Chapter 800: Where are the fishtails?

    Chapter 800: Where are the fishtails?

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    Ning Fuzhen took Ye Mo straight to his office and let that girl make two cups of tea. He kept on expressing his amazement at Luo Yue's development and beauty but didn't mention Ning Zhongfei or Ning Qingxue.

    Ye Mo sneered. He knew that their relationship was very bad. Ning Fuzhen understood that too, and so he didn't use them as an icebreaker in their conversation. Ning Fuzhen had brought him to his office to get closer to him and perhaps even to try to settle at Luo Yue.

    But Ye Mo had his bottom line. Even if it meant not taking the two fish tails, he couldn't possibly let Ning Fuzhen settle at Luo Yue. Other than those who had helped Qingxue, no one from the Ning family would be allowed to go. He didn't want Qingxue to feel discomfort in any way.

    Seeing Ning Fuzhen not bringing the topic to the main point, Ye Mo could only say, "Ning-Qianbei, wanbei came here to trouble Qianbei with something."

    Ning Fuzhen heard this and immediately brightened up, "City Lord Ye, tell me whatever you need. I will take care of it without hesitation as long as it's within my capability."

    Ye Mo nodded, "In that case, I'll be straightforward, I heard you happened to buy two fishtail shards at an auction in Beijing once. Would you be able to show that to me?"

    "Fishtail shards?" Ning Fuzhen was dazed and thought for a while before remembering that there really had been such a thing. He had bought two fishtail shards from an auction 3 years ago. He felt they were extraordinary but not too expensive, so he bought them.

    But since he wasn't able to find anything special about them, he gave them to someone else. He didn't think Ye Mo would have come for that.

    Seeing Ning Fuzhen's face, Ye Mo got worried. Had he lost it already?

    Ning Fuzhen soon reacted and said with a bitter smile, "I had some plans in mind for the two shards, so they're not on me right now."

    Ning Fuzhen then said, "I was planning on giving the shards to a friend to make a set of fish pieces as Xuyan's wedding gift. "

    Ye Mo was dazed at the words? Fishtail shards as a wedding gift? Was Ning Fuzhen's brain alright? That broken thing was clearly not suitable for a wedding gift.

    However, Ning Fuzhen had his ideas. He had long since regretted his conflict with Ning Qingxue and her father.

    He thought that if he could connect to Ye Mo somehow, his Ning family could move to Luo Yue and maybe even become the number one family in Luo Yue. That would be much better than being a family on the decline in Beijing. Even now already, most people respected the Ning family due to Ning Qingxue.

    So he wanted to connect to Ye Mo through another marriage. Ye Mo could marry two wives in Luo Yue which meant he could marry more. He got to decide what happened in Luo Yue anyways. Other than Ning Qingxue, the prettiest in the Ning family was Ning Xuyan. The only problem was that she was a generation younger than Ning Qingxue.

    But if Ye Mo accepted her, then that was no problem to speak of at all.

    That fishtail shard story was just an excuse. He believed he could take it back if he needed.

    Ning Fuzhen thought, 'With Ning Xuyan's beauty, Ye Mo wouldn't reject this.'

    Thinking about this, Ning Fuzhen laughed, "You and Xuyan must be fated! You both like those fishtails. Xuyan liked that pair of fishtails, so I told people to refine them into something better. City Lord Ye, if you don't mind, I can even marry Xuyan to you. She's my favourite granddaughter. She's still studying at Beijing University, but if you want, she can marry you at any time in Luo Yue."

    Ning Xuyan heard this and was dazed, but she immediately understood what was going on. She wasn't embarrassed at all, and as she sneaked a look at Ye Mo, she looked very willing.

    Ye Mo was like an emperor in Luo Yue - if she married Ye Mo, she would be the emperor's wife or concubine!

    Ye Mo's face sunk. He immediately saw through what Ning Fuzhen was trying to do and cursed at Ning Fuzhen's shamelessness.

    Ye Mo didn't like Ning Xuyan's character at all. Even if he did, he wouldn't agree to this with Ning Qingxue in mind.

    Ning Fuzhen clearly wanted the Ning family to become the number one family in Luo Yue, while Ye Mo had just reorganized Luo Yue so that it couldn't be controlled by a family anymore. If it really became like that, he would rather not have built Luo Yue at all.

    Ye Mo got up and bowed, "Since Qianbei doesn't want take it out, I'll be leaving."

    Then, Ye Mo turned to leave and couldn't even be bothered replying. After leaving, he went back to Ning Fuzhen's office while invisible.

    He wanted to find out where the fishtails were.

    Meanwhile, Ning Fuzhen's face was very bad. He didn't think Ye Mo would be this rude.

    Ning Xuyan was also annoyed. She believed that the reason why Ye Mo didn't like her was all because Ye Mo had just happened to see her unreasonable side.

    "Grandpa, this Ye Mo is really rude. So what if he's the City Lord of Luo Yue, I don't even care!" Ning Xuyan said.

    Ning Fuzhen waved his hand and sighed, "No need to say anything. Our Ning family is just an insect to him. Even if he wouldn't do it himself, too many people would be willing to annihilate us if he said anything."

    "Great-Grandpa, are those two fishtails important? Even Ye Mo wants to see them." Ning Xuyan wasn't dumb at all.

    Ning Fuzhen shook his head, "I don't know, but since Ye Mo asked for it, I will ask them back. It'll still be worth something if we give them to him. One day, if the Ning family has nowhere to go, maybe we can get help from Luo Yue."

    "Then who did you give the fish tails to, Great-Grandpa?" Ning Xuyan asked the question Ye Mo wanted to know the answer to the most.

    Ning Fuzhen replied, "To a Japanese friend of mine. He brought a friend here last time who really liked it, so I gave it to him."

    "Oh, I remember, was it that Xiang Jin?" Ning Xuyan clapped her hands.

    Ning Fuzhen nodded, "It was him. Last time, since I was thinking about sending you to Japan, I wanted to ask him to help you. If you go to Japan, you need to be polite to him, his father and I are old friends."

    "I don't want to go to Japan and learn those tricks from them. I might as well learn ancient martial arts if I want to learn something," Ning Xuyan said in contempt.

    Ning Fuzhen said seriously, "Xiang Song founded the hidden art in Japan himself, it's no magic tricks. He's the sect leader of one of the three big national art sects. Don't underestimate him. That Xiang Jing is said to be even better than his father. Their arts are no weaker than ancient martial arts. Moreover, do you think it's that easy to learn ancient martial arts?"

    Hearing this, Ning Xuyan asked carefully after a while, "Then did that guy come for the two fishtails?"

    Ning Fuzhen said, "He just happened to see them then. He also came last time to ask about Ye Mo, but he didn't know that although Ye Mo is a part of our family, he's like a stranger to us."

    "Why was he asking about Ye Mo? Does he have enmity with Ye Mo?" Ning Xuyan asked.

    Ning Fuzhen frowned. He had never really thought about it.
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