Chapter 662: Do you know this

    Chapter 662: Do you know this

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    Seeing the man about to attack, Ye Mo was worried. He knew that even though his opponent didn't know any magic, nor did he have a magic artefact, Ye Mo still wouldn't be able to beat him. The difference was too great.

    Thankfully, he paused after one punch. If he hadn't, Ye Mo would have been heavily injured if not dead. Ye Mo didn't know that the guy couldn't attack too many times.

    "Slow down, see if this is a treasure or not." Ye Mo gave his flying sword to the man. He knew that if he shot it at him, the man would be able to grab it before it even damaged him.

    "Hmph." The man grabbed the flying sword, and it gave him a very strange feeling.

    What sword was this? He had seen a couple of the top ten legendary swords of China but never something like this. He tried piercing the ground with it, and it sliced at the ground like it was cutting tofu.

    "Good sword!" He could feel that this sword was different. He sent some of his chi into the flying sword, and the flying sword hummed.

    The man's face changed, and he got up excitedly. This thing seemed to be made just for him!

    "This is a top grade magic artefact, where did you get it?" the man suddenly asked.

    When Ye Mo gave the flying sword to the man, he was very anxious. If this man could figure out that it was his flying sword and wiped his spirit sense off it, Ye Mo would be a goat waiting to be slaughtered.

    But it was a calculated gamble. He was betting on the man not knowing of the flying swords in the cultivation realm.

    It seemed he had gambled right. At least the guy hadn't wiped his spirit sense mark off it. That meant that he didn't know how to control weapons of the cultivation realm.

    Ye Mo relaxed internally and said, "This treasure map points towards that place. It's a pity that I could only enter the outskirts and couldn't properly go inside, so I only got this sword."

    Hearing this, the man's eyes started gleaming. Ye Mo knew that he was interested. There was no way he wouldn't be.

    "Give me that treasure map, and I will let you live," the man demanded coldly.

    Ye Mo said, "Of course I can give it to you, but you should trade something for it. How about you give me the location of where you got your things."

    "Okay," the man replied, "I got everything from Xing Jia Mountain. My martial brother and I at the time-"

    Before he finished, he suddenly pierced at Ye Mo with the sword. He thought that since the treasure map had to be on Ye Mo, if he killed Ye Mo he would easily get it.

    Ye Mo didn't expect the guy to attack him without telling him anything, but luckily he was using his flying sword, so Ye Mo had sensed the attack through his flying sword and immediately evaded it.

    Before the man could understand how Ye Mo managed to do that, the flying sword suddenly slipped out of his hand and sliced at his throat.

    The man covered his throat in shock, staring at the flying sword as it flew behind Ye Mo. He couldn't say anything.

    Ye Mo knew he was too lucky. The man had actually attacked him with his own flying sword. If he had used his fists again, Ye Mo wouldn't have been able to dodge it.

    "This is a flying sword artefact of the cultivation realm. You dare spout that you cultivate the Dao of Longevity with that petty knowledge of yours?" Ye Mo sneered. Suddenly, a fireball amassed into his hand, "Do you know about this?"

    The man's eyes were full of shock, confusion and realization, but all he could do was gurgle before dying.

    Ye Mo wiped his sweat. He was too lucky today, but it was a pity that the man didn't tell him more about that Xing Jia Mountain. Ye Mo was sure that he and his martial brother had found a cultivation ruin.

    Just when Ye Mo thought this guy had nothing of value on him and was about to burn him away with a fireball, he found that the platform the man had been sitting on was hollow.

    Ye Mo grabbed it and ripped it apart, revealing a card and two books. There were a few jade bottles too, but those were all empty. Ye Mo opened one and smelled it, and his face changed immediately - it was the smell of the great chi increasing pill.

    No wonder this guy could reach the peak of chi gathering! He had consumed so many of the pills, while the great chi increasing pill was a pill foundation establishment state cultivators used. Ye Mo put down the bottle thinking it was a pity and looked at the two books.

    There were two books, one of which was the Black Ice Chant. Ye Mo opened it, and it was a dao cultivation method that was indeed suited for people with a water spirit root. This guy must've had a water spirit root. It wasn't of much use to Ye Mo, but it was the first real dao cultivation method he had seen on Earth.

    Ye Mo looked at the second book, which was titled Taiyi True Understanding. This was a peak level ancient martial arts cultivation method, but Ye Mo wasn't interested. Ye Mo wondered if it was related to the Taiyi Sect.

    Ye Mo then looked at the card. It had the words 'Taiyi', and was signed 'Elder'. So this guy was a Taiyi Sect Elder.

    So this meant that the Taiyi True Understanding was the Taiyi Sect's cultivation method. Ye Mo immediately felt interested. He was going to get revenge on the Taiyi Sect sooner or later, and he knew that there were quite a lot of masters there, even great heaven masters. Hence, he wouldn't let this cultivation method go unstudied for sure.

    Ye Mo started reading it and remembered some of the moves and secret techniques. When Ye Mo flipped to the last page, he saw a diagram.

    "Seven Star Formation?" Ye Mo felt like he had already had enough surprises, but now there was one more surprising thing.

    The diagram was a bit old, but it clearly showed how to come in and out of the formation. Other than the loosening of the gates every few decades, it also mentioned some other special means to go in and out.

    Ye Mo was sure that the reason why the guy had been able to go in and out was because he had this diagram. This meant that that Xing Jia Mountain had to be in the inner world as well.

    Other than waiting for decades, there were two ways of getting in. One was to find chi stones, seven of them. Ye Mo ignored this method, because if he had that many spirit stones, he would just use them to reach the tertiary stage of stage five.

    The second way was to find someone with a wisdom root and have that person's blood be absorbed by the Tian Kou position of the formation, after which you can enter the formation.

    Ye Mo finally understood. So the wisdom root was the spirit root that was needed. That nun, Jie Xun, had tried to use this method last time, but she had only found Wei Yongqian and failed. Either his spirit root was inadequate or something else went wrong.

    But Ye Mo couldn't use either of the methods. He had no spirit stones, and he wouldn't allow innocent people to be sucked dry either.

    Helplessly, Ye Mo burned the man to ashes and looked around the other rooms. After he was certain there was nothing else he could take, he walked out of the place.

    Just when Ye Mo was about to leave on his flying sword, he seemingly heard some screams in the distance.
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