Chapter 737: Elder Jins Schemes

    Chapter 737: Elder Jin's Schemes

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    Mo Youshen had calmed down completely, and he didn't even seem unhappy about Ji Yilan's words. He simply said, "Martial Sister, I never denied Xiaoyun being an Ice Lake disciple."

    He paused for a moment before continuing, "She's my fiancée, and due to my fault, she's angry at the moment. But I believe that if we can recover our relationship, Ice Lake could become a closely related sect to Taiyi."

    Mu Xiaoyun sneered, "Mo Youshen, I never had anything to do with you in the past, don't in the present and won't in the future. The only one I love is my husband. If you dare to say such words in front of me again, don't blame me for being merciless."

    "Haha! So prodigy Mo and the genius of Ice Lake has this type of connection!" an old voice suddenly sounded.

    A fat old man appeared in front of them. He didn't have much hair except for on his two temples on both sides where it bursted out.

    "Elder Jin." As Mo Youshen saw this old man, she bowed respectfully.

    The old man smiled and nodded, "Great, you're great indeed!"

    Then he looked at Mu Xiaoyun and nodded, "How great, how truly great, you're indeed a one in ten thousand talent!"

    Yun Ziyi bowed, "Yun Ziyi greets Taiyi Sect's Elder Jin...."

    The fat man seemed to have just seen Yun Ziyi and said with embarrassment, "Oh, if it isn't Goddess Zi Hua, hello, hello, forgive my old eyes."

    Yun Ziyi smiled plainly. She knew that this old guy had seen her as soon as he came and just wanted her to greet him first.

    Then, the old man turned to Mu Xiaoyun and said happily, "So you're Mu Xiaoyun, the genius Ice Lake disciple?"

    Mu Xiaoyun didn't answer anything knowing that the man was from Taiyi Sect.

    "Xiaoyun, this is our great heaven elder, you must not be disrespectful," Mo Youshen said.

    Mu Xiaoyun sneered, "Mo Youshen, watch your words, you're you, I am me. There's nothing between us. I'm from Ice Lake, and you're not someone who can call me 'Xiaoyun', watch your words."

    "Haha, this is fine, I like this kind of character. Prodigy Mo, I didn't think you had a connection with the genius of Ice Lake, how great!"

    Then, he said to Ji Yilan, "You must be the future sect leader of Ice Lake, Sect Leader Ji. I didn't think Mu Xiaoyun was Taiyi's future daughter-in-law. Great, Prodigy Mo will soon become our core disciple. Our core disciple and Ice Lake's genius form a perfect match. When you go back, please tell Elder Feng that Taiyi will come to propose soon. Of course, there will be plenty of gifts!"

    Ji Yilan heard this, and her face changed drastically immediately. This fat man was too shameless. He was using the situation as an opportunity to take Mu Xiaoyun away and make sure Ice Lake stayed down forever. At this moment, Ji Yilan regretted taking Mu Xiaoyun out.

    Mo Youshen, meanwhile, rejoiced. He didn't think his plan would work so soon.

    Mu Xiaoyun sneered. She didn't want to talk to her enemies and just said to Ji Yilan, "Martial Sister Yilan, let's leave." Then, she turned and left.


    Ye Mo felt his head buzzing with pain - what had happened? He got up in a hurry and as he looked at the three Jia Lan Flowers in his hand, he remembered what had happened.

    He had been sucked away by a strong force which might have been the power of space? Ye Mo didn't dare believe it.

    The power of space - if it really was the power of space, how could he still be fine? Under the pull of such power, even nascent soul stage cultivators wouldn't be able to survive.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo's face turned very bad. He was sure that the poison mist was there to protect the garden. As for the suction force, that was a teleportation formation. It was a one-directional teleportation, which meant that the person who set it up was using it only to kill people.

    The person who set that up was just too bleak!

    Ye Mo wanted to curse. No wonder this man had died early, but even in his death, he wouldn't let others rest easy.

    'Wait,' Ye Mo thought, 'I should be dead. How am I still alive?'

    Ye Mo got up and immediately looked around. He found he was in a dull, grey dimension.

    'Where is this? Why does it seem familiar?' Ye Mo frowned but then immediately remembered what this place was.

    His spirit sense had entered this place before - it was that golden dot in his dantian. This place was indeed a world.

    How did he get in there?

    Ye Mo calmed down and started pondering over the matter.

    The reason why he'd entered this world was because as the owner of the golden dot, when he was about to die, the dot haf protected him and sent him in there. That's why he was saved.

    Ye Mo rejoiced that he had gotten the three golden papers or he wouldn't even know how he died. This world must be conscious in some sense.

    Although he never owned a pocket world, Ye Mo knew that as long as one was the master of a pocket world, one could go in and out at will.

    But Ye Mo couldn't. Even when he yelled out, "Exit, go out!" he remained where he was.

    An hour later, after Ye Mo had tried all he could without being able to get out, cold sweat ran down his back as he panicked. This was bullsh*t! Although the world had saved him, he couldn't be locked up in there forever, could he?

    Perhaps the world had a spirit which had forgotten to bring him out. Ye Mo yelled, "Is there anyone there? Who got me in here? Get me out!"

    But it was still nothing but silence which surrounded him.

    Ye Mo calmed down. He knew that it was pointless to keep yelling. He stored the three flowers in his ring and then started searching for an exit from the dull, grey world.

    Ye Mo went around and found that the world wasn't that big. It was at most a few hundred square meters. Other than the visible space area, everywhere else was grey, and he couldn't go there.

    In one corner, Ye Mo saw a room and nothing else.

    Ye Mo could only walk into this one room. It was very small, but it had some things inside.

    There was a stone tablet in the middle of the room with a jade slip.

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense over it. It contained the Primordial Fortune Chant cultivation method. Ye Mo knew this cultivation method. He had gotten a small part of it when his spirit sense first reached the world, but now it seemed the entire thing was there. Ye Mo didn't look at more of it, because there was too much information on it for him to handle.

    But the introduction still allowed Ye Mo to understand some things.
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