Chapter 689: Yimo, Dont Cry

    Chapter 689: Yimo, Don't Cry

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    Song Yangzhu hadn't expected that the first news she would get after arriving would be that Ye Mo was having a wedding. And the person who she found out from was Ye Mo's sister no less. At that moment, her mind went blank. She didn't know what to do.

    Even though she knew that Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo's fiancée, she still felt lost. She suddenly felt like she was extra. Because of her talent, the Song family had sent her to the Heaven Squad so that she could be useful to them, but she was just a pawn for the Song family. And then, her master just left her without saying anything.

    And when the big Song family fortune was split up, no one remembered her. No one wanted to give her anything. No one even wanted to so much as say hi to her, yet she didn't think much about it.

    No one in the Song family had wanted to get revenge, while only she endured the hardships to go to the hidden sects tournament all in order to get revenge for the Song family. When she went to the tomb that night, she even almost lost her life.

    But what was even more tragic was that she lost her virginity to the enemy she set out to kill. It was after she got pregnant with Momo and gave birth to her that she finally found a little aspiration in life.

    She forgot about the conflicts concerning the Song family and Ye Mo, and she only thought about Ye Mo in her heart. Sometimes, she would even reminisce about the time she spent with him.

    But that was all a dream.

    Ye Ling suddenly felt like the young woman seemed a bit shaky, and she quickly came over to help her, "Big Sister, what's wrong? Are you alright?"

    Song Yangzhu shook her head, "I'm fine, perhaps I'm just a bit tired, but I'll be fine soon. I should be going."

    "Hmm, Xiao Ling, this girl's eyes look like brother's, haha!" Tang Beiwei walked over and saw that the girl's eyes looked exactly like Ye Mo's.

    Ye Ling also saw this and said joyfully, "They really do! If Brother were to be carrying this kid, I would think it's his child for sure."

    "Brother should be having one soon too, maybe next year?" Tang Beiwei said.

    "This little girl is really cute, though. Here, big sister will give you this." Ye Ling took off the bracelet she was wearing and put it on the little girl.

    Song Yangzhu quickly refused, "We can't accept that, we just met, how could we take such an expensive gift-"

    Ye Ling pushed it back and said, "Sister, I really like this kid. Her eyes really look like my brother's. My brother gave me this bracelet."

    Hearing this, Song Yangzhu didn't push it away anymore and just said thank you.

    Tang Beiwei just wanted to ask for the girl's name when her phone rung. After the call, the two quickly bid Song Yangzhu and the girl farewell.

    Song Yangzhu looked at the two and stood there in silence for a long time. Then, she carried her daughter to the roadside and sat down.

    She had been looking for Ye Mo for a few months and this was what she got? What would she even do if she found Ye Mo at this time? Ruin his wedding?

    Did Ye Mo owe her anything? Despite their enmity, he had saved her more than once.

    When night fell, Song Yangzhu calmed her heart. She felt the luminous pearl in her bag - that was the only Ye Mo had left her. Although she really wanted to leave Luo Yue City that very night, she also really wanted to see Ye Mo again too, or perhaps she just wanted her daughter to see her dad once.

    "Perhaps he never would've thought he already had a daughter." Song Yangzhu laughed at herself and walked to a nearby hotel.


    On the first day of the new year, the entire Luo Yue City was covered in festive colors. In order to thank the founder of Luo Yue, Ye Mo, for his contributions, City Lord Xu Yuehua would be the bridesmaid and walk through the main street of Luo Yue with the two beautiful brides.

    Ning Qingxue finally realized her dream. She had always wanted to wear the bride's veil and walk around the city with the person she loved. Today, her dream was finally realized.

    The main street of Luo Yue was very busy. People heard that there would not only be two beautiful brides, but also one very handsome bridegroom.

    Hearing the intense good wishes and applause, even someone like Ye Mo, who didn't like overly populated places, felt proud. He had built this place, and he had done so for Qingxue, while the city was named after Luo Ying.

    Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue leaned blissfully on Ye Mo's side as the limousine slowly took them to Luo Yue Lake. No words could describe their happiness right now.

    They liked to keep a low profile in general, but with their husband, so what if they acted high-key this once? Besides, they were just seeing their own city. This was where they would be living in the future. In this peaceful, calm, and beautiful city.

    Meanwhile, Song Yangzhu was holding her daughter and watching amongst the crowd. Looking at the grandiloquent wedding car with Ye Mo and his two brides in it, she felt like crying. Ye Mo had married two beautiful wives at once, but she wasn't among them.

    She had seen Ning Qingxue before, but she had gotten only more beautiful. As she wore a white wedding gown, she looked like a heavenly goddess. Her face was covered in happiness and pride. Her hands were clasped tightly together with Ye Mo's, not wanting to let go for even a second.

    Meanwhile, the woman on the other side, instead of saying 'She's just like a goddess,' it would be more fitting to say 'How could a goddess compare to her.' Her wedding gown was also white, and Song Yangzhu believed she had never seen a woman prettier than her. Her smile was very calm and soft. It was clear that all her heart and mind was on Ye Mo as well.

    As though feeling Song Yangzhu's eyes, that woman looked at her. Song Yangzhu quickly looked down. She felt deeply insecure. She felt like she was an ugly duck compared to the two girls next to Ye Mo.

    She could no longer stop the bitterness in her heart, and her tears fell on her daughter's face and into her mouth. Perhaps due to the salty taste, the little girl started crying. Song Yangzhu quickly left the crow and wiped her tears as she calmed the baby down.

    But the daughter started crying more and more. Song Yangzhu quickly uttered, "Don't cry, Momo, don't cry."

    But the baby kept crying.

    "Momo- Yimo, if you keep crying, mommy will leave you here." Afraid that her daughter's cries were affecting others, Song Yangzhu started to threaten her daughter.

    But the more she threatened, the more her daughter cried. Song Yangzhu started to feel bad, and so she softened her voice again, "Yimo, don't cry, mommy will take you home."

    More and more tears dripped from her face, and they fell on her daughter's face, who then began to cry more.

    Finally the people around them started feeling annoyed and told her to take her child away.
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