Chapter 813: Keep Acting Cocky

    Chapter 813: Keep Acting Cocky

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    When people saw Pang Wei's face after hearing Ye Mo's words, they knew that things didn't seem so simple. Many of those who wanted to help him changed their minds.

    Wang Yijian had realized that Ye Mo hadn't even take out his weapon when fighting him. However, he took out his weapon for Pang Wei. He was dazed. Was Pang Wei stronger than him?

    But the next moment, he found out he was greatly wrong. Pang Wei's short figure immediately stood up straight and seemed taller. His temperament and qi were spilling out like crazy.

    Wang Yijian hadn't expected Pang Wei to have such power and still keep a low profile in Jiu Ming Academy. If it hadn't been that Ye Mo was there to kill him, perhaps no one would have ever known he was such a master.

    Those who felt Pang Wei's immense pressure and power could tell that he was the real number one in Jiu Ming Academy. No wondered why Ye Mo was taking out his sword then.

    Ye Mo didn't dare to treat an almost foundation establishment state level master easily. He was sure that Pang Wei was no match for him, but he wasn't cocky enough to ignore him.

    Pang Wei and Li Cheng were both at real great heaven, but Pang Wei cultivated the Wu God Chant. Ye Mo hadn't seen the cultivation method yet, but he was sure that it was much stronger than what Li Cheng cultivated. Hence, he wouldn't take his opponent lightly before they fought.

    Sensing Pang Wei's immense qi, Cai Ji felt that she almost couldn't breathe. She was shook - she was at heaven level now and just on the border of the stage. If she hadn't reached great heaven and had tried to ambush Pang Wei, it would have been impossible to kill him.

    Luckily, she hadn't done it or she would have been dead by then.

    Pang Wei took a step forward. However, it was that one step that brought him in front of Ye Mo already.

    Ye Mo's eyes narrowed.

    "Since City Lord Ye is so cocky, then let me see what you've got. I just hope you don't end up getting killed before killing me." Pang Wei didn't even pull out the curved sword on his back and he just threw a punch at Ye Mo.

    This plain punch made Ye Mo feel uneasy and breathless. He could even feel that the entire peak's spirit chi seemed to have been drawn by this fist. It was as though if he had hesitated for a moment, he would have been pulverized by the punch.

    Without hesitation, Ye Mo's flying sword appeared and he attacked with dense cultivation essence.

    A thunderous clash sounded. Ye Mo was smashed 10 meters away with his flying sword. He even spat a mouthful of blood in the air while Pang Wei was completely fine and didn't even take a step back. Instead, he punched again.

    The audience was shocked. They hadn't thought Pang Wei was that strong. Ye Mo had beaten Wang Yijian with one move, yet Pang Wei had knocked Ye Mo away with one punch.

    The Jiu Ming Academy disciples rejoiced and immediately cheered for Pang Wei. They hadn't thought their sect had such a master.

    Cai Ji's heart beat rapidly. Her forehead was sweating and blood was seeping out of her fingers. She had thought Pang Wei was dead for sure, but it turned out he was stronger than Ye Mo.

    Only Ye Mo knew that the reason he was forced back that much was not due to the difference in their qi, but because Pang Wei had played a dirty move. He hadn't thought Pang Wei could turn the outside spirit chi into his inner qi, so he got injured by Pang Wei's own qi.

    Luckily, the spirit chi there was diluted and Pang Wei's power was limited. However, he was prepared now and wouldn't fall for the same trick again.

    However, Ye Mo was also very shocked. It was said that only masters above nascent soul state could mobilise the chi in the environment, yet Pang Wei could do it.

    Still, Ye Mo was happy because he knew that the Wu God Chant was very strong. A mere great heaven was able to throw such a fierce punch!

    Pang Wei's fighting experience was very good and before Ye Mo had landed, his second punch was there. However, this was just purely his own power.

    Ye Mo knew that he had no other way but to clash head on. Pang Wei had intentionally created this situation thinking that his inner qi was much stronger than Ye Mo's.

    This time, Ye Mo didn't use his flying sword and just used his fist.

    Rumble, rumble, rumble-

    The two fists clashed together making bone-cracking sounds. Even the people on the stage felt intense aftershocks that ripped their skin apart. Some people were bleeding already.

    There was a crater due on the center of the stage due to the clash.

    Seeing such fierce battle, everyone was speechless. It was the real pinnacle of martial art's battles.

    Ye Mo was thrown high up in the air and Pang Wei sneered. He knew that there was no way to gain a momentum in the air - he had created that situation too.

    He still believed that Ye Mo was no match for him, even if he hadn't done that. Yet his careful nature made him treat all his opponents with full power.

    Ye Mo sighed. The Wu God Chant was really terrifying. Luckily, he was cultivating the Three Birth Chant or he would have been dead that day.

    He knew what Pang Wei was thinking. Pang Wei was well experienced but far less than Ye Mo. He wouldn't have thrown him in the air if he hadn't let him.

    Before Ye Mo could land, Pang Wei stomped the ground and was shot up like a rocket.

    "Die!" A huge fist got formed again and attacked Ye Mo's lower body.

    Everyone thought that Ye Mo was be dead for sure.

    Ye Mo sneered. He didn't need to clash directly with Pang Wei, he could just get on his flying sword and dodge it

    But Ye Mo didn't want to do that. At the same time, Ye Mo gathered all his cultivation essence onto that one fist. He didn't believe that the Three Birth Chant's cultivation essence was weaker than the Wu God Chant's inner qi.

    The two fists clashed again.


    The explosion of chi caused a big roar and bone-breaking sounds were heard.

    This time, Pang Wei spat out blood and was shot down from the air by Ye Mo. He landed on the rocky ground and created a huge crater.

    "Keep acting cocky," Ye Mo sneered. He punched Pang Wei again.

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