Chapter 733: Wu Wen Mountain

    Chapter 733: Wu Wen Mountain

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    Although he had left Wu Wen City five days before already, Ye Mo hadn't gone into Wu Wen Mountain yet. He was searching the outskirts according to the map the woman gave him and also testing his anti-poison pills.

    After the testing, Ye Mo felt they weren't bad, but the corrosive power of the poison at the entrance to the mountain was too strong, and it would only get stronger when he properly went into the mountain. So to be safe, Ye Mo used some materials to make an armour that covered him from head to toe.

    This armor was just a low grade magic artefact, yet it wasted half of Ye Mo's Geng Metal Essence and some of his Five Element Rock and other ores.

    On the morning of the next day, Ye Mo was standing at the entrance to Wu Wen Mountain. The mist with a putrid stench seeped out from it, and even though Ye Mo had taken an anti-poison pill, he still felt dizzy.

    Ye Mo slowly walked in nonetheless. Even if the poison was fatal, he would still give it a try.

    As soon as Ye Mo stepped in, the poison mist seemed to be alive as it rushed over and surrounded him.

    Crack crack- There was the sound of corrosion, and Ye Mo saw the clothes outside his armor soon dissipate into nothing.

    "So powerful!" Ye Mo was shook.

    Since the poison in here was so strong, how could there be herbs? Ye Mo sent his spirit sense out and saw there were trees resistant to the corrosion, but there were no spirit herbs.

    Ye Mo frowned. He got up on his flying sword and wanted to fly into the sky but soon, he was disappointed. There were anti-air restrictions on the mountain! Even if he somehow managed to fly, it would have to be near the ground.

    This restriction signified the presence of cultivators.

    Ye Mo decided to just start running, but even then he still felt a strong opposition force. An hour later, Ye Mo ran out of the poison mist and finally understood why there were herbs there.

    This place was a haven of spirit chi! It was boundless, and there was no poison mist past that point. As long as you got through the poison mist layer, you could harvest herbs as you pleased.

    Ye Mo noticed one more thing. The putrid kind of poison mist layer was only in the outer 10 kms. Between that and the spirit herbs was a layer of normal poison mist. There was already some vegetation in this layer and even some animals.

    But Ye Mo also saw that although there were spirit herbs there, they were very young. The old ones had all been picked already. There were also ferocious beasts everywhere. Perhaps due to the spirit chi, they had gotten much stronger than the beasts outside.

    As for why there was no poison mist there, Ye Mo knew that there was a huge formation in this mountain range, but he couldn't really see it.

    Ye Mo knew that it would be impossible to break this formation with his current power, but he also knew that it must've been left there by someone a long time ago. He didn't need to break it.

    After a while, Ye Mo still found some old spirit herbs. After all, this place was too broad. Even with the great picking every five years, it was impossible to pick everything.

    Ye Mo didn't have a place to store these herbs, so he decided he would go back and start making pills as soon as he'd collected enough.

    Ye Mo sunk into the endless herbs and lost track of time. He didn't know how many herbs he had collected.

    "This should be enough, I should get back quickly and make some pills," Ye Mo looked at the fully stacked herbs and said to himself.

    After this time, Ye Mo also knew that there was another layer of poison mist deeper into the mountain after all. After passing through that, he would probably reach the core part of Wu Wen Mountain. That was where had Yun Ziyi said the Jia Lan Flower could exist.

    But after taking a look there, Ye Mo saw that this layer of poison mist was much stronger and would never weaken. No wonder no one could go in there, how could Yun Ziyi even know that there might be a Jia Lan Flower in there? Perhaps she had been lying.

    Ye Mo estimated that he had been there for two or three months already, so in order for Mu Xiaoyun not to worry, he decided to only go in quickly and immediately come out.

    Ye Mo dashed in as quickly as he could, but he felt a strong resistance again, this one much stronger than outside. Hence, Ye Mo was as slow as a snail.

    One hour later, Ye Mo was sweating. He had been walking for an hour, but all he saw ahead of him was still that endless poison mist. What worried him the most was that his armor started to corrode.

    Ye Mo had put a lot of good materials into his armor, yet the more he walked, the faster the armor was being corroded.

    Should he leave? Ye Mo thought about it but immediately rejected the idea. He didn't even know if he would be able to still leave that easily, but even if he would, when would he be able to get the Jia Lan Flower if not now? If he left now, his effort to beat that last poison mist layer would have all been for nothing.

    An hour later, when Ye Mo felt that his armor was about to be completely dissolved, a large patch of green appeared before his eyes.

    Finally! Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, and his attention was immediately caught by what was in front if him. This was an ancient spirit herb garden! The herbs in there were all very old. Some had even died naturally. Perhaps the ones alive weren't even the originally planted ones.

    Ye Mo noticed the spirit herbs and was completely stunned; Nine Leaf Lotus, Zhou Huan Flower, Double Leaf Luo Lan, Purple Black Blue Carrot.

    Ye Mo was absolutely breathless. What was this? Although he had never seen these in real life, he had seen them in books. Ye Mo never had thought he would be able to see the real deal one day.

    Ye Mo's hands were shaking. These were herbs used by high level cultivators, by old monsters at the golden core and nascent soul stage.

    Ye Mo scanned the outside of the garden and finally saw some Jia Lan Flowers too. They were very precious to him, but they were just a random unimportant grass on the outskirts here. It didn't even have the right to be in the actual herb garden.

    Ye Mo carefully approached the entrance of the garden and stood still for a long while. After making sure there was no problem, he bent down and picked up three Jia Lan Flowers. But as soon as he did, he felt a certain strong pressure appear. Ye Mo wanted to retreat, but that strong suction force rendered him unable to move. A black mist then encroached him, and Ye Mo immediately disappeared from the spot.
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