Chapter 513: Truth

    Chapter 513: Truth

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    Luo Yin looked hesitantly at Liu Shang and Yang Yi. Ye Mo then also realized that it wasn't appropriate for them to know, so he asked, "Yang Yi, do you know about Flowing Snake?"

    "Of course I do, it's the headquarters of Luo Yue. I was planning to go there for the holidays after I start working," Yang Yi said.

    Ye Mo smiled, "You could actually go there now, didn't you just graduate? If you want it, you could start working in Luo Yue."

    "What? Work at Luo Yue? Brother Ye, do you think it's that easy to get in? I heard there was someone wanting to work there through the Vice Mayor and still got rejected," Yang yi replied.

    Ye Mo said, "Er Hu is working at Luo Yue now. If you want to work there, just find him and you'll get accepted."

    If she said to Er Hu that Ye Mo had told her to go Flowing Snake, he would definitely give her a good position.

    "Really?" Yang Yi still couldn't believe that such great fortune was descending upon her. But soon she realized that what Ye Mo had said was probably true. If even someone Young Master Wen feared was that respectful to Ye Mo, he probably had a big origin.

    "If you want to go, you can go with your boyfriend. Just say you come in my behalf," Ye Mo continued.

    Yang Yi said without hesitation, "Of course I want to go! I just graduated and I already have such a good job, thank you, Brother Ye."

    Liu Shang didn't expect that he could also be able to go work at Flowing Snake - he even forgot to thank Ye Mo.


    Seeing the couple leave, Luo Yin said, "Ye Mo, Luo Yue is related to you, right?"

    Ye Mo looked at her, "You're very smart."

    Ye Mo's tone didn't sound very enthusiastic. He suspected that Luo Yin had taken the Ni Luo Sutra, he couldn't like a woman with such calculations.

    Luo Yin didn't know why Ye Mo was cold to her, but she still said, "The pill you gave Luo Xuan is very precious. You must be an expert in pill-making, so it's no surprise that Luo Yue is related to you."

    Ye Mo didn't seem to hear that and said, "Tell me why you were in the mountain and how you were found. What's Luo Xuan's situation now?"

    "You don't seem to like me. If I remember correctly, we've only met once and we didn't even talk." Luo Yin really didn't understand why Ye Mo didn't like her.

    Ye Mo sneered, "If I'm not wrong, weren't you interested in the Ni Luo Sutra? That day outside the Ying Hua Temple, Luo Fei screamed from outside. You went out to check, and soon after that you came back injured. You probably injured yourself, right? And in reality you had taken the Ni Luo Sutra with you."

    "You-" Luo Yin looked at Ye Mo furious, she was so angry she couldn't speak. How could he think she was someone who would harm her sisters?

    Ye Mo didn't seem to care about her anger and just said calmly, "This is what happened: your second sister was hurt and you rushed out. At that time, you should have been on full alert; also, you're at black level middle stage. Who could have hurt you in such a short time? Either that person knew your cultivation method very well or it was someone countless times stronger than you."

    "However, it's impossible that the person was much stronger than you. If there really had been an earth level martial artist there, you wouldn't have gotten out alive - he could have just killed you all. So other than yourself, who would know you that well? Furthermore, all three of you were there, but you lost the Ni Luo Sutra before your eyes. Other than an earth level peak person or half-way great heaven one who can do that, it could have only been one of you. I know Luo Xuan wouldn't take it, and Luo Fei didn't take it either."

    Luo Yin sneered, "It's as though you saw it with your own eyes. You really do know Luo Xuan Sister well, but how do you know Luo Fei hasn't ta-"

    Then, Luo Yin suddenly stopped. She had a strange expression, as though she had realized something.

    After a moment, she seemed extremely disappointed and sad. She looked down with despair, "Have you seen Luo Fei Sister?"

    Ye Mo nodded but didn't speak.

    Luo Yin continued, "Ye Mo, if you see her again, tell her I'm sorry. I suspected of her taking the Ni Luo Sutra, but I now know that she didn't. I know this not because you saw her, but because of something else."

    After hearing this, Ye Mo got dubious. It seemed that Luo Yin really hadn't taken it, but how did she know who had taken it just by listening to his part of the story? Was there really an earth level peak master? But why hadn't that person harmed the three of them?

    Luo Yin seemed to be down, so after a while she looked up and said, "Ye Mo, regardless of whether you believe me, I didn't take the Ni Luo Sutra. I know who took it but I can't tell you. You see, that day when Luo Xuan brought it, I flipped through it. I usually use a perfume that I make myself, it's unique.

    Then, she calmed down and continued, "When I was about to go back with her, I smelt that aroma. Because it's so unique, I told her to go back first and I tried to chase it down along the way. I didn't find anyone, yet I still was knocked out on the mountain. You already know what happened next. "

    Ye Mo sunk in thought. It actually wasn't Luo Yin who took the Ni Luo Sutra, he had guessed wrong. Then, who took it? Whoever did it must be a lot stronger than the three of them, but chose not to kill them. This had to mean that the thief knew them personally.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo suddenly asked, "Luo Yin, did your sect only send out the three of you?"

    Luo Yin sighed and looked at Ye Mo. "You guessed it. We had four spots, a martial elder was protecting us. She is at half-way great heaven, so, so-"

    Luo Yin didn't continue but Ye Mo knew what she meant. That martial elder didn't kill all of them, since they were from the same sect.

    Luo Yin asked, "Is Luo Fei well now?"

    Ye Mo gave her a few normal recovery pills and said, "She's doing very well. You guessed right, Luo Yue is my company. If you want to see her, you can go to Flowing Snake; she's there now. These pills can help you recover your wounds a little. You should be able to use inner qi for self protection with this."

    Then, Ye Mo gave a stack of money to Luo Yin, "This will be your travel allowance. Luo Fei hit Luo Xuan and now she has no face to see Luo Xuan. You three can take care of your own issues yourselves. I'm still busy tonight, I won't be going with you to Flowing Snake."

    "Thank you," Luo Yin said, but she pushed the money away and just took the pills, "I don't know where to go now either. I'm scared of facing Luo Fei, perhaps she doesn't know how to face me either. If I go back to the sect, I will get exposed."

    Ye Mo could understand her feelings now. He thought for a moment and said, "It's fine, you can find a place to stay for now. After I'm done with my business here, I'll take you back to Flowing Snake. If you don't want to go back to the hidden sects, you can stay at Flowing Snake."

    He booked a room at Yun Shang Pearl and told Luo Yin to recover there. It was night time when Ye Mo left the place.

    The otherworldly entertainment had gotten more boisterous. Although it was a base for Northern Sand, no one could tell. Most of those who came were wealthy young generations. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in but strangely he didn't find Liang Shiguo and the others.

    It was their base, even if they had something to do, they wouldn't leave the place. Just when Ye Mo was getting confused, he sensed something with his spirit sense.
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