Chapter 572: Simple Scam

    Chapter 572: Simple Scam

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    By then, most people had started coming back to their seats, but that fat man still hadn't come back. Ye Mo estimated that it wouldn't take much longer before a flight attendant found out. And obviously, it was no good that Luo Shengdong was acting like that. Other than his facial expression, everything else about his body said that he had killed the man.

    Meng Jiushan wasn't very happy about being interrupted, but knowing that other people were also worried about their condition, he thought it to be understandable.

    "I'm sorry, doctor, I'm really sorry, but I can't die yet. There's some people I can't leave behind, please help me," the middle-aged woman begged Ye Mo.

    Because she was so anxious, her voice was inevitably getting louder, and the people around her all looked over. At this moment, a flight attendant walked over as well and said apologetically to the woman, "Madam, please fasten your safety belt and don't leave your seat except for in the case of an emergency."

    Ye Mo rubbed his head. He really didn't feel like having everyone looking at him, so he said, "Big sister, please sit down and then we can talk.

    The middle-aged woman sat down.

    "I do charge a fee, and it's going to be very expensive. If you're not willing to spend money, you shouldn't ask for my help." Ye Mo wasn't too nice, but he wasn't heartless either.

    He had a good impression of the woman, just not so of her daughter.

    Another thing he took into account was that he could tell the woman was wealthy from her clothes and jewelry. It would be fine to make her pay up. If she didn't want to pay, or if she was scared of getting scammed, then he would save himself the trouble.

    Hearing this, everyone listening in from the side had that look of realization that said, 'So in the end, it's still about money.'

    Meng Jiushan knew of Ye Mo's power, and he knew that masters usually wouldn't do things for free, so he thought it normal for Ye Mo to ask money. But asking for money on the spot ruined the 'master' image, so he would usually perform his services first and then his clients would pay him with whatever they could.

    And this woman was already certain that Ye Mo had great power. Otherwise, Meng Jiushan wouldn't have believed him.

    Hearing Ye Mo ask for money, the young woman had an extreme look of disgust on her face. She opened her mouth to speak but eventually didn't say anything.

    "Of course I will give money, but I don't have that much cash on me. I will make sure you receive it after we get off the plane," the woman quickly nodded.

    Ye Mo immediately said, "Just give me your card and it's password."

    "Sure, sure." She took out a gold card from her bag without hesitation, "The password is 765690, there's three million inside, and you can take up to 10 million from it. If that's not enough-"

    Ye Mo took it and waved his hand, "That'll do." Actually, these few 'millions' were in fact merely a few hundred thousand USD, so Ye Mo really didn't think much of it.

    "You-" The young woman glared at Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo didn't even look at her and said to the woman, "Give me your hand."

    The young girl couldn't do anything to Ye Mo, so she looked at the wealthy woman and called out, but that woman only gave her back a look of disappointment and sadness. She ignored the young girl and gave her hand to Ye Mo.

    The young woman saw this and made up her mind to get the people in her family to freeze the card as soon as possible.

    The people around admired Ye Mo for tricking a few million out if someone in the blink of an eye, and he hadn't even diagnosed the patient yet.

    Now they wondered how the young fraud would fulfill his lie.

    Ye Mo put his finger on a meridian and checked it with his chi. He immediately found out what had happened to the middle-aged woman.

    There was a mutation in the blood vessels in her brain, which had brought about a mutation to all the blood vessels in her body. The vessels were all covered with small black dots. It would be very hard for modern medicine to cure that. After she got this disease, she would have at most only a few months left to live and even then, she would be tortured by the disease a few hours each day.

    And not some usual torture - her entire body would be in pain. Normal people wouldn't be able to endure it. Luckily, her cerebral neurons hadn't been damaged or she wouldn't even have been able to keep thinking properly. Ye Mo had some sympathy for the woman. The hospital wouldn't be able to cure this, but Ye Mo could do so in an hour.

    Although he could do it right now, Ye Mo didn't. He didn't want to expose himself on the plane.

    Considering that, Ye Mo took out some things from his pocket and took twenty minutes to draw a charm on the chair.

    No one knew how he could fit so many things in his pocket. After he finished, he put the things back in his pocket.

    Meng Jiushan looked in shock. He didn't expect Ye Mo to really be curing a disease through charms. Meng Jiushan believed in charms -he could make a few simple ones himself- but he had never seen life saving ones. In that instant, Ye Mo became all the more mysterious to him.

    Ye Mo gave the charm to the woman and said, "This is a perversion and sickness removal charm. Put this on your head at 5 a.m. tomorrow. When the charm turns to ashes, you will be fine."

    "Huh?" Although the middle-aged woman really believed in Ye Mo, she was still dazed at Ye Mo giving her a charm.

    Even if she put that on her head a thousand times, it wouldn't turn into dust for many years. Thinking about this, she asked, "Um, doctor, I want to ask how long it would take to turn into dust?"

    Ye Mo looked at her, "According to your condition, it should take around 30 minutes. The dust will actually be the poison inside your body, so you mustn't just throw it away casually. Find a remote location to bury it."

    At this moment, many people applauded Ye Mo for being an expert in scams. People thought he would be trying to cure her on the spot, yet he used such a method to delay time. By the time the lady found out it was all fake, he would be nowhere to be seen.

    Finally, someone couldn't keep watching and said, "Young man, doing such things is immoral. You took her card, and you're just going to give her a charm?"

    Ye Mo scanned this person and said casually, "We mutually agreed on this, what has this got to do with you? By the way, although I can cure your condition with a charm too, I won't sell it to you even if you give me a hundred million."

    "Haha, I'm sick too now? You're really funny," the middle-aged man retorted.

    Ye Mo said plainly, "Yep, you have a very hard-to-cure heart disease."

    "You!" the man wanted to get up and fight Ye Mo but was stopped by some people beside him. He had such a strong body, yet this young fraud said he had a heart disease? Bullsh*t!

    Then, the middle-aged man said to the woman, "Big sister, you need to be careful of frauds, there are too many of them these days."

    The woman smiled but didn't reply. The man could only shake his head. He realized he wasn't really minding his own business.

    At that moment, Ye Mo saw a flight attendant start to ask around about the empty seat.
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