Chapter 767: You Annihilated the Taiyi Sect?

    Chapter 767: You Annihilated the Taiyi Sect?

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    Ye Mo stopped a few tea picking girls and asked politely "Girls, may I ask if Shi Jingqin's family lives here?"

    Those girls who were stopped all bravely looked into Ye Mo's eyes at first with eyes that had fire in them.

    But after Ye Mo asked about Shi Jingqin, their faces changed drastically, and they all avoided Ye Mo and turned to leave.

    Ye Mo felt strange. Was Shi Jingqin not welcomed in this village?

    Ye Mo's spirit sense noticed that one girl left the group and snuck into the village. Ye Mo smiled.

    The next moment, he saw the girl come to a tattered haystack house.

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in. There was a big-eyed youth there. His clothes were tattered, and he was managing herbs.

    "Shi Tie, those people seem to be here again. Just like the two last time, he's looking for your sister. You should hide," that young girl said desperately.

    So this was Luo Yin's brother? But who was looking for trouble with Luo Yin and even bringing her brother into it too?

    "Why would you hide from me?" Ye Mo smiled.

    "Huh?!" the young girl saw Ye Mo suddenly appear at the door, and she screamed. She was very careful when she came, yet this guy knew somehow. Her face went pale, and Ye Mo could see her body shake.

    Shi Tie put down the work and grabbed an axe, saying coldly to Ye Mo, "This has nothing to do with Sister Li, come at me."

    Ye Mo frowned thinking, 'I'm just visiting.'

    Ye Mo waved his hand, "Shi Tie, you've misunderstood me. I bare no ill will. I'm your sister's friend, and I was asked by her to come visit here."

    Hearing this, Shi Tie's face looked weird, but he still held his axe vigilantly.

    Suddenly Ye Mo's face changed, and he said "Shi Tie, trust me, I have no ill will towards you. I'm indeed your sister's friend. Wait here for me, I need to deal with some things, but I'll be back in a bit."

    Ye Mo then turned to leave.

    "Shi Tie, he left, you should run quickly!" Sister Li said with a pale face.

    Shi Tie shook his head, "I don't want to run. He said he knows my sister, so I will wait for him here. I miss my sister too, but I have had no news of her. If he's from the same group as those people last time, I will fight with my life. Thank you, Sister Li, you should leave first."

    The pale-faced girl thought for a moment and left first having warned Shi Tie.


    The reason why Ye Mo had suddenly left was because he found Ji Mei with his spirit sense as she was rushing past Shi Feng Village whilst being chase.

    Although Ji Mei was 'only' at the chi gathering peak, she should still be almost invincible here. Who could beat her with like that?

    Ye Mo followed after them. He wanted to know since when there could have been another powerful fellow like that in this small realm.

    But the guy had only injured Ji Mei and been unable to kill her. From this, one could see that the guy wasn't that much stronger than Ji Mei.

    A bird cried, and a Blue Condor landed in front of her. On it was a man in his 50s.

    Wasn't this bird Ji Mei's, how did it become that persons?

    "What do you want? You already took the Blue Condor, are you really going to kill me too?" Ji Mei shouted.

    Ye Mo sent his spirit sense out and saw that this man was a cultivator of ancient martial arts. But his power was about the same as Li Cheng's or even greater. He was a true great heaven or what people here called the level which surpassed great heaven.

    No wonder Ji Mei was no match for him. Although she was a cultivator, but she didn't fully understand truth cultivation and didn't have a proper weapon, so she couldn't fully utilize her power.

    Ye Mo didn't expect to see another true great heaven here.

    The man studied Ji Mei and then said, "You're this young but this powerful already. You were even able to escape all the way here. Without the Blue Condor I wouldn't even have been able to catch up to you. You're unimaginable. Do you know that if I attack with my full power, even Martial Niece Len Quan wouldn't be able to block more than a few of my moves, but you did."

    Ji Mei sneered, "I have no enmity with you, why did you attack me and rob me of my Blue Condor?"

    The man replied plainly, "Your Blue Condor? How come I heard that this Blue Condor belongs to the Sea Merchant Clan? Although I just left the sect, I know you probably killed the leader of the Sea Merchant Clan, right?"

    Ji Mei sneered, "Feng Neng was scheming for me, why can't I kill him? What has this got to do with you?"

    The man sneered, "This has nothing to do with me but according to what I know, Feng Neng gave you a mission to kill someone called Ye Mo. I believe you haven't done it yet, so tell me where Ye Mo is and perhaps I can let you go."

    "Ye Mo?" Ji Mei was dazed. She didn't even know where he was now.

    The man cursed, "That's right, Ye Mo he annihilated my Taiyi Sect! I was in solitary training but found out from a wanbei called Mo Youshen how cruel this man was. I didn't expect I would come back to hear this news after leaving for 30 years. I won't stop until I mince this Ye Mo to pieces! If you can't tell me where Ye Mo is today, then you can go accompany my Taiyi Sect."

    Ji Mei was dazed. She didn't think this Taiyi fellow would be so unreasonable. What did this have to do with her?

    "Of course, you have another way out. You're strong, so you can marry my new disciple Mo Youshen and help him rebuild the Taiyi Sect. You also know that my disciple looks like Ye Mo, so he's not bad," the man said.

    Ji Mei just realized that the latter part was the man's main purpose. How shameless!

    Ji Mei cursed. When she had seen Mo Youshen, she thought that he was Ye Mo at first. By the time she realized he wasn't Ye Mo, Mo Youshen had already escaped. But she had called Mo Youshen 'Ye Mo', so they knew everything from that.

    Ye Mo understood by now that this man was a qianbei of the Taiyi Sect who had been in solitary cultivation.

    From what this man said, he probably didn't know of Li Cheng's existence.

    Ye Mo's killing intent soared. He wouldn't let such a person leave. If Mu Xiaoyun met this guy one day, she would be done for. And that Mo Youshen too, he would go destroy him as well.

    Ye Mo slowly took out his flying sword.

    Ji Mei was injured and just when she was trying to find a way to escape from this man, she saw Ye Mo walk over. She was dazed and immediately rejoiced.

    "Qianbei, the person you're looking for is here. Now I have no business here anymore, so I'll be leaving." Then Ji Mei turned to leave. Ye Mo's life had nothing to do with her.

    The man saw Ye Mo and immediately knew why Ji Mei would mistake Mo Youshen for Ye Mo. They really looked the same, but if you looked carefully, you could see the difference.

    "You're Ye Mo? You're the one who annihilated the Taiyi Sect?" the man saw Ye Mo and asked. He didn't care that Ji Mei left. He was sure he would be in time to catch her after he killed Ye Mo anyway.
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