Chapter 694: Amazing Grab

    Chapter 694: Amazing Grab

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    Ye Mo came from the cultivation realm, so he knew what was going on. It was either a teleporting formation or a strongly hidden space formation. This suction wasn't normal, in other words, he wasn't using the normal method to come in. If it were a space formation, he might have been torn apart.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo started sweating. He immediately used his chi to protect himself, despite knowing that if it really was a space formation, his chi wouldn't even last half a breath.

    Without even mobilizing his chi, his chi had already ruptured inside his body and had charged at his organs and meridians. In an extremely short time, it was sucked away and his meridians started cracking.

    If he hadn't greatly increased the wideness of his meridians's tenacity last time, Ye Mo suspected that his meridians wouldn't have been able to withstand this pull. But even so, if things continued like this, he might be torn apart the next second.

    Bang- Just when Ye Mo was in dispair, the pulling force disappeared and he was thrown down from the sky. The huge crash made him spit mouthfuls of blood.

    He wasn't dead? Ye Mo's first reaction was to see if Jie Xun was nearby, trying to sneakly attack him. However, he soon found that Jie Xun wasn't there. He was at a barren road.

    Ye Mo could rest assured, so he checked his body. He didn't have any chi left and there were gashes all over his body. Ye Mo cursed. He was sure that Jie Xun had used abnormal means to open the formation, causing a special compression. Luckily, the space hadn't intertwined, or he would be torned to pieces.

    Ye Mo's first reaction was to take out a lotus life pill, but when he grabbed the bottle he realized that it was empty. He had taken the last one while fighting Jie Xun.

    Ye Mo's heart sunk. It was his first time there, the legendary inner hidden sects' realm. There were countless masters there but he didn't have any power at all.

    He still had four Snow Lotus Seeds but they were useless. Without supplementary herbs, he couldn't turn them into pills.

    Even if he had them, before recovering his chi, he wouldn't be able to make lotus life pills. Luckily, he had the lotus flower. Although it was a waste to eat it just like that, the most important thing was that he recovered his strength.

    He plucked a petal and placed it into his mouth. Then, Ye Mo looked at what was in his hand.

    It was a red belly vest. Ye Mo was dazed.

    Jie Xun was even older than Jing Xi, but she wore a belly vest like this. It seemed like she was also a kinky old lady.

    Ye Mo examined the belly vest. There was a pocket attached to it, which he opened without hesitation.

    The faint golden light almost made Ye Mo scream. It was the golden page he had been looking so hard for!

    "Haha!" Ye Mo couldn't help to start laughing. All the bad feelings were gone. It had been such an amazing grab.

    What would that old woman's face look like when she found out that not only had she showed her body, but that she also had lost the golden page? Ye Mo was very satisfied thinking about this.

    After laughing, Ye Mo immediately realized that something wasn't right. He didn't know much about the small world.

    If the place wasn't big and it only had a bunch of hidden sects, wouldn't he be found soon? Also, if that Jie Xun nun realized that he had taken the golden page, would she tell everyone that he had it?

    If she released these news, he would really be in danger.

    Ye Mo calmed down. He knew that the first thing he had to do now was recover his strength, and then make plans. He wanted to find a place to rest and recover after eating the lotus petal. As for the facial wounds, it didn't matter that much. It was very easy to remove the scars from the exploding whisk. He only needed to eat a face preserving pill.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo thought he might as well leave the scars and take the pill after he left the small world.

    Before he could move, his spirit sense scanned a cart coming from the road. Without thinking, Ye Mo threw his things into the ring and moved to the side of the road.

    If he hadn't been so badly injured and dried out of his chi, he wouldn't have avoided strangers like this. He was just too weak and slow. By the time he reached the side of the road, the cart and a squad of people were there.

    "Why did the cart stop? What's going on?" a coarse voice sounded from the inside of horse carriage.

    A guard ran to the carriage and said, "Young Miss, there's a heavily injured person on the side of the road. He's moving rather slowly. We need to wait for him to cross before the horse carriage can pass."

    "Oh, let me see." The blind was pulled to the side and a pretty face inside the carriage was revealed.

    Ye Mo felt something was off. How could the cart be pulled by horses and how could there be guards leading the road? Also, had they called the girl "young miss"? Had he transmigrated to the past?

    He had thought he just came to a small world. Even if there was a difference in technological development, it shouldn't be a huge gap. After all, the inner hidden sects people could go out. But the dirty road he saw and the horse carriages had nothing to do with the modern world.

    He could see the the girl's face in the carriage. She wasn't ugly and she didn't looked bad. She was at most on the level of An Zhiqi.

    The girl's eyebrows went up - she had some authority in gestures. It was obvious she had her own opinion about things and quite the temper. These people were usually spoiled young misses. Ye Mo didn't want to mess with her. Thinking about this, he looked down and moved a few steps back.

    "Interesting," the young girl smiled as she said. Suddenly she started speaking again, "Bring this person with us. Let him rest on the carriage behind."

    She saw Ye Mo was covered in blood and his face didn't have a single bit of good skin, but when he looked at her, he didn't seem scared. Then, he looked down again. Perhaps because she was too pretty and he felt self conscious. So the moment she saw Ye Mo, she thought of a great idea.

    "Young Miss, we don't know who this person is. Are we really going to take him with us?" the guard hesitated and asked.

    The girl suddenly took out a hankerchief and wiped her eyes, "Yes, look after him. Don't ask any more questions."

    Then, she muttered to herself, "His face was ruined." Afterwards, she pulled the blinds down.

    The guard looked confusedly at Ye Mo and then at the young miss. Did she know this guy? But he knew that regarless of what the young miss decided, he had to follow her orders well or he would be gone.

    "What's your name? where do you come from? How are you this badly injured?" the guard asked Ye Mo in an unhappy tone.

    "Mo Ying, I'm a business man, and I was robbed. So this is what happened," Ye Mo bull****d his way out.

    "En." The guard obviously wasn't someone really astute.

    "Okay, then come with us. You can rest on our carriage. When we arrive to town, there will be someone to tend to your wounds," the guard said and nodded.

    Ye Mo didn't want to go with these people, so he quickly said, "Thank you, but my situation isn't that serious. You guys can go first, I can make it back myself."
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