Chapter 777: Leave No One Alive

    Chapter 777: Leave No One Alive

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    "Big Brother, you-" Ye Zifeng looked dazily at Ye Mo. He had heard a lot about how Ye Mo was decisive in killing, but this was the first time he saw his brother kill and so bloodily at that.

    Ye Mo didn't seem to see Ye Zifeng and shot out four finger winds, stopping Dong Tanzhen's bleeding. No one could believe how easily he stopped that massive bleeding.

    Everyone in the meeting room had woken up by then. Xu Yuehua and Xu Ping were fine, but Xu Qianqian was already puking. This was too bloody.

    She knew why Ye Mo was killing these people. She had known the purpose of this meeting too, but she could only protect herself.

    Ye Mo had given her this opportunity and recovered her looks. Hence, she didn't want to join the Dong family's side, so she had been planning on resigning, but now Ye Mo had come back.

    Ye Mo looked coldly at Ye Shihua and Shen De who tried to leave, "If you sit there and don't move, I might leave you with a full body. If you dare to move, then you will be like this cocky guy."

    "Big Brother, Shihua is my cousin, he's from the Ye family." Ye Zifeng finally understood how domineering and unreasonable Ye Mo could be.

    Ye Mo looked coldly at Ye Zifeng finally and said, "Zifeng, the first thing I need to tell you is this: Luo Yue does not belong to the Ye family. Even if Ye Beirong dared to do the same thing, I would still kill him. Secondly, being from a big family, how can you be so foolish, I wouldn't care about you being the City Lord, but what about forgetting the original people who followed me? Did they do you any wrong? You don't need to explain to me, there will be other people to do that."

    Then, Ye Mo walked to Dong Tanzhen and kicked him on the head. Dong Tanzhen's eyes went blank.

    "Tell me, what is your name?" Ye Mo looked at the convulsing Dong Tanzhen and said coldly.

    Dong Tanzhen answered in a monotone voice, "I'm Dongfang Tanzhen."

    "Who sent you here and what for?" Ye Mo asked.

    Dong Tanzhen replied, "The Young Master sent me here. He believes Luo Yue is more suitable for Xi Tang's development. We will take over everything in Luo Yue."

    Ye Mo then looked at Dong Chong and Dong Nana and said, "You don't need to think about anything else, since you dared to come to Luo Yue-"

    Then, Ye Mo caught a bullet and immediately flicked it back out.

    Blood exploded as Dong Chong's hand that was holding a gun was completely shattered with blood splashing onto Dong Nana and Ye Shihua.

    Ye Mo walked over and kicked out a few times. Dong Nana, Ye Shihua, Dong Chong, and Shen De were all kicked together into the same spot.

    "Is your Young Master Dongfang Wang? I don't think Dongfang Tang has the balls to do this, so it must be. The Dongfang family is quite cocky. You think you can rob Luo Yue's land just like that? I really want you to bring a message to Dongfang Wang this time. Even if he takes the positions of all of Luo Yue's higher ups, Luo Yue City will never belong to the Dongfang," Ye Mo said coldly.

    Ye Zifeng murmured, "How can this be? Nana, you're also Dongfang, aren't you?"

    "Zifeng, I'm sorry, I owe you." Dongfang Nana suddenly got up and turned to ram her head into the pillar.

    Ye Zifeng saw this and immediately charged over to grab her, "Nana, don't do this, Big Brother won't kill you!"

    Ye Mo sneered. He saw with his spirit sense that Dongfang Nana had a mini-pistol in her pocket. She didn't need to ram her head into the wall to kill herself. But Ye Mo couldn't be bothered exposing that. He could tell that Ye Zifeng really loved Dongfang Nana, but she was just using him.

    Ye Mo walked up to a seat and sat down before saying slowly, "Second Brother, Sister Yuehua, why are so many familiar people missing? Why is Fang Wei locked up?"

    Xu Ping looked down guiltily, "Sorry, Third Brother, I didn't help you manage this family well."

    Xu Yuehua got up and said, "CEO, the main responsibility is mine. I just realized that the documents telling Commander Huang, Yu Miaodan and the rest to resign were all signed by me. Zifeng brought me those documents to sign, so I didn't mind that much-"

    Ye Ling suddenly said at this moment, "I know that Sister Yu and Commander Huang never wanted to resign. Those orders were fake. After Sister Yuehua signed other things, Dongfang Tanzhen changed the content and used Sister Yuehua's supposed orders to capture Sister Yu and co.

    Brother, Second Brother is infatuated with Dongfang Nana and has fought with Sister Yuehua many times. Sister Yuehua always felt she was an outsider due to Zifeng's identity which allowed them to take over Luo Yue step by step. I could see it happen, but I didn't dare say anything. Sister Luo Ying and Qingxue all left. I wanted to tell them after they came back, but they haven't been back ever since leaving. Luckily you came back today."

    Ye Ling wiped her eyes. She knew that if she exposed these things, Sister Yuehua and Xu Ping and co. might be killed by these people. The only reason why they didn't was because they feared a riot happening.

    She knew things would all be corrected when her brother came back, but dead people couldn't be returned back to life. She had seen with her own eyes Brother Zang being unable to even last three moves even when he was at the earth level tertiary stage when he was caught against that master Brother Ye had killed.

    Luckily, Brother had returned, and now things would be back to how they were before.

    Ye Mo sighed and walked up to Ye Ling, "Ye Ling, I thought wrong of you. Were things already past the point of no return when you found out?"

    Ye Zifeng was the person who had willingly betrayed them. Ye Ling just couldn't do anything about it.

    "Brother!" Ye Ling nodded and cried into Ye Mo's arms.

    Ye Ling cried for a while and suddenly remembered something, "Brother, you should quickly go save Sister Yu, Commander Huang and the others. They were locked up by Dongfang Tanzhen at He Zi Strait Military Prison."

    "What? They left Luo Yue already?" Xu Yuehua got up in shock and asked shakily.

    Ye Zifeng was also dazed. He had always been grateful for Dongfang Nana's understanding and caring attitude towards him. When so many old people of Luo Yue left, she introduced that many capable people to Luo Yue. Only now did he realize how much of a fool he was.

    Yet, he still wasn't able to hate her.

    "I will go save them!" Xu Ping slammed the table. His face showed extreme guilt and anger.

    Ye Mo waved his hand, "No need, I will go save them. This is my fault."

    Then, Ye Mo killed Ye Shihua and Shen De with two wind blades and then destroyed Dongfang Chong's and Dongfang Nana's dantians before saying to Xu Yuehua, "Sister Yuehua, now is not the time to punish yourself. Lock these two up and interrogate them."

    Then, Ye Mo said to Xu Ping, "Second Brother, go take control of the army immediately and annihilate the Dongfang family no matter if they're here or outside. Kill everyone except for the women they robbed from Luo Yue City. Leave no one alive."

    "What?!" Everyone was shaken at these words.
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