Chapter 546: Laser Tunnel, Gold Safe

    Chapter 546: Laser Tunnel, Gold Safe

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    Ye Mo really wanted to kill the eight guys that were staying on the island but eventually didn't do anything. He didn't want to alarm the enemy, so he chose to follow this ship instead.

    By the time it was dark, Ye Mo understood that this ship was almost faster than normal cars, even though it looked heavy and wasn't something that could be compared with jet skis.

    Ye Mo landed on one corner of the fishing boat and found that it was armed with cannons and missiles. What shocked Ye Mo the most was how little sound the engine made. One could only hear the waves and barely the engine.

    Ye Mo was interested in this. This definitely had to be the latest product of the Black Sun Empire. This wasn't even a battle ship, so perhaps their actual warships were much stronger than the US's already. If he could move all of that to Luo Yue...

    Ye Mo was deep in thought as this boat kept going for the entire night. The next day, it entered a narrow port. Ye Mo scanned the surroundings with his spirit sense. This was an island, a private island.

    There were guards around the island. Ye Mo couldn't sense how big the island was with his spirit sense, but he saw it very clearly. It had large groups of buildings, green mountains and lakes, and there were all sorts of entertainment facilities on the beach. This was clearly a luxury private holiday resort.

    Ye Mo refocused his gaze as the ship went into the island, stopping at a simplistic port.

    There were four Japanese men guarding at the pier. Two of them out in the open, and two hidden out of sight. Of course, to Ye Mo's spirit sense, there was no difference. Then there was also a cargo truck waiting by the port. Seeing the fishing boat arrive, two Japanese got off the cargo truck.

    They quickly brought the gold onto the cargo truck, and it started driving immediately. During the whole process, Ye Mo didn't hear a single word. Clearly, this wasn't their first time doing this.

    After the cargo ship left, Ye Mo immediately killed the 4 people remaining on it, as well as the 4 guards. Then, he followed the truck further into the island.

    Soon, the truck entered a valley. In it, Ye Mo practically found another world. There were large amounts of expensive mansions and a coulme of large laboratories, blocked by all the trees.

    Ye Mo checked the place with his spirit sense. The security around the valley was very tight.

    This was one of the Black Sun Empire's bases indeed! He wondered if all their scientists were here. The truck stopped outside what seemed to be a vault, and so did Ye Mo. There were cameras and automatic trigger response weapons everywhere.

    In order to prevent himself from being spotted, Ye Mo put an essence chi pill inside his mouth to maintain the chi level needed for his invisibility mode.

    There were 4 armed guards inside the vault. After checking the truck driver's documents and the contents of the car, the 4 guards retreated. Ye Mo's spirit sense found that behind the door of the vault was a long tunnel. There were constantly lasers crossing around the whole area.

    So thorough! Ye Mo was astonished. With such serious security, Ye Mo was sure that even he wouldn't be able to break in through there. Who knew if he could stop these lasers? With his current power, it would be very hard.

    But of course, even if the vault was heavily guarded, it wouldn't stop Ye Mo from going in if he really wanted to. After all, he didn't have to go through the tunnel.

    Other places may have many meters of steel protection, but that was no problem for Ye Mo.

    After the guards retreated and the door to the vault was opened, Ye Mo saw the lasers disappear.

    The truck drove into the vault. Upon gazing at the vault filled with wooden crates, Ye Mo was dazed. How many wooden crates were here - there had to be at least 3 to 4 thousand! That meant that there was around five to six hundred tons of gold.

    He didn't expect the Black Sun Empire to be this rich. Why would they keep this much gold? Why would they not turn it into money? Why store it and guard it so heavily instead?

    Although gold was worth money, the gold here would only amount to a couple tens of billions of USD. That might be quite a lot, but for modern scientific research, it wasn't that huge.

    After the truck was unloaded, Ye Mo didn't follow it out but stayed in this vault instead.

    The vault walls were made of steel boards and were indeed rather thick. Ye Mo's spirit sense couldn't penetrate it. Ye Mo found one steel board and started digging into it with his flying sword.

    After digging for about 30 centimeters, there some sparks appeared, but that was nothing to the flying sword. Soon, it dug through the sparky layer and after digging for another meter, a hole appeared.

    Ye Mo immediately knew that the sparks must have been caused by an electrified layer in the wall. If someone tried to pierce the steel layer with tools and touched the electricity, they would die for sure. But Ye Mo's flying sword could be called a super resistor. If his flying sword were conductive, then when he fought with lightning cultivators, he'd be in for some suffering.

    Ye Mo kept digging the hole until he had dug through. He thought that when he reached the electrified layer, he would trigger the alarm, but even after waiting for a while, nothinghappened. Soon, Ye Mo understood that his flying sword was not only non-conductive, it was also so sharp that there were no metal shillings touching the electrified layer. There was no loss of electric current, and thus the alarm wasn't triggered.

    After leaving the vault, Ye Mo found himself standing in a small room with a man staring at him in daze. He was shocked seeing where Ye Mo came out from. He didn't know what was inside the metal wall, but he knew that he couldn't touch it. Yet now, a person came out of it.

    The man reacted rapidly, though, but just as he wanted to press the alarm, Ye Mo burned him to a crisp with a fireball.

    After killing this man, Ye Mo looked around the room carefully. It was full of surveillance equipment. Ye Mo suddenly saw a faint shadow on the main monitor.

    This shadow was so faint that if one didn't look carefully, one wouldn't even be able to see it, but Ye Mo was shocked. He knew that this was his shadow. He didn't think that the camera would still be able to capture him even when he was invisible. Was he too weak or was this surveillance camera just too high tech?

    Ye Mo cut some wires and planned on taking away the hard drive, but he found that there was no hard drive, only monitors.

    Ye Mo thought for a moment and decided to simply start slaughtering away. He had to take away that gold, but he had no means to like that. His storage ring was too small.

    After leaving this room, Ye Mo started looking for the control center.

    But Ye Mo didn't understand Japanese, so he searched for a long time and killed tens of men but didn't find one who knew Chinese.

    Ye Mo was getting impetuous. If he couldn't find anyone who did, then he might as well kill everyone. Ye Mo also didn't feel like there was an airport there, so he didn't think the scientists would be there. If they weren't, then at the worst he had at least earned some money.

    Right when Ye Mo was doubting what to do, a bulky man accompanied by two guards walked over. Ye Mo killed the two guards without thought and grabbed the bulky man, asking his usual question, "Do you know Chinese?"
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