Chapter 663: Big Explosion

    Chapter 663: Big Explosion

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    Ye Mo thought he had heard wrong at first, but when he heard it for the second time, he knew he was right. There really was someone screaming. Ye Mo flew into the sky and he saw in the distance a tornado forming a swirl like blizzard.

    The snow from the peak of the mountain was falling like a waterfall. A few people in red and blue were running around and screaming. Luckily, there still was some distance between them and the tornado, and they hadn't gotten blown away.

    Ye Mo was speechless. He didn't know why these people were there but it's not like him could leave them to die.

    Just when he was going to save them, the tornado disappeared and the avalanche stopped.

    Although they were fine now, Ye Mo still decided to land and walk to them.

    Once he was near them, he saw that they were six people: three guys and three women.

    Two blue tents were stationed a little further away. They stared at Ye Mo approaching them. They looked strangely at that young man that didn't carry anything and came to them carelessly.

    "Are you guys alright?" Ye Mo casually asked. He saw that their things and the tent had the words 'Beijing University'.

    What shocked them even more was that even though they were all wearing thick clothes, this young man only had a thin layer of clothes on him. He could still talk and casually ask if they were alright.

    After a moment, a round-faced girl said, "We're fine now. Do you need help?"

    Ye Mo realized that they thought he needed help since he had come over empty-handed. Ye Mo laughed, "Since you're all fine, I'll leave. Goodbye."

    "Wait." The prettiest girl stopped Ye Mo and took out a jacket from the tent, "Did you lose your jacket? It's minus 20 degrees here. You will freeze to death if you wear just that."

    Ye Mo realized that it was his clothes that shocked them. He quickly waved his hand, "It's fine. I've been training my body so I don't mind the cold. I just heard people calling for help, so I came over."

    It was truly cold, but because it was so cold, the chi in his body would run meridian cycles by itself. This benefitted his cultivation.

    "Oh right, it was Yi He who called. What happened Yi He?"

    The round-faced girl's words brought their attention to a girl who was vomiting on the side. One of the guys was carefully patting her back.

    "Dead people. I saw a lot of dead people, so many-," she cried as she said. Her eyes were full of horror.

    Ye Mo heard this and his expression changed. He immediately scanned his spirit sense out but it was already outside of his range. He wanted to fly over, but he realized he shouldn't do it in front of them.

    "What dead people? Yi He be more specific," a tall well-built man asked.

    At this moment, the man patting Yi He said, "Don't worry, talk slowly. There's a lot of people here."

    Yi He drank some water and then took her time to calm down. She cleared her thoughts and said, "Halfway up the mountain, I used the telescope to look into the distance and I saw a huge ditch. Inside it was full of dead people! Sob- sob-"

    Yi He pointed into the distance. There really seemed to be a huge snow ditch there, but one couldn't see clearly at the foot of the mountain.

    "That's impossible, you can see from so far away?" the tall guy frowned.

    Yi He grabbed the man next to her and said, "It's true! I saw it! I really did. There were many people laying on top of each other. They must have been dead."

    "I'll go have a look," the tall man said and picked up a telescope.

    "Chen Guang, don't go there. What if-" the round-faced girl saw that the tall guy was going to go and quickly stopped him.

    Ye Mo felt something wasn't right. How could there be that many dead people there? He thought of the submarine he had annihilated. Was their base there?

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo said to them, "Wait here, I will go have a look."

    Ye Mo explained again seeing their worried and confused looks, "I'm a mountain climber so I'll be fine. I will tell you the situation after I come back."

    "Zhi Qi, that man says he's a mountain climber, but he's wearing few clothes and he doesn't have any tools. Is he for real? How can he stay here for this long with such few clothing and still be fine? Would he be-" the round-faced girl said.

    Although the sun was still up, her words still made everyone shiver. It was too abnormal for such a person to appear in Antarctica.

    "Let's pack our things and contact the tourist group. We can't act alone anymore," the tall man seemed to agree.

    Zhi Qi shook her head and said, "Probably not. I've heard my grandpa say that there's a group of people who cultivate ancient martial arts in China. They have powers. Perhaps that man cultivates ancient martial arts. If he is, it's normal that he can resist the cold."

    "Are ancient martial arts that strong?" the guy next to Yi He asked.

    The weak guy who hadn't been talking said, "It is, ancient martial arts are much stronger than this."

    "Dongfang Wang, how do you know? Have you seen this online as well?" the guy next to Yi He asked.

    The feeble guy didn't reply. Instead, he looked at Ye Mo and frowned.

    Seeing this, no one kept talking and they just stared at Ye Mo from the distance.

    Ye Mo could move a lot faster after he left them behind. He only took half an hour to get to the place Yi He had mentioned. Even without scanning his spirit sense down, he could see what was inside. Although the ditch was very deep, the sunlight brightened the inside. There were at least tens of bodies.

    Yi He was right. This place was an actual body ditch.

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in. He found that many of these bodies had been experimented with. He immediately figured out that Northern Sand had a base there indeed. However, it probably wasn't their HQ. Still, he had to find the base.

    Just when Ye Mo was about to spread out his spirit sense and look for Northern Sand's base, he felt watched. He suddenly turned around and caught a sniper rifle bullet. At the same time, he disappeared from where he was.

    When he got to the sniper, he was dead.

    Ye Mo sneered. The submarine incident must have been leaked. Due to that cultivation home, he had wasted a night. Perhaps these people were planning their retreat now.

    Ye Mo searched the place inch by inch with his spirit sense again. Not long after that, he found a place that was different. It was a ditch with accumulated snow. But before he could go inside to search, he strongly sensed danger under his feet. Without thinking, Ye Mo rose into the sky.

    Rumble- As soon as Ye Mo took off, there was a huge explosion below him. It was as though the mountain had been tipped upside down.

    Under Ye Mo's spirit sense, all those testing platforms, laboratories and machines were instantly blown to pieces.

    Ye Mo's expression looked bad. These people were decisive indeed. Even the mountain was being blown apart.

    He had found Northern Sand's base, but the result was the same as not finding it. He even believed that Luo Yue's main enemy in the future wasn't going to be the US, but North Sand, its hidden enemy.

    Ye Mo didn't understand why these people wouldn't let him enter the laboratory and then blow it up together with him. The only explanation was that they feared him a lot. They feared letting him in, taking the things, and then the bomb not being able to kill him.
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