Chapter 832: Cultivation World

    Chapter 832: Cultivation World

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    The earth level martial artists hesitated for a moment before decisively putting down their weapons and also kneeling down.

    "Ye-Qianbei," Bao Brother said shakily.

    Ye Mo wasn't happy at all. These men were clearly waiting there to rob people. Didn't that mean Yimo, Jingwen and the others has also been stopped?

    Ye-Qianbei? All of those who hadn't recognized Ye Mo yet now knew who that man was. It was Ye-Qianbei, who had slaughtered countless great heaven and half step great heaven masters and annihilated Taiyi Sect. Yet still, they had tried to rob Ye-Qianbei.

    Two black level martial artist subconsciously started running, but they were sliced in half after running less than 3 meters.

    Xu Shi and the hidden sects' warriors saw that Ye Mo hadn't even spoken, but he had made those fearsome robbers kneel down shakily. They were shocked beyond belief.

    Ye Mo didn't know them, but they clearly knew him. A person who dominated the outside world had gone into the powerