Chapter 581: Slaughter

    Chapter 581: Slaughter

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    "Hahaha! Hm, are those captives? Are you surrendering? I'm warning you, if you don't surrender now, we'll launch full scaled attacks, you know?" Huang Yinian laughed. Then, he waved his hand, and a missile shot out from the ship.

    Sai watched from a close distance as that missile easily pierced through a light guard ship as it disappeared from the sea with a spin.

    Sai got a fresh report that all his ships had been locked on to.

    Sai could no longer endure the horror of desperation. He knew that if he didn't surrender, the enemy's missiles would strike them soon. His fleet would disappear under the power of that unseen weapon.

    If tens of thousands of soldiers died due to him, that would be a grave sin.

    He surrendered and rose the white flag.

    A lucky fighter jet saw Sai's surrendering flag and did a ghost-like turn in the sky. It shot straight down towards the sea. Just as everyone was shouting in a panic, it made another sudden turn and charged into the sky after barely scraping the sea surface.

    Then, it immediately disappeared into the clouds, flying towards Ethiopia. At the same time, a missile shot at where the plane had skid past the water and made a huge explosion.

    Everyone was shocked by this scene. Ye Mo looked at the disappearing jet and sighed. This guy's piloting skills were top notch - he dodged a missile which had locked onto his plane purely with his own skills.

    Ye Mo even simply let the guy go.

    Huang Yinian was very disappointed. He hadn't even gotten to properly open fire before the Union Army surrendered.

    However, they captured four carriers this time which made Huang Yinian rejoice. They also got 30 other ships of different kinds.

    Half of the soldiers who fell in the water died, and the rest was captured alive.


    Compared to the easy fight the navy was having, the ground troops had the hardest battle. The general was as expected Li Sandao, but the commander was a guy called Liang Di from the Blue Ray Corporation.

    He was a Chinese soldier and had survived many wars, but the army of the alliance was far from what Luo Yue could compare with in terms of quality.

    If it wasn't due to some geographical advantages, perhaps Luo Yue would've been defeated immediately upon contact. Even though it wasn't now, after two clashes, Luo Yue's casualties were still the same as the opposition's.

    The second battlefield was at Xitan Valley. The swing tactic involved the navy starting their bombardment first, and then a few hundred planes would drop bombs. Luo Yue's barely 10.000 ground troops would then quickly be decimated. Afterwards, the Union Army would go past Xitan Valley and take the Luo Yue highlands.

    Yet before the planes could even arrive above Luo Yue, they were all taken out. Hence, the commander of the ground forces of the Union Army could only order to force their way through in the attack on Xitan Valley. Although they had a lot of people, they couldn't spread their troops out in the narrow valley.

    Due to all these disadvantages, the Union Army had the same casualty count as Luo Yue. One could see that the quality of the soldiers of Luo Yue was far inferior, though.

    But luckily, after the first bloodbath-like phase of the war, Luo Yue's army might have decreased in numbers, but it increased in battle power.

    It was certain that if the enemy's ground forces kept attacking like that, Luo Yue wouldn't be able to hold the valley for long, but watching their planes constantly fall from the sky, the enemy commander's face was pale. He knew that their upper hand would only be temporary. Once their air force was completely taken out, they would be done for.

    What scared him the most was Luo Yue's anti-air defense. The Union Army's ferocious fleet of jets could muster no resistance whatsoever in the sky. Luo Yue hadn't even had to send out a single plane to decimate their air force with just their defensive system.

    This was impossible. No country had such powerful air defense capabilities.

    Yet the reality was right in front of his eyes: Luo Yue did.

    "R- Retreat!" The commander saw the planes decrease more and more. If their army stayed there, it would be nothing but suicide.

    The soldiers didn't understand why they were ordered to retreat when they had the upper hand, but as soldiers they had to comply with orders.

    But even then, the retreat order came a bit too late. Before the troops could retreat, Luo Yue's fighter jets rose into the sky.

    The commander realized then that their own anti-air system couldn't lock onto any of Luo Yue's planes. Their interference was too strong. This rendered all their anti-air missiles useless. A missile without eyes wasn't a missile.

    The Union Army could only use some simplistic anti-air cannons and machine guns to fight those jets, but those were just like mere tickles to the fighter jets.

    As bombs were dropped from the air, they blew the armored vehicles and tanks to oblivion.

    The commander looked on with a pale face. He knew they were done for, completely done for. The enemy's jets had crushed their soldiers' hopes.

    Surrender - there was no other way out except for surrendering.

    When the air force had been completely decimated, the navy chose to surrender, and one hour later, the ground forces also surrendered.

    This shocking 'invasion' of Luo Yue took, as predicted by specialists, less than a day. A lightning battle amongst lightning battles.

    The only difference was that everyone had gotten the sides wrong. The Union Army wasn't able to last even a day and was completely annihilated or had surrendered.

    120.000 troops had come, and after a day of intense battle, 30.000 died at sea, while 13.000 died on the ground. Some escaped into the forests, and the remaining 70.000 were captured alive, including Head Commander Sai, Air Force Commander Peter and the Ground Forces Commander.

    Luo Yue also seized more than 600 tanks and armored vehicles and 130 planes and helicopters.

    Luo Yue lost 1.600 soldiers, one plane, ano 12 tanks. From their navy - no one had died.

    This was a complete victory, bound to become the most famous battle in modern warfare.

    After the results of the battle spread out, the whole world trembled. A certain defeat had been turned into a complete victory. No one could've expected this outcome.

    The most famous military theoretical specialist Jack Longher immediately came up with a new theory of modern warfare, predicting that it would from then on mostly be based on interference and anti-interference.

    He said in his theory that, "If you don't have a strong interference and radar system, and you wish to invade an advanced country, then I suggest you might as well put away your radar and missiles. Perhaps your best hope at victory is for your soldiers to carry swords and spears."

    Famous American military specialist Malone also pointed out that Luo Yue's electrical warfare had surpassed the current age. The nuclear warhead they had tested was also beyond the times. The fission element in it wasn't even uranium 235 or plutonium 239 but a completely new element.

    But what made the world truly speechless was Luo Yue spokepreson's, Xu Yuehua's, speech.
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