Chapter 591: Battered Temple

    Chapter 591: Battered Temple

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    Ye Mo's heart sunk. There was a nun that strong? The fireball charm he left Beiwei had been made when he was at stage three of chi gathering. Although it wasn't very strong, it could still easily kill a yellow level primary stage. And even though it could be easily avoided, it was too absurd that that nun had been able to catch it with her hand and turn it to dust.

    "You saw it with your own eyes?" Ye Mo's face turned serious.

    Tang Beiwei nodded "Yes, I really did. Then after a long time when she finally spoke, she said that my charm was good and that she didn't want to kill. She told me to leave all the charms behind and leave. I didn't leave the charms behind and just ran. I knew I was no match for her, but if she chased me, I would just throw all my fireball charms at her."

    "She didn't chase you?" Ye Mo asked strangely. That nun didn't sound that goodhearted.

    Tang Beiwei shook her head and said, "I was also confused after seeing that she wasn't hunting me down. I ended up getting lost because I was so worried, and I only found my way out the next day. I have let an enemy run away from me again, I'm really useless!"

    Tang Beiwei started to cry in Ye Mo's arms again.

    Ye Mo patted her shoulders.

    "Beiwei, don't worry. Now that you found him, I won't let him go - I will help you get revenge. It is weird, though. Simce that nun was so strong, there was no reason for her to let you go. Anyway, think carefully," Ye Mo comforted her.

    "Yeah, Beiwei, Mount Xian is only that big. How did you get lost?" Su Jingwen commented.

    Tang Beiwei just thought about it at that moment and realized that indeed, Mount Xian wasn't that big. How could she get lost there for a whole day?

    Ye Mo nodded, "I checked your chi and dantian, and it is true that you didn't receive many injuries."

    "Right, I remembered something! During the day, I felt like I hadn't gotten very far, so that nun could have captured me easily," Tang Beiwei replied.

    Ye Mo said, "Although it's a little hard to believe, the following might be the truth: that nun must have set up a formation outside the temple and trapped you inside of it. As for why she didn't attack, I don't know either. Beiwei, you weren't attacked in the formation?"

    Tang Beiwei replied after a while, "I didn't get attacked, but I did feel dizzy and sleepy after walking for a bit. I then immediately started running chi cycles and stopped feeling tired. But after a while, I felt tired again and had to do the same. "

    Ye Mo finally understood. It had been a close call, though. If he hadn't taught Beiwei some cultivation method, she would have been done for last night. What he didn't understand was that with that nun being so strong, why did she not capture Beiwei personally?

    Tang Beiwei had also understood and asked full of fear of what could have happened, "Brother, you're saying that that person wanted to wait for me to fall asleep in the formation?"

    Ye Mo nodded seriously "That's probably it, but you did very well. Luckily, you didn't fall asleep. I think the formation probably needed someone to control it, and because that person saw that she couldn't do anything to you for the whole night, or because of some other reason, she decided to let you go."

    "Beiwei, let me look at your necklace." Ye Mo pulled the necklace from Tang Beiwei's neck.

    It still had some warmth, but Ye Mo could tell that it had been attacked for more than once. However, in her worry Tang Beiwei hadn't even noticed that she had been attacked.

    "Other than that hypnotizing formation, you have been attacked many times, but it was all blocked by your necklace. If I'm not wrong, it's not that she didn't want to properly attack you, but that she couldn't for some reason. Perhaps because she was heavily injured and wouldn't be able to handle all your fireball charms, she hesitated when attacking. The attacks you received weren't very strong," Ye Mo said as he put the necklace down.

    "Oh really? If only I had known, I would've shot out a bunch of fireballs at once!" Tang Beiwei expressed her regret as she felt the necklace. She felt gratitude towards her brother. If her brother hadn't given her the necklace, she didn't know what would have happened.

    Ye Mo shook his head, "It was right of you not to use the fireballs continuously. That old nun was probably injured and unsure whether she was a match for you. If it turned out she could deal with the fireballs however, then once you used them up, you would be in danger. Sometimes you don't have to use your weapon to threaten others, but it's a bigger threat to keep it instead."

    "Brother, I remember now. When I shot out the first fireball, although that nun caught it with her hand, her face was very pale. And, and- I understand now! She really was heavily injured!" Tang Beiwei remembered something.

    "What is it?" Ye Mo immediately asked.

    Tang Beiwei reminisced, "Her face was scarily pale under the moonlight. I didn't dare look too long, so I retreated subconsciously. Then, I seemed to see her shadow moving on the ground. I was very scared and thought it was the wind. But now that I think of it, how can the wind make a shadow move? She must be heavily injured yet still have forcibly caught my fireball charm and then used her inner qi to suppress her wounds. Yes, that must be it."

    Ye Mo and Su Jingwen also believed that Tang Beiwei's guess would be right. The three talked a bit more before Tang Beiwei and Su Jingwen went to rest. Tang Beiwei was very tired and fell asleep as soon as she got in bed. But Su Jingwen tossed around and around, unable to fall asleep.

    Su Jingwen suddenly thought that it seemed like Ye Mo would be going away for a while soon, so she suddenly wanted to talk to Ye Mo privately. She thought about how she had had the courage to hold Ye Mo's arm today, and her heart beat fast. In the past she wouldn't have had that courage for sure. But as she saw Ye Mo less and less, Su Jingwen felt at a loss.

    Looking at Tang Beiwei who was already asleep, Su Jingwen got up like a thief and carefully walked to Ye Mo's door.

    Ye Mo's door was a little open, so Su Jingwen pushed open the door and carefully called out, "Ye Mo?"

    Su Jingwen suddenly got tense. What if Ye Mo hugged her or something? It was the middle of the night, and she was in her pyjamas. She just wanted to talk to Ye Mo as there were many things she had been wanting to ask Ye Mo about, but ever since Ye Mo left Ning Hai, she hadn't had the chance to talk to him privately.

    Hmm? Su Jingwen felt like something was wrong. She knew of Ye Mo's sensitivity - he wouldn't possibly not be able to hear her call.

    Su Jingwen turned on the lights and found the room to be empty. She subconsciously went to the bathroom, and there was no one there either. Ye Mo had gone out.

    Su Jingwen felt disappointed yet also relieved at the same time.

    It was so late, though, where could he have gone? Su Jingwen sat on Ye Mo's bed in deep thought and fell asleep.


    Of course Ye Mo had gone to Mount Xian. If he didn't get back at that nun for harming his sister, he wouldn't be able to sleep.

    It was just as Tang Beiwei said: there was a tattered temple on the mountain. Ye Mo walked in, but there was no one there. He could only hear the occasional howl of some animal and nothing else.

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense around the temple, and there was some dark blood marks, so it seemed like whoever lived there was heavily injured indeed.

    Just as Ye Mo wanted to go outside to check if there were any signs of a formation set there, a white, ghostly figure slowly floated towards the temple.
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