Chapter 585: Treat to a Meal

    Chapter 585: Treat to a Meal

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    It was the second time Ye Mo came to Tan Du University.

    The first time he came, he annihilated Nie Wubian from the Nine Moon Sect. He didn't know if the current university would still be like before. Ye Mo walked into the university campus confidently. The guards didn't stop him - there were always a lot of students going in and out. It seemed like this place was different from before, and those domineering guards were gone.

    "Magical Doctor Ye? Tang Beiwei's big brother!" a crisp girl's voice interrupted Ye Mo's thoughts.

    Ye Mo turned back and saw a white-skinned girl of average looks appear before him.

    "You're Yuan Yuan?" Ye Mo remembered. It was this girl who lent her phone to Ye Mo but had her legs broken by Qian He. Ye Mo had saved her in the end.

    "Yup, it's me Brother Ye. You're here for Beiwei, right? I really didn't expect to be able to see you again. Beiwei was talking about how long it had been since she last saw you only yesterday," Chong Yuanyuan said.

    Ye Mo was also happy to see a familiar face and immediately said, "Yeah, I came to find Beiwei. Where is she?"

    "Beiwei went with us to a student gathering at Xi Long Restaurant. She said she met someone she knew there and left early. She said she would come back to stay at my place tonight. Brother Ye, why don't you stay here for now and wait for her to come back. I said I would treat you to dinner last time, but I haven't had the chance to. You must give me this chance today," Chong Yuanyuan said.

    "Beiwei said she was coming back tonight? Why is her phone turned off?" although Ye Mo didn't really have to worry about her, she was still a girl after all.

    Chong Yuanyuan immediately said, "It probably ran out of battery. When we left for the restaurant, her phone was already almost out of battery. Don't worry, Beiwei will be back by tonight for sure."

    "Do you know who the person she met was?" Ye Mo knew that Beiwei didn't know that many people.

    Chong Yuanyuan shook her head, "I don't know. When I looked from the side of the room, I just managed to see his back. I think it was a middle-aged man."

    A middle-aged man? Ye Mo frowned.

    "Brother Ye, don't worry, let's go eat. After we finish eating, Beiwei should be back," Chong Yuanyuan quickly said. She didn't want Ye Mo to worry too much.

    "Okay, let's go to Xi Long Restaurant then," Ye Mo nodded.

    If he managed to find the entrance to the pocket world this time, he didn't know when he would be coming back, so he had to tell Beiwei. If possible, he wanted Beiwei to move to Luo Yue.

    Chong Yuanyuan smiled cunningly, "Brother Ye, I've decided to be extravagant today - let's go to Golden Pearl. Although it's not the fanciest restaurant in Tan Du, it is the most expensive one. They say the food there is amazing. I've always wanted to go, but I didn't have a good enough reason, but now I do. Brother Ye, you must not reject this. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even be able to stand up today."

    Ye Mo looked at her eyes and understood that she was speaking from her heart, so he could only say, "Okay, you've already started working, right?"

    Chong Yuanyuan nodded, "I have, and my job is actually related to you. Do you remember Hu Yang, that hospital director of Tan Kang Hospital? He wanted to suck up to you, so he went to Tan Du University's principal and got me a job. I'm a teacher now."

    As she could still see Ye Mo be a bit hesitant, Chong Yuanyuan quickly said, "Brother Ye, don't worry. When Beiwei comes back, she will call me right away."

    "Alright, then let's go to Golden Pearl." Ye Mo knew that he could only follow Chong Yuanyuan now. He couldn't just ask about Beiwei's phone and leave. He had waited at the university for more than an hour, and he had no other way to find Beiwei than through Chong Yuanyuan.

    The Golden Pearl - although it only had the one function of being a restaurant, it was the most expensive restaurant in the entire Hu Zhong Province. Nonetheless, it was still full of people.

    Chong Yuanyuan had a classmate who worked there and because of her, they were able to get a room.

    When Ye Mo and Chong Yuanyuan arrived at the Golden Pearl, the car park was full of all sorts of cars. Chong Yuanyuan's Toyota seemed very noticeable amidst all the luxury cars parked there.

    But Chong Yuanyuan didn't mind. She was a person with depth and didn't care about cars. Ye Mo cared even less - he travelled around on a flying sword, he wouldn't care even if he was given a B2 Bomber.

    As soon as the two got off, some Bentley with a loud engine cockily parked next to Chong Yuanyuan's car.

    It was also a man and woman pair that got out. The man looked like a young master but was quite gentlemanly when getting off.

    That woman looked like she was in her twenties, and she had a very curvaceous body. Although she didn't wear tight clothes, the slightly saggy clothes still couldn't hide her features. She had a very pretty face too.

    If she dressed a little more provocatively, there would be men turning their heads all over the street, yet her appearance was actually rather innocent. Other than an expensive-looking pearl necklace, she seemed ordinary everywhere else.

    Ye Mo looked at the necklace and knew it had to be worth at least a few million. The beads weren't small and every one of them seemed natural. Of course, even though this woman was very pretty, in Ye Mo's heart she was a far cry from Ning Qingxue.

    Chong Yuanyuan felt a bit different looking at the girl. This was the second time she saw a girl as pretty as this. In her opinion, only Tang Beiwei could compare with her. Chong Yuanyuan felt a little self-conscious in front of the girl.

    Ye Mo scanned the two and looked at Chong Yuanyuan, "Yuan Yuan, what are you standing here for. Let's go in."

    "Yes, let's go have a big feast!" Chong Yuanyuan immediately woke up. It was time to eat food, not to admire others.

    Hearing their conversation, the two gave them an obviously strange look, but Chong Yuanyuan didn't care about that. She was an extroverted girl.

    Seeing the two walk in, the man smiled, "An Ning, it's said that this restaurant is the best in the entire Hu Zhong Province. It's also my first time here, though, so hopefully you won't be disappointed."

    The woman nodded and smiled "Thank you, you're spending quite a lot of effort. It's fine wherever we eat, we don't have to come to Golden Pearl.

    An Ning stared at Ye Mo's back and thought to herself.

    'That man doesn't look ordinary. There is a certain inexplicable feeling about him. He shouldn't be an ordinary person, but his girlfriend looked average, and they drove an ordinary car. Other than that, his clothes were also really cheap.'

    But that wasn't the main thing An Ning had noticed. The young man had just scanned her and moved his eyes away, as though she was just any random person on the street.
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