Chapter 670: Ye Xings contempt

    Chapter 670: Ye Xing's contempt

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    "He's still not back," Ning Qingxue sighed.

    Luo Ying fell silent. She held Ning Qingxue's hand and said, "He's fine, don't worry."

    Although she was comforting Ning Qingxue, she was worried herself too. It had been two months since the explosion and there still had been no news of Ye Mo.

    If Luo Yue hadn't been facing an imminent war, they would've left to search for Ye Mo. However, they knew that if they left Luo Yue now, it would only cause chaos. They still needed to make a lot decisions.

    Ye Mo wasn't there and they were his wives. If they couldn't stabilize the situation, it wouldn't end up well. Before the war, Ye Mo had left, and if they left too, what would that mean?

    If there was one person who didn't care about the war, it was Ye Xing. He said casually, "If we managed to crush them the first time, we can again."

    Xu Yuehua was also very confident in Luo Yue's defenses. She had carried war tests, and Luo Yue had created new secret weapons since the last war. She was just worried about Ye Mo.

    "I've ordered the troops in Jason Miambi Island to retreat," Huang YInian said grumpily. He had just gotten a very important military advantage and location, but now he had to give it away.

    Xu Yuehua nodded, "It's just that we had too little time this time and only 30k more immigrants arrived. If we had another year, perhaps we could have gotten a few 100k more.

    Ye Xing smiled, "Don't worry, we have a secret weapon. If we beat them until they can't hold it this time, we will have at least 5 to 10 years of peace."

    "Brother Ye Xing, how are you sure?" Ye Zifeng asked strangely.

    Ye Xing smiled bitterly and patted his head, "I don't know why I'm certain. I seemed to have a lot of war knowledge in my brain. This small war is like child's game."

    No one would doubt Ye Xing's capabilities there.

    Only Xu Yuehua knew what secret weapon Ye Xing was talking about. Because Luo Yue couldn't produce that many warheads themselves, they could only rely on imported weapons, but that had also been restricted.

    Ye Xing looked down on imported weapons. However, one couldn't just build a production line with money. After many months of hard work, he had invented a new type of missile system called Air Orbit Mini Missile.

    These were very small missiles, but they had a great explosive power. It was far from what a normal TNT could compare with.

    When Russia limited Luo Yue's missile import, Ye Xing had started making these already.

    Ye Xing knew that although Luo Yue's defenses were amazing, if war really started and they were surrounded, then no matter how strong Luo Yue's defenses were, they would be defeated if they couldn't attack. So, Ye Xing created this.

    Air Orbit Mini Missiles were accurate, powerful and long-ranged. The main advantage was that these missiles couldn't be detected by radar. Also, these missiles could be mass produced.

    But Ye Xing and even Xu Yuehua believed that after this war, if the US wanted to provoke Luo Yue again, they would need to seriously reconsider war. The reason for the US to dare attack Luo Yue was because they knew they lacked missiles. Without offence power, defence meant nothing.

    The US clearly knew how many missiles Luo Yue imported, so they were willing to take an early loss for a huge victory at the end.

    Ye Xing said, "This war is really easy to handle for Luo Yue, but what won't be easy will be the aftermath."

    "Brother Ye, what do you mean?" Xu Ping asked.

    Ye Xing immediately said, "I'm sure that the Union's army will be crippled by our Air Orbit Mini Missiles. Yet, crippled doesn't mean defeated. Hence, we need to go out and attack right after we win the initial combat."

    "It the Union's army is defeated, they won't come back. We don't' need to chase them. Moreover, we only have 30k soldiers, how could we even chase them?" Yu Miaodan asked.

    Ye Xing smiled, "If we don't go after them and finish up, they will come back for sure. The problem is with the Air Orbit Mini Missiles. The first time you use it to attack an enemy, it's very powerful, but it has a weakness. The anti radar and anti missile lock system is very simple. Once they look into the empty shell of the missiles, they can change theirs very easily. So once they come back and attack for the second time, Luo Yue would be at loss. Furthermore, modern warfare isn't about numbers."

    "But even if we kick them out of here, they would still realize the situation. It's just a matter of time," Ye Zifeng said.

    "That's different," Ye Xing immediately said, "If we defeat them and force them to sign a treaty, even if they were to come back, it would be a long while until then. We mostly need time. After this time passes, the mini missiles will be useless to us because by then we will have better weapons. So this time, we need to hurt them hard, just like last time."

    "Also, there's a thing I need to tell everyone. Martial Brother Ye Mo is much more capable than I am, so you don't have to worry about his safety. Even if he didn't come back for a few years, I'm sure he'd be fine," Ye Xing knew it was important to keep everyone's moral up, but he wasn't lying either. Ye Mo was someone who could fly.


    The entire world's eyes were once again on Luo Yue. This time the US had started war against Luo Yue in the name of peace and justice. So, the largest betting companies in the world had opened a bet again for the war.

    The marshal in charge of this army was General Wales. He had been to many wars and his style was similar to Rommel's, since he could win against many with fewer soldiers. Despite Rommel being a German military officer, he was Wales' role model.

    At the end of the third month since Ye Mo had left Luo Yue, they had gathered 630k Union Army soldiers, 330k for inland, 100k for the navy, 80k for air forces, and 120k people for inland and navy together. The main weapons were: 1500 tanks, 3000 armored vehicles, 2000 fighter jets, 1900 helicopters, 160 ships and all sorts of interference machines.

    With this power, Wales declared war to Luo Yue.
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