Chapter 787: Song Yangzhus Pride

    Chapter 787: Song Yangzhu's Pride

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    Ye Mo thought Song Yangzhu would be renting something not too far from the school, but when the driver drove them all the way to the suburban areas, Ye Mo realized how far his daughter had to go to school. It was understandable when you thought about it, though. With Song Yangzhu's financial status, she wouldn't be able to afford houses in the city.

    He didn't even dare to look for Song Yangzhu with his spirit sense, and he didn't know what she would be like right now.

    After getting off the car, Yimo pulled Ye Mo to a civilian house. Ye Mo was dumbfounded - a woman with white hair was struggling to pull a bucket of water and as she wanted to bring it to the stove, her footsteps showed that she didn't have the strength for it, and water kept splashing out.

    Was this Song Yangzhu? That cold-faced, beautiful woman? Ye Mo felt unimaginable regret. If he didn't recognize that prideful temperament and that barely familiar face, Ye Mo would doubt if this woman was really the same Song Yangzhu he knew.

    That black level woman was now not even at the yellow level and even had internal injuries.

    That beautiful genius was now white-haired and had hands full of calluses with internal injuries on them as well.

    But she was only in her thirties!

    The reason why she turned into this was all because she had to raise his daughter, Yimo. Ye Mo also knew that she might be like this out of guilt too. She gave birth to a daughter for the enemy of her family. Even though she knew that the Song family had long since forgotten all about her, she still hid here, tormenting her wounds.

    Perhaps she wanted to die when she left Luo Yue, but the only thing she couldn't leave behind was her daughter Yimo.


    Yimo called out and shook Song Yangzhu. She looked up in joy and then saw Ye Mo's face.

    Splash- The wooden bucket fell on the floor.

    She was stunned. The figure in front of her was suddenly becoming more and more blurry. Ye Mo holding Yimo's hands - she had envisioned this scene countless times in her dreams, but now it actually happened.

    "Sorry, Yangzhu. I came 13 years late," Ye Mo's voice sounded.

    Song Yangzhu felt her eyes getting blurrier. She opened her mouth but couldn't say anything. This time, it wasn't a dream. Ye Mo really came.

    She breathed easy. Yimo finally found her dad. She could rest assured now. She had always told Yimo about her dad and told her that he would appear one day just for this day. She had left a deep impression of Ye Mo in her heart. Now it seemed like her efforts were not in vain. Yimo looked close to her dad like she had always been with him.

    Song Yangzhu's lips shivered, but she didn't say anything.

    "Mom, what's wrong? Dad is back!" Yimo noticed that her mom didn't seem to be acting right.

    Song Yangzhu smiled and returned to a normal look, "Yimo, you need to listen to your dad from now on."

    Then Song Yangzhu said shakily to Ye Mo, "Water splashed on me. I'm going to change."

    "Dad, mom is-" Her mother always told her about her dad, but now that her dad was back, why was it that she didn't have much to say? She wasn't as excited as she would have imagined.

    In her heart, her parents' relationship was very good, so how come that didn't seem to be the case?

    Ye Mo looked guiltily as she walked into the room and closed the door. When she started taking off her clothes, Ye Mo retrieved his spirit sense.

    "Dad, I'm going to cook, and I'll clean the kitchen." She said this so that her parents could have some alone time.

    Ye Mo knew what his daughter was thinking. He ruffled her hair and said softly, "Okay."


    Song Yangzhu put on the clothes she used to wear in the past and looked at herself in the mirror.

    After a long while, she said, "You still look the same as before, but I am old. Now that Yimo found you, I can rest easy."

    Then, she took out a dagger, rubbed her eyes in the mirror, and stabbed the dagger at her throat without hesitation.

    She was a prideful woman. She didn't want her man to see her like this.

    She knew he had two goddess-like wives and also knew that he didn't love her.

    Her pride wouldn't allow her to expose herself like this to his other wives. Her pride didn't want to make things hard for him.

    She was Song Yangzhu! She was also a prideful and beautiful woman! At least, she was still a prideful woman. Time could rob her of her youth, but it couldn't take away her inner pride.

    She didn't need love or pity. Now that Yimo had found a new home, she no longer had any attachments.

    However, the dagger didn't pierce into her throat. A hand was grabbing the dagger.

    Blood spilled from the dagger, as Ye Mo didn't use chi to stop himself from being injured. He felt like he owed Song Yangzhu, and it was right that he bled for her.

    "Yangzhu, you're being stupid. Since we've met again, this is a matter of fate. Why do this?" Ye Mo's tone was sunken. He felt very bad. He knew what she was thinking but didn't know how to comfort her. He could easily recover her looks, but the decade of trauma wasn't so easily made up for.

    "Huh, what happened to your hand?" Song Yangzhu quickly grabbed Ye Mo's hand. She forgot about her pride and just wanted to quickly find something to bandage it.

    At that moment, she forgot how strong Ye Mo was. How could that small wound affect him?

    Ye Mo used his chi, and the wound soon healed. He took Song Yangzhu into his arms and started caressing her white hair.

    Song Yangzhu's body stiffened. An inexpressible sadness rose from her heart. For all these years, the only kin she had was Yimo. All these years, she didn't have a home, and she had thought countless times of leaning in Ye Mo's arms. Today, it happened.

    She cried at that moment. She felt like a weak child. The senseless feeling she had felt when she hurriedly took Yimo away from his wedding and all the suffering she had gone through seemed to have melted as soon as Ye Mo came back.

    She had never loved before, and she didn't know if this was love, but ever since he pushed her out of that exploding tomb, she remembered him forever. She still remembered that when she heard Ye Mo was fine, she rejoiced from the bottom of her heart.

    "Ye Mo, I don't deserve you, I'm old-" Song Yangzhu said. She didn't actually want to leave her daughter or Ye Mo, though.

    "You're not old," Ye Mo spoke softly.
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