Chapter 526: Ye Xing

    Chapter 526: Ye Xing

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    "You can design a city? Can you design the defense mechanism of a city?" Ye Mo was overjoyed, he looked at the man with desperate eyes.

    The man said with contempt, "I'm not the best at designing weapons. I'm better at designing cities and some other things. I don't like designing war machines, and making them doesn't come naturally. It's as if I have the ideas in my brain already."

    Ye Mo made up his mind to take that person to Luo Yue. He felt he was the most suitable person to develop the new city of Luo Yue.

    "I'm genuinely asking you to join Luo Yue City, you will also have a part of the city. This city belongs to everyone, and I know you're very capable so I hope you will agree. I'm certain that you can only live the life you want at Luo Yue City," Ye Mo said pleadingly.

    The man could hear how serious Ye Mo was. He sunk into silence - he didn't want to jump into another pit after just getting out of one, but he also knew there was no point in staying in the desert. Although he didn't know how Ye Mo was going to get him out of there, since he believed his words, he was sure Ye Mo had a way. Moreover, he felt Ye Mo's tone was genuine and he didn't seem to be trying to trick him in anyway.

    Ye Mo saw this and quickly said, "I won't force you, but even if you don't join Luo Yue City, I have my ways to go against Northern Sand. I know you must keep secrets in order to be able to design the space flower and run away from Northern Sand. Of course, I also keep some secrets since I can make the beauty pill and face Northern Sand. As long as you join Luo Yue City, I don't mind letting know some of my capabilities."

    "Your capabilities?" the man asked with confusion.

    Ye Mo nodded. If this man agreed to join Luo Yue city, he would have to take him with him away, which meant going on his flying sword. This would expose his secret, but for Luo Yue City, Ye Mo didn't mind. Also, Ye Mo felt that although he was really good at technology, his EQ was really low. He wasn't afraid of that man betraying him.

    "They call me Xing Worker. I don't know what my real name is. If Luo Yue is really as you say, then I will join you. I don't like hiding for my life, I want to be able to live openly, and my only condition is that I can leave whenever I want," the man said slowly.

    Ye Mo rejoiced. He knew that if Xing Worker said this, he had decided on joining Luo Yue City. Of course, his last condition would only be possible if he worked with Ye Mo. Ye Mo was sure that with any other country, his last condition wouldn't work. He nodded to Xing Worker and said, "If you don't mind, you can have the surname 'Ye', like me. I'll call you Ye Xing from now on."

    "That's perfect, I'll be called Ye Xing from now on. Even if I remembered my name, I wouldn't change it. Should I call you Ye Mo or City Lord?" Ye Xing said.

    Ye Mo thought for a moment and said, "We are all working for the same goal. I'm a step ahead of you, so you can call me Big Martial Brother."

    "Okay," Ye Xing agreed immediately.

    Ye Xing felt the monkey beside him moving and said, "This is my friend Small Ball. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been able to live in the desert these last few months. I want to bring him with me."

    "No problem at all, I also knew about this place because of it. It's very fast." Ye Mo agreed. Although he talked a lot, Ye Xing was too useful to Luo Yue City.

    Ye Mo took out a bracelet and gave it to Ye Xing, "This is my greeting gift, it can protect you. Take it." Ye Mo didn't want Ye Xing to die easily.

    Ye Xing took the bracelet, and he stared at it for a while before wearing it.

    "Do you think I'm lying to you?" seeing that Ye Xing wasn't asking him how it could protect him, Ye Mo asked.

    Ye Xing shook his head, "No, from my perspective anything is possible. Many people are limited by their thoughts, so their potential is also limited."

    Then, Ye Xing gave a bag to Ye Mo and said, "This is my gift to you. Northern Sand are trying to capture me mostly because of this."

    Ye Mo opened the bag and saw two extreme energy stones. He immediately asked: "Extreme energy stones? You actually have this?"

