua got off, it was time for Han Yan's fight. Although Ye Mo didn't know this Lu Ran, when he got on the stage, Ye Mo could tell that he was strong.

    There were two other contestants Ye Mo knew of. One was Shi Zhongzhi from Jiu Ming Academy and the other one was Zeng Zhengxia's personal disciple, Zeng Xihou. These three could be ranked in the top 5.

    When Han Yan saw Lu Ran get on, she knew that Ye Mo's conjecture had become reality now. She had been paying attention and knew who was strong and who wasn't.

    It was customary to salute with your fists but knowing that the opponent was there to kill her, Han Yan couldn't even be bothered to do it.

    Lu Ran looked coldly at Han Yan and sneered, "You're Han Yan? I didn't expect a small place like Guang Han Sect to have someone reach the top 20. I guess you're lucky yet also unlucky. You're unlucky because you met me. But seeing how you're a woman, if you crawl in front of my feet, I can let you go."

    Han Yan ignored his words with contempt on her face and attacked with her sword.

    Seeing this, Lu Ran's face went cold, "You may die now!"

    Then, he also took out his sword and attacked. Han Yan's sword flower attack was scattered upon meeting Lu Ran's sword rays.

    Zeng Zhengxia's face changed, and he immediately said, "Lu Ran is using the Dust Removing Sword. That's one of the Three Great Swords of the Gourd Cave. Han Yan's sword mustn't clash with it!"

    Clank clank clank-

    Han Yan's sword clashed with the Dust Removing Sword, but it didn't seem to get damaged at all.

    Zeng Zhengxia rested easy and said, "I forgot Brother Ye had a lot of good weapons, haha!"

    Although Han Yan's sword didn't break, her heart sunk. Lu Ran's sword technique was better than hers, and his inner qi was far greater. A mere few clashes, and she was already almost spitting blood.

    Lu Ran snarled, "Die, bitch!" Before Han Yan could steady herself, he stabbed out his sword at her chest.
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