Chapter 498: Ancient Tomb Passage

    Chapter 498: Ancient Tomb Passage

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    Ye Mo turned back and saw that fox again, which was a bit strange in his opinion. It had managed to not be caught by him during the day, so why did it come back? Was it not afraid of being caught by him?

    The small fox saw that Ye Mo had noticed it and turned to run.

    Ye Mo smiled and didn't bother chasing the fox, instead walking into the remaining tent to recover. He had had some enlightenment just then, so it would be good to use the opportunity to cultivate.


    Meanwhile, Song Yangzhu had returned to the tomb she had been planning on digging through during the day. She didn't know what she should do now. Should she keep digging the tomb to find a way to get stronger and kill Ye Mo, or should she not kill him?

    She knew that Ye Mo had saved her, but she couldn't bear being saved by an enemy again and again, even losing her virginity to him. Song Yangzhu's heart was in turmoil. If she were to give up on getting revenge from Ye Mo, she would lose all direction in life.

    If her master was still the same to her as before, perhaps she could go back and cultivate, but after her master had distanced himself from her, her only motivation had been revenge. Yet now, that motivation had been blurred.

    Song Yangzhu didn't continue cultivating nor did she eat the black rising pill.

    She didn't want to think about Ye Mo and would rather nothing had happened. She could only bury the memories in the depth of her heart, never to remember them again. She even hoped that she would never have to see Ye Mo again.

    Song Yangzhu sat by the tomb for a long time before starting to dig. In the end she realized that she didn't know what to do nor where to go other than doing what she had planned at the tomb site anyway.

    As though not knowing fatigue, she dug for two hours straight before eventually stopping because she stumbled upon a random passage. Someone must have dug a passage here but due to a collapse, the entrance had been blocked.

    Song Yangzhu crawled into the tunnel with great care. After all, she had never raided a tomb before nor did she know anything about checking oxygen and stuff.

    Luckily she did know that ancient tombs had some danger to them. She had experienced some of that danger before, so she had brought a long sword with her.

    The tomb was dim and seemed to stretch on forever. Song Yangzhu wore a mining torch on her head but with the small amount of light it provided, the bleak tunnel seemed kind of eerie. Song Yangzhu felt goosebumps. This was clearly a tunnel deep inside the mountains, yet she could feel wind.

    The bleak wind made her shiver. She suddenly stopped and thought, 'What am I still doing here?' Was she really going to get stronger to kill Ye Mo? Could she truly do it when she saw him?

    Song Yangzhu didn't dare think about it anymore. She felt that after the events of last night, Ye Mo's position in her heart had changed. She tried to avoid him, but she couldn't help feeling her killing intent towards him seemingly decline.

    She should just leave and find some place to live the rest of her life. She didn't want to see him ever again nor anyone else she knew.

    But before Song Yangzhu could turn around and depart, she felt a sudden coldness from behind her and swung her sword back subconsciously.

    There was an almost indistinguishable shriek, and Song Yangzhu was scared into sweat. She was sure that her long sword had cut something.

    There was a huge rumble, and Song Yangzhu sensed the tunnel behind her collapse. Song Yangzhu was shook and quickly took out a shovel to dig. But before she could start, she felt that coldness behind her back again. Song Yangzhu dropped the shovel and slashed backwards once more.

    The frigid feeling disappeared, but Song Yangzhu didn't dare to start digging again. She felt as though that thing would try to scratch her as soon as she turned around, and this was a danger she could see nor sense.

    Song Yangzhu gazed into the tunnel and saw nothing special.

    She carefully picked up her shovel again, but before she could apply force, it actually broke. Song Yangzhu looked dumbly at this very high-quality shovel. She didn't know why it could possibly break.

    Were there really ghosts? Even though she was at the peak of the yellow level, Song Yangzhu still felt scared. She thought of the ghost she saw back at Broken Top Mountain.

    After standing still for a long while, Song Yangzhu felt a little sleepy. She bit the tip of her tongue and remembered that this place had to be lacking in oxygen since the tunnel collapsed. Was she going to die here?

    Why should she be afraid of death? Song Yangzhu thought, 'What would be the point to living anyway?' Suddenly she didn't want to dig anymore, and she brought her long sword along as she walked deeper into the tunnel.

    It was as though the thing was scared of Song Yangzhu's sword, because Song Yangzhu walked for a long while without being attacked.

    As she walked along the path, Song Yangzhu saw a faint harmonious light emanate from somewhere. Had she walked out already? Song Yangzhu sped up. Even if she was going to die, she didn't want to die in a dark tomb like this.

    Seeing the source of the light, Song Yangzhu was stunned. From her birth 'till now, she had only ever heard of luminous pearls in fairy tales yet now, she was actually seeing 8 of them. They were all embedded in the stone door, giving the tomb a royal feeling to it.

    Two sets of bones laid together in front of the door, along with some scattered arrows.

    Song Yangzhu dazedly walked to the door and pushed it open.


    When Ye Mo woke up, it was already daylight. His chi had recovered a bit more, and although he couldn't leave on his flying sword yet, he would be able to in a few days at this rate.

    He shot out a few fireballs and burned the tents and the bodies before walking out of this silent valley. Although he didn't know what Song Yangzhu was doing here, since she'd left already, he didn't need to think about it.

    Even though Ye Mo was also embarrassed at the incident, he didn't feel regret. If he hadn't done what he did, Song Yangzhu might have gone mad. And since she chose to leave, so be it.

    Seeing how he was already in the Mei Nei Snow Mountains anyway, Ye Mo thought for a bit and decided to go check where the tomb the Fu Brothers had mentioned was at. When he took out the map, he was dazed. Were there such coincidences in the world? He was standing precisely on top of the tomb.

    If it were somewhere else, he would go after getting fully healed, but now that it was right under him, it would be a waste if he didn't check it out.

    Ye Mo walked along the foot of the mountains for a bit and stopped when he saw a tunnel, which seemed rather freshly made.

    Was it this type of coincidence again? He just found the place, and someone had gone in already? 'Wait-' Ye Mo thought of Song Yangzhu. 'She was the only who had been nearby yesterday. What was she doing here?'

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in, and his face changed when he noticed the state of the tomb. The newly dug tunnel had collapsed. If Song Yangzhu was in there, wouldn't she be buried alive?


    Although Ye Mo's chi had only recovered a bit, he dug much faster than Song Yangzhu. In less than an hour, he made it into the tunnel.

    Ye Mo had heard that this tomb seemed to have some ghost that scratches backs. But in front of Ye Mo, it was just a measly little ghost. It didn't dare near even those who didn't cultivate yet had strong yan chi, much less proper cultivators.
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