    "You know about it too?" Ye Xing was surprised.

    Ye Mo also took out two crystals and said, "This is the thing I stole from Northern Sand, but I don't know where it comes from."

    "You actually managed to take this from them?" Ye Xing looked at the crystal in shock. He finally understood what the problem between Ye Mo and Northern Sand was.

    But before Ye Mo said anything, he said, "They are the same as mine, I brought them with me. I don't know where they come from either, I've forgotten a lot of things; but I do know they are very important. They are a very powerful energy source. Since Martial Brother have two of these, things will be much easier in the future."

    "You can keep them. After all, you are the designer of Luo Yue City," Ye Mo gave them to Ye Xing.

    Ye Xing took the crystals and said after a moment, "Martial Brother, you are indeed different to the people in Northern Sand. Don't worry, as long as you give me time and money, I will be able to build a city never seen before."

    "Ok, in that case, we'll go to Luo Yue city now," Ye Mo was in a much better mood. Although he hadn't found Luo Ying, he had found an otherworldly genious.

    "How will we go there?" Ye Xing followed Ye Mo to the surface of the desert and asked.

    Ye Mo said, "My secret is that I can fly on a sword. Since you told me your secret, I will also tell you mine."

    Then, Ye Mo picked up Small Ball and Ye Xing, and they all flew on the sword into the clouds.

    "Flying? No wonder you don't fear Northern Sand," Ye Xing looked into the clouds below Ye Mo and said that one simple sentence, after which he didn't speak for a long time.

    But Ye Mo could tell, Ye Xing was surprised that he could fly, but not as surprised as Ning Qingxue or Luo Xuan.

    "Martial Brother, what were you doing in the desert?" Ye Xing soon calmed down and started chatting.

    Ye Mo's eyes were full of despair, "I came to find my master, Luo Ying, she's also my wife. A few months ago, she came here but now she's gone."

    "Are you talking about a woman in a pale yellow dress?" Ye Xing asked.

    Ye Mo replied excitedly, "Martial Brother, have you seen her?"

    Ye Xing nodded, "Yes, a few months ago I saw a woman dragging a huge rock, she was leaving the desert. So she was your wife. I wondered why she was carrying such a huge rock in the middle of desert."

    Ye Mo sunk into silence. It was Luo Ying who had taken the stone pond indeed. As if he could feel Ye Mo sadness, Ye Xing didn't say anything.

    By the time they got to Luo Ye, Ning Qingxue, Luo Fei and Luo Yin had already returned from Flowing Snake. There was no need to go to Flowing Snake much anymore, Yu Miaodan would be handling things there. Ye Ling didn't come back, she had gone to Beijing.

    Ye Mo didn't announce to everyone about Ye Xing's arrival, he just told Xu Ping, Xu Yuehua and Ning Qingxue. He assigned him as the head designer of Luo Yue City, who would help Xu Yuehua build the city. Although Ye Xing was very capable, he wasn't good at socializing, so he needed to discuss some matters with Xu Yuehua.

    Now that Ye Xing had joined them, Ye Mo could relax knowing that Luo Yue City was in good hands. He was sure that with enough time, even if Luo Yue City didn't have him present, they could protect themselves.

    After leaving Ning Qingxue with a chi increasing pill, Ye Mo decided to go to the Mei Nei Snow Mountain to find a chance to ascend.


    Ye Mo didn't call Zeng ZHengxia. If he could find the crystals, he would give one to Zeng Zhengxia; if not, it would be a waste of time to make him go there.

    With the map Zeng Zhengxia had left behind Ye Mo soon found the cliff. It was indeed where the Gourd Cave had been before, a place similar to where Ye Mo had been trapped.

    Just when Ye Mo was about to jump into the valley and start digging, a white figure dashed across his eyes. It was that small fox, it was the third time Ye Mo saw the small thing.

    The small fox saw Ye Mo and also stopped to stare at him closely.
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