Chapter 597: The Road is Narrow

    Chapter 597: The Road is Narrow

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    Ye Mo couldn't help but curse, "F*ck!"

    He had smashed onto a rock, and not only was his left leg broken, but his chest was also smashed in heavily. The main thing was that he couldn't use his chi.

    Ye Mo's heart sunk. Something had even happened to his dantian! He had wanted to escape that huge suction force, but the first part of his body to face the repulsion force was his dantian.

    Luckily he had quite a bit of lotus life pills on him, but as Ye Mo subconsciously wanted to take one out from his ring, he immediately felt cold sweat. He couldn't use his spirit sense!

    A broken leg was a small problem for Ye Mo, and the dantian damage was a major issue, but compared to his spirit sense, both were nothing at all.

    If he couldn't use his spirit sense, wouldn't that make him completely powerless?

    Realizing the state he was in, Ye Mo began to worry. He had seen a black bear before - what if some other beast comes? He would only be able to wait for death.

    Luckily he was a cultivator and figured out reality at least somewhat on time. His state was much better than being sucked dry.

    He looked at Wei Yongqian and suspected that he was sucked dry, because he inserted his inner qi inside. Or maybe that old nun had found him for the express purpose of getting him sucked dry so that she could enter the formation.

    If that was the case, there were people everywhere, why take this Wei Yongqian?

    Ye Mo suddenly thought of something: the old nun was heavily injured.

    Did she not know about the danger of this rock before and try to manipulate it with her inner qi, in the end getting injured like him? And then maybe as she wanted another way to enter the formation, she let Wei Yongqian feed it?

    If that was the case then it still wouldn't explain why she had to take precisely Wei Yongqian.

    Ye Mo thought about another point - he was stage 5 middle level already, and that nun was only half-step great heaven. So how come he was injured so heavily yet that old nun could still go all the way to Mount Xian?

    Did she have a better way of escaping than him?

    There was one more possibility which was that the nun wasn't injured there, but that she was injured by someone else. But Ye Mo didn't really think much of that theory. There was really no one who could injure that nun except for Ren Pingchuan, but he was already dead.

    Ye Mo rested for a while and recovered some strength but still couldn't use his chi.

    He struggled up and found a stick to use as a walking stick.

    He slowly moved on top of the big rock and looked at it carefully. However, he couldn't find anything special about it. Ye Mo sighed. Even when he had his spirit sense he hadn't managed to see anything.

    Ye Mo walked to Wei Yongqian and searched his body, finding a few hundred dollars.

    But he didn't find a phone. Ye Mo thought that if he could find a phone, he could call Ning Qingxue or Tang Beiwei. If they knew he was here, they could come and open his ring as they both had spirit sense.

    For the first time, Ye Mo felt tragic. Even back when he fought Ren Pingchuan, it wasn't as bad as today.

    Ye Mo found some herbs and tied his broken leg to a stick, before he applied the herbs and then rested easy.

    Before he managed to take out the things in his ring, he could at least try to go back to Ning Hai as long as he recovered the strength of a normal human.

    But as Ye Mo walked to the entrance of the valley and was prepared to go out, his face looked extremely bad.

    He noticed an old nun in blue clothes carry a small bag as she walked in, and the nun also noticed Ye Mo.

    The two stared at each other for a long time without saying anything.

    But Ye Mo reacted fast, he pretended to be shocked and asked "Master, I was on an adventure with a few friends in the sea of clouds, but we encountered a bear, and I was chased in here. How did you find this place, Master?"

    Ye Mo looked at the nun and knew that she might possibly be the old nun Tang Beiwei had talked about. He didn't expect her to still be there. Ye Mo cursed. If he had gone there 3 hours later, this nun would be a meal on a platter. Yet now, he was her meal.

    The nun also reacted and breathed a sigh of relief. No matter whether this guy's words were real or false, it seemed that only he knew about the place. It wouldn't be good if too many people knew about it.

    There was indeed a bear in the area, and she had seen it more than once, but she was still doubtful of Ye Mo's words. It was too coincidental to be true for Ye Mo to have found this place while running away.

    "Oh, I'm from Yan Jing Mosque, and I need to gather some rare herbs, hence I came here. I didn't expect to be able to see anyone here. Did you encounter a black bear? That's really dangerous!" the nun said with a worried face.

    Ye Mo studied the nun carefully. She was at most 50, and her skin was very pale, but her brows looked good. If it wasn't for the few wrinkles on her forehead, Ye Mo wouldn't be able to tell her age at all.

    Although he didn't have his spirit sense, he could tell that she was heavily injured like him, but she was still in a much better state than him.

    If they were to fight, Ye Mo was sure that he wouldn't be able to survive even one move.

    "Where is that bear, would you meet it again if you were to leave?" the nun asked as the worry on her face got more intense.

    Ye Mo said with a bad face, "I don't want to risk it and go out now, but at the same time, I see that this place is also very eerie. I saw a dead person laying on a stone just now, so I don't' dare stay here. I would rather face a bear than a dead person."

    "By the way, Master, what is your name? It's very dangerous to pick herbs alone in this place, so I think we should leave this place together. Two is better than one after all." Ye Mo acted as though he was thinking for the nun.

    The nun's eyes flashed with coldness at the last part but when she saw the worry in Ye Mo's eyes, she smiled, "It's fine, our mosque knows some simple martial arts, so we can deal with some basic dangers."

    'Yeah, I know you can,' Ye Mo thought, but then he noticed the coldness in her eyes and was afraid he had spilled the beans somewhere. Although, he had been very careful when he spoke.

    But then her tone obviously contradicted her expression from before. He immediately figured out what he needed to work on.

    He immediately looked up in surprise and joy, "Master, do you really know martial arts? Can I learn? I heard a lot of masters live deep in the mountains, is your Yan Jin Mosque also like that, deep in the mountains?"

    Then, Ye Mo gave the nun an expectant look, and he saw the nun give a look of acceptance.

    She had been testing him. In China, there were a lot of tales of masters deep in the mountains, and many people wanted to meet such a master and be taught unimaginable power.

    Ye Mo suddenly realized why Wei Yongqian must have been together with this nun.

    "My dao name is Jie Xun. If you wish to learn from a master, I can introduce you, but we take in disciples very strictly," the nun smiled and said.

    "Master Jie Xun, I'm willing to take the test as long as I can learn!" Ye Mo looked desperate on the outside, but he was contemptuous of himself on the inside. Perhaps he could win an Oscar with his performance.
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