Chapter 593: Re-encounter With the Sutra

    Chapter 593: Re-encounter With the Sutra

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    Yi Jiuhe soon conveyed how he had come to Mount Xian for business and started being targeted by the two criminals. Although he told them he could give them even more money, the two just took his cash and killed him.

    "Okay, you're a nice guy, and you helped me out last time, so I'll help you too this time." Ye Mo threw out two fireballs, and the two people outside were immediately turned to ashes.

    Yi Jiuhe looked at Ye Mo's power in a daze, while his ghostly form started to dissipate. If he hadn't known the qianbei in front of him and this qianbei threw a fireball like that at him, his soul would have been turned to nothing in an instant.

    Ye Mo sighed. He wondered what could have happened to that protection artefact Ye Jiuhe had had. If he had worn it, he might not have died.

    "Qianbei, thank you for helping me get revenge. I feel that I'm about to disappear from this world. Please help me, I'm worried about my wife and two daughters. Now that something has happened to me, my two brothers will try to steal my fortune. I've left a will - it's in my best friend Jiang Junshan's hands."

    "You want me to bring this will to your family?" Ye Mo frowned. He didn't really want to do that, because he was very busy.

    But Yi Jiuhe was a good person, so Ye Mo would go if he had the time. He did think Yi Jiuhe was worrying too much, though. His wife and daughters were still there, how could his fortune be taken by his brothers?

    "Thank you, Qianbei, now I feel assured. If you see my wife, tell her to give you the rainbow rock. Jiu Tang City's Jiuhe Corporation is mine-" Before Yi Jiuhe could say everything he wanted, he dissipated.

    Ye Mo sighed. He did have the yin sha bead, but he didn't have any ghost cultivation method, so he couldn't help Yi Jiuhe. The only reason why Yi Jiuhe had been able to last so long was purely because of his will. The moment he relaxed, his ghostly form couldn't stay in this world.

    Bar any special circumstances or other people keeping the ghost in existence, it was very hard for ghosts to stay in this world. Moreover, the ghosts kept by humans usually weren't capable of conscious thought, and only ghost cultivators would have their own will.

    Ye Mo collected his thoughts and opened the passage under the table.

    As soon as he opened it, he immediately knew that there must have been people living there. There was a flow of wind in the place.

    As he walked a few meters in, Ye Mo saw a room and scanned it. There were a crooked wooden bed and a new-looking rug in it, and other than that, there were also a normal table and chair.

    Ye Mo carefully scanned around with his spirit sense and quickly found that the wall was different in one spot. He walked over and noticed that it was possible to open that spot.

    After opening it, Ye Mo found a big wooden box, and as he opened the box, Ye Mo found four thick books covered in silk inside. Three were actually of the Dao De Sutra and one was even older and didn't have a cover.

    Ye Mo was dazed, because he knew the books quite well by then. Those were really three Ni Luo Sutra books! Ye Mo opened a book and was able to barely recognize the words 'Ni Luo' on a yellow page.

    What disappointed Ye Mo was that the third book's golden title page was missing. Ye Mo owned two golden pages already, so the third must have been taken by the person who hid those books in that place.

    The person who hid it there must have also found out about the secret of the golden page. Ye Mo sighed. He had obtained the third book, yet the most important part was gone.

    How did that other person realize that the blank title page was special? Ye Mo thought for a moment and suddenly came to realize that that person most likely must have had all three books, but since two of them didn't have such a blank page, the person only had to think a bit to know that the blank page was very important.

    But even then, there was no point in leaving the three Ni Luo Sutra books in that spot.

    Suddenly, Ye Mo remembered what Luo Yin had said. It was a martial aunt from their sect who probably took the Ni Luo Sutra, and she was halfway the great heaven state. Factoring in Tang Beiwei's encounter, it would seem that the old nun Beiwei had met was most likely that martial aunt.

    The fourth book Ye Mo found looked very thick and had some images on it, all of bare women. Each image had red lines showing the direction and method of qi cultivation.

    It was probably an ancient martial arts cultivation method. Ye Mo give it a look and saw that it was much more powerful than other methods.

    The four books had no meaning to Ye Mo, so he casually dumped them in his ring.

    Ye Mo then looked around, but there was nothing else. Ye Mo could only leave and reseal the entrance to leave it the way he had found it.

    It seemed like that nun was injured and had left those books behind. But the books didn't take up that much space, so did she find it dangerous to keep the books on her for some reason? Was there someone hunting her?

    Also, why would a half-step great heaven master from the inner hidden sects be together with someone like Wei Yongqian? Ye Mo didn't understand that as they were people from two different worlds.

    In the meantime, it had become almost daylight, so Ye Mo quickly left the broken temple.


    Ye Mo came back to the hotel only to find Su Jingwen laying on his bed. Why was she sleeping there?

    "Ah, you're back." Su Jingwen heard the sound of the door closing and woke up, and when she saw Ye Mo look at her strangely, her face blushed as she thought about what happened the night before.

    She quickly started to explain, "I came to talk to you last night, but you were gone, so I ended up falling asleep here-"

    Ye Mo understood and smiled, "Go ahead and keep sleeping then, I'm not tired."

    Su Jingwen quickly said "It's already day, I'll be leaving."

    When Tang Beiwei got up in the morning and didn't see Su Jingwen, she called for her but didn't hear a reply. When she walked out of her room and didn't find her in the living room either, she thought, 'Where did she go this early in the morning? And why didn't she wear her coat?'

    At that moment, Ye Mo's door opened, and Su Jingwen walked out of his room in her pyjamas. She saw Tang Beiwei and smiled "Morning Beiwei- Ah, euhm..."

    She just realized that she was walking out of Ye Mo's room in the morning, and Beiwei was seeing her like this. What would she think?

    "Sister Jingwen, you, slept with my brother last night?" Tang Beiwei asked subconsciously.

    "Wha- Beiwei, it's not what you think! I, I- Your brother wasn't there last night, I slept-" Su Jingwen stuttered.

    Ye Mo walked out at that moment and stood behind Su Jingwen. Su Jingwen didn't keep explaining but quickly ran back into her room to change clothes.

    "Beiwei, after we have breakfast, I will send you and Jingwen back to Ning Hai." Ye Mo didn't feel safe about having them there with that old nun nearby.

    "Brother, I'm really surprised. Tell me: last night, did you and Sister Jingwen...?" Tang Beiwei uttered quietly.

    Ye Mo smiled helplessly, "Beiwei, don't say that, nothing happened between us."

    "Hmph! Brother, you with slept Sister Jingwen, so you need to take responsibility for her. You live in Luo Yue anyways, so it's fine if you have more than one wife. Sister Jingwen is so pretty, it's not like you're losing out," Tang Beiwei's suddenly raised her voice.

    Su Jingwen heard her by the door and felt embarrassed. She wanted to hear what Ye Mo would say, so she didn't open the door.

    Ye Mo sweated. He never knew his sister had such a side to her.

    Ye Mo didn't want things to get more complicated, so he cut it off, "For now, Beiwei, don't speak about it again. I'll explain to you later."
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