Chapter 711: Earth Spirit Fruit

    Chapter 711: Earth Spirit Fruit

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    "Yes, every time the hidden sects take in disciples, they hold a massive auction in the headquarters of the magical merchant association. This time, it's tonight."

    Then, Liu Lei hesitated before saying, "Each person has to pay 100 gold coins to enter."

    100 gold coins was 10,000 silver coins. A silver coin was enough for a normal family to live for a week.

    After Ye Mo bid Liu Lei farewell, he took Mu Xiaoyun to look at a few hotels. They were all full indeed. If he wasn't planning on going to the auction, Ye Mo would just stay at the Hang Shui Hotel. However, since he was going to the auction, if he caused any trouble, Liu Lei would know something about him. Although he was a good person, Ye Mo didn't want him to know too much about him when they had just met.

    Thanks to Ye Mo's large quantity of gold coin, he finally found a good place to stay a little further away from Hang Shui Square. It was the Blue Sea Hotel. It was very clean, but slightly more expensive. However, Ye Mo didn't care about that. He took Mu Xiaoyun inside the room and immediately started changing his appearance.

    Half an hour later, Ye Mo had turned into that big-bearded man again, while Mu Xiaoyun had become an older female warrior.

    "Are we going to the auction?" Mu Xiaoyun asked.

    Ye Mo nodded and smiled, "I still have a few hundred tonnes of gold in my storage ring. I'll trade them for some gold coins here. I wonder how many gold coins my gold bricks can get."

    Ye Mo's gold bricks were from the US - each of them was almost 10 kg.

    Ye Mo took Mu Xiaoyun and they jumped out off the window. They bought a chariot before heading towards the Magical Merchant Bank.

    Although it was already dark, the Magical Merchant Bank hadn't closed yet.

    Ye Mo went there and took out 1009 gold bricks. He stacked them on the ground and covered them. Then, he told Mu Xiaoyun to wait for him while he went inside. 1000 gold bricks were about 10 tons.

    When Ye Mo went inside, he found the inside a bit modernized. Although there weren't any computers, there were magnetic cards. Still, gold checks were the most frequently used.

    The moment Ye Mo took out a gold brick at the guest room, the manager was immediately interested. He had seen pure gold before, but never one cut that cleanly and with such size.

    Because Ye Mo's gold brick was much purer than gold coins, the bank gave the offer of one brick for 10000 gold coins. Ye Mo was very happy with this price.

    When the manager heard the big-bearded man say there were 1000 bricks left, he almost went crazy. This guy was too rich. The moment he saw the big pile of gold bricks, he was dazed.


    An hour later, Ye Mo left the bank with Mu Xiaoyun. He had gotten 10 million gold coins with the bricks. Other than 10000 gold coins, which he decided to keep in Mu Xiaoyun's ring, he changed the rest into 100,000 gold coins worth checks.

    Soon, the news startled the higher-ups of the merchant association. When Yun Ziyi arrived to the bank, she was also shocked at the gold bricks. That customer was too wealthy. Had he really carried them over on a horse cart? Still, there weren't any marks on the gold bricks.

    Of course, Ye Mo had wiped the English words off the gold bricks.


    When Ye Mo arrived to the auction with Mu Xiaoyun, there were already a lot of people there.

    100 coins was just the entrance fee. If you wanted a room, the price could go up to 1000 coins. Of course, there were more expensive ones, but Ye Mo only needed the 1000 gold coins private room.

    After paying 1000 coins, Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun went into their room, number 392. There were fruits in it.

    They didn't have to wait long until the auction began.

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in and immediately became wary. There were more than 10 great heaven masters and three whose power he couldn't tell. This gave Ye Mo a new perspective on the different power levels there.

    He had to be careful or he would sink into the abyss. What made Ye Mo feel at ease was that Jie Xun wasn't there. However, he did see the Ci Hang Jing Mosque's room. Luo Xuan and her big martial sister weren't there.

    Ye Mo also saw Taiyi's room. There was an old Daoist monk that he couldn't see through, another great heaven master and a young Daoist monk. However, next to the young Daoist monk there was a busty pretty woman, which didn't seem quite fitting.

    Ye Mo also saw the Shang Qing Mountain sect. Yu Yuyan had joined them, but they seemed much poorer compared to Tai Yi.

    The auctioneer was a young woman. She was wearing a red tight dress that was quite revealing. The young woman reminded Ye Mo of Yun Bing.

    Like Yun Bing, she had a very voluptuous body. The only difference was that her eyes were full of seduction, while Yun Bing's were very cold.

    Thinking about Yun Bing, Ye Mo sighed. He wondered how she and Ting Ting were doing. If he had time, when he got back, he could go visit them with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue.

    "Welcome everyone to the triennial Hang Shui hidden sects auction! I'm Meng Lan, I'll be holding the auction today. There will be many good things tonight and everyone will certainly find something they like.

    Okay, the auction begins now! The first item is called a solar-powered camera. We can't produce this item here and it can clearly record your image."

    Ye Mo was speechless. If the entire auction was full of this kind of things, then he would really regret attending.

    What Ye Mo didn't expect was that it was sold for 10000 gold coins. That was as valuable as a gold brick, which was worth about a few hundred thousand USD. But the gold coins had the buying power of a few million USD. They were doing very good business there.

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and saw the contemptuous look on the faces of many hidden sects members. Clearly, they knew the real value of the camera.

    Luckily, real good items started appearing -magical artifacts, ores, pills and cultivation methods. But Ye Mo didn't want any of them yet.

    "The next item is an Earth Spirit Fruit. Everyone knows what it is for, but I'll still explain it again. It can give a black level 90% chance of reaching earth level. An earth level peak will also have 20 % chance of reaching great heaven. It can improve smaller stages 100%. The starting price is 50,000 gold coins, and each bidding must be no lesser than 100 gold coin-"

    Before she finished, the audience rumbled.

    When Ye Mo heard the words 'Earth Spirit Fruit', he was also shook. He scanned his spirit sense in the wooden box - it was an Earth Spirit Fruit indeed. The name was the same as the one used in Luo Yue Continent. It was strange.

    If Ye Mo had the Earth Spirit Fruit, he could make a cauldron of essence increasing pills immediately. With that, he could reach tertiary stage of chi gathering.

    He had to get it.
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