Chapter 486: Second Time Retreating

    Chapter 486: Second Time Retreating

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    Xiang Mingwang felt he was acting impulsively, but he had no way back.

    When Ye Mo saw Feng Wu charge, he knew that his plan to kill Xiang Mingwang had failed again that day. He wasn't going to be able to kill Xiang Mingwang quickly, so he didn't bother to attack.

    Feng Wu stopped Xiang Mingwang and said with regret, "Brother Xiang, the judge attacked a wanbei disciple first, it was wrong of him in the first place. Now, Brother Xiang is representing the hidden sects to hold this tournament, you must be reasonable. After all, all the hidden sects people are here. If there's something you don't like, you need to wait after the tournament."

    Then, Feng Wu said to Ye Mo, "Brother Ye, on my account please discuss this after the tournament."

    Zeng Zhengxia came up and just saluted Ye Mo with his fist, but didn't say anything. Ye Mo knew what he meant. If he fought against the Gourd Cave, he would be by his side.

    Xiang Mingwang glared at Ye Mo and sneered before putting his sword back in the sheath and retreating with the Gourd Cave people. Seeing Xiang Mingwang retreat for a second time, many people were shocked. The older generation of the hidden sects knew Xiang Mingwang very well. He was bad tempered and easily angered, but he kept backing down because of a young person. One could see he had no confidence in facing Ye Mo.

    Feng Wu also breathed at easy now. he knew that the only reason Xiang Mingwang had retreated was because he had no confidence in beating Ye Mo. If Xiang Mingwang could, he wouldn't give a sh*t about him.

    Although Ye Mo wanted to kill Xiang Mingwang, it wasn't wise to challenge him there.

    After the fight stopped, many people were disappointed. They wanted to see Ye Mo and Xiang Mingwang fight. The bloody stage made the scene even more fiery. The following fights were more ruthless. But the top 20 was luckily quickly decided.

    What Ye Mo and a lot of people didn't expect was that eight out of the top 20 resigned. It seemed they hadn't come for the top three, but for the black rising pill.

    Han Yan resigned too. She could only reach up to there with her capabilities. The remaining people were masters and they had been in black level for a long time, meanwhile she had just reached black level.

    Besides Han Yan, Zhang Hua and the cold woman also gave up. Most of the people who gave up were yellow levels.

    The remaining people were split into three groups, with only one chosen from each group.

    Due to the Gourd Cave incident, the people holding the tournament no longer were in the mood to decide the exact ranks for the top three. It was the first time there wasn't a winner for the tournament.

    But no one cared about this, many people were thinking about the fight between Gourd Cave and Ye Mo. No one believed that the Gourd Cave would just let it go.

    It was getting dark and the top three's match could only be left for the third day. When Han Yan got back, he told Han Yan to recover while he went to see that cold woman. He wanted to know if the yin yang fish and the jade slip were special.

    Ye Mo also got to see Han Yan's black rising pill and he was very disappointed. It was more like a herb pill rather than a real pill. It's just that the herbs in it were precious.


    When Ye Mo got to Yuan Cheng Hotel, it was just dark. He entered her room but she wasn't back yet. Ye Mo was disappointed to find that there was only some underwear in her cupboard. He could only wait for her to come back.

    After leaving the hotel, he went to a river not far away called the Guang River. It was said to be the place where King Qing Guang attained dao. There was a square nearby and it was quite popular. There were all sorts of little bars and food stalls.

    Ye Mo found a place to sit, but as soon as he sat down his spirit sense saw that cold woman. She carried a bag and looked worried. Ye Mo soon knew why she was worried. It was because a black level and a yellow level peak were chasing her.

    She was running, but she didn't know which direction she should go.

    From this it seemed that the two men wanted her black rising pill. He stood up and followed them. He wanted to see how the woman would deal with these two.

    Soon, the woman was surrounded in a far-off place.

    "What do you want?" the woman grabbed her bag tightly and asked coldly.

    "Little Sister, what do you think we want to do? Hehe," the yellow level man laughed as he glared at her.

    The black level said softly, "Yangzhu, you know your current situation. What we're asking for is simple. Give my martial brother your black rising pill and sleep with me for a few nights. Then, everything is good. If not, you know the consequences."

    The cold woman said, "I can give you the black rising pill, but after that we go our separate ways. You want me to sleep with you? Keep dreaming. If you dare take a step forward, I'll swallow the pill immediately." Then, the girl placed the pill next to her mouth.

    The black level laughed bleakly and still said slowly, "You can swallow it, I don't care. But after you take it, even if you commit suicide, I will still f*ck you. It's your fault for being this pretty. Yangzhu, if you follow me, I can guarantee your entry into the Black Capital Sect. It's much better than you living as a lonely ghost."

    The girl was dazed as though she had realized that she wouldn't be able to escape, even if she took the pill. Ye Mo could see in her eyes that she had lost hope. She knew that no matter how strong she was, she would be no match for a black level.

    Ye Mo knew that there was no point in waiting then, so he walked out slowly.

    "Martial Brother, annihilate that passing-by rat," the black level saw Ye Mo walking towards them and said bleakly.

    "Yes, Martial Brother, do your thing. I'll deal with anyone who disturbs you," the yellow level agreed. As soon as he said that, he looked dumbly at Ye Mo approaching them.

    Just when the black level was about to ask why the yellow level wasn't moving, he saw Ye Mo coming and the words got stuck in his throat.

    That cold woman also saw Ye Mo and regained hope in her eyes, but it immediately turned into coldness.

    Ye Mo didn't care how that woman saw him. He had come to find her for the two objects.

    "Qi- qianbei." The two men looked at Ye Mo approaching them, but they were too scared to move. The cold woman saw Ye Mo come over there, she had a complicated look in her eyes but she quickly returned to her calm disposition. She just turned around and walked away.

    Ye Mo was dazed. He saved her but she didn't even say "thank you".

    But Ye Mo wasn't worried about her going very far. She was living there and he would go find her to her room later on.
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