Chapter 743: Nail Kill

    Chapter 743: Nail Kill

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    Mu Xiaoyun wasn't blocking, but Yuan Chong's sword was still hacking down. Everyone watching the match knew that Mu Xiaoyun's fate was sealed.

    Such a beautiful lady was about to be killed! Some of the spectators didn't even want to watch anymore and closed their eyes.

    Yuan Chong was shook as well. He didn't want to kill Mu Xiaoyun at all. He could only blame his poor luck. He finally met a girl he really felt something for, yet she was about to be killed by him.

    But before he could properly regret, he heard a clink sound, while he felt like his hand was a little lighter. He looked at the sword in his hand subconsciously and found that he was only holding a hilt.

    "Ye dear, husband, is that you?" Mu Xiaoyun's eyes became misty. Ever since she startes cultivating the Primordial Fortune Chant, her spirit sense had gotten amazing. Although she was only stage three, her spirit sense nearly reached 1 km. She hadn't even intentionally been scanning with her spirit sense but had just felt Ye Mo's chi.

    The husband she had been longing for day and night had finally come. She forgot that she was still on the fighting stage, as all her attention was on the person who haf just appeared.

    As soon as her voice sounded, the figure of her dreams held her in his arms, embracing her with one of his powerful arms.

    Mu Xiaoyun was shaking while tightly hugging Ye Mo.

    "Ye babe, am I dreaming?" Mu Xiaoyun's voice was shaky. She didn't care about all the people watching her. She was just afraid that the moment she loosened her hand, Ye Mo would disappear.

    Ye Mo caressed Mu Xiaoyun's hair and said, "Xiaoyun, you're not dreaming. I'm sorry, I'm late."

    "Ye babe, is this really not a dream?" Mu Xiaoyun looked up, verifying reality once more, and she saw Ye Mo's recovered face.

    In truth, she didn't even need to look - she only needed to feel the chi in Ye Mo's arms and see Ye Mo's eyes to know that the person in front of her was her husband.

    "My face has recovered," Ye Mo uttered.

    "En." Mu Xiaoyun didn't want to move anymore.

    Ye Mo patted her arm and said, "Xiaoyun, get up for now. I need to take care of this guy, how dare he try to kill you."

    Mu Xiaoyun listened and got up but still stood behind Ye Mo.

    Yuan Chong was looking at the sword hilt in his hand in shock. This sword was from the Forgery Hall's elite collection, yet now, it was broken just like that. He couldn't believe his eyes.

    All he had seen was a white flashing light and his sword was broken before he knew it.

    By now, though, he finally reacted and looked coldly at Ye Mo before asking, "Who are you? How dare you break the rules?"

    Ye Mo flicked his flying sword and said plainly, "Are you deaf? Did you not hear Xiaoyun call me husband?"

    Yuan Chong had already decided that Mu Xiaoyun was his, so now that she suddenly had a husband, this made Yuan Chong furious. How dare this fellow steal his woman!

    "You're f*cking asking to die, you dare take my woman, I'll make you regret coming into this world!"

    Before he could continue his threats, he was instantaneously slapped on the face a couple of times. His mouth was covered in blood as even a couple of his teeth flew out.

    Ye Mo then stopped his hand as he saw a shield-shaped card on Yuan Chong's belt. He immediately grabbed it.

    Ye Mo looked at it and saw the words Taiyi.

    "So that was you," Ye Mo's voice went ice cold.

    "Stop!" two yells sounded as two half step great heaven masters landed on the stage.

    Ye Mo didn't seem to hear them and asked Yuan Chong in a cold voice, "A few years ago, did you go outside and hit a girl in Ning Hai?"

    "How do you know?" Yuan Chong looked at Ye Mo in shock and asked subconsciously.

    "Hahaha! You ran into me without me having to look for you," Ye Mo laughed. Ning Qingxue would have died if he hadn't given her the necklace and she hadn't lost her memories because of this trash. And today, this scum wanted to kill Mu Xiaoyun too, how could Ye Mo let him go?

    "Ignorant fool, you're asking to die!" The two half step great heaven masters saw Ye Mo laugh in madness on the stage and couldn't hold back anymore.

    Two fist shadows smashed towards Ye Mo.

    Two mere half step great heaven fellows dared be cocky in front of him? Ye Mo didn't even look as he punched with both fists, and their inner qi auras clashed.

    Ye Mo's fists broke through the inner qi of his two attackers and smashed their chests. The two flew out of the stage spewing blood immediately

    When the two fell off the stage, they covered their chests with their hands and looked at Ye Mo in shock. Clearly, Ye Mo didn't use his full power there or they would've died. They were sure that even a great heaven master wouldn't be able to injure them this easily, yet this young man had.

    Tai Yi Sect's Vice Sect Leader Qi sneered and said to Elder Jin, "Bring Yuan Chong back."

    "Yes!" Elder Qi quickly glided down. Although he had witnessed Ye Mo's power, with his great heaven middle stage power, he would easily capture this youth.

    Before Elder Jin could come up, Ye Mo pulled up the flag beside the stage and said to Yuan Chong, "I'm the husband of the girl you beat then and today, you attacked my wife Xiaoyun as well. Consider this me letting you die a knowing death."

    "What?" Yuan Chong's face was destroyed already, but the shock in his eyes was still visible at Ye Mo's words. He just told his master that it had been a few years and it didn't matter anymore but now, the girl's husband had appeared.

    But he soon reacted - this was the hidden sects' biggest tournament ground, and his master was in front of him! His master wouldn't let him suffer. He laughed out loud, "You're about to die yet you're still saying bullsh*t, if you're smart give me your woman and perhaps I might beg my master to let you live."

    "O really?" Ye Mo glanced coldly at that Elder Jin who just came on stage and suddenly kicked Yuan Chong heavily in the chest.

    Yuan Chong suddenly felt himself flying.

    Twenty meters from the stage stood a bell tower. It was a 10 meter tall huge rock and at the top it had a bell. This bell was for the tournament.

    Ye Mo kicked Yuan Chong into the bell tower, and turned the flag pole from beside the stage into 5 segments before throwing them after Yuan Chong.

    Dong dong dong dong dong- The bell shook.

    In front of everyone's eyes, on the rock was nailed a man. It was Yuan Chong who had just been kicked out.

    Four segments had nailed Yuan Chong's ligaments, while the last piece had nailed his throat.

    The scene turned silent. Everything had happened too fast. Everyone knew all hell was about to break loose now. Yuan Chong had been killed in front of Vice Sect Leader Qi in public!

    Everyone knew that Yuan Chong was actually Vice Sect Leader Qi's illegitimate child. That coupled with his excellent talent, he had a very important position in Vice Sect Leader Qi's heart.

    Such a person was nailed and killed in such an insulting manner. How could Taiyi let this go?

    "It's over..." Elder Jin looked at Yuan Chong, and his hands and feet went cold as he had the biggest responsibility.

    "You're asking to die!" an absolutely furious voice sounded as a skinny old man flew onto the stage like a big bird coming for its prey.
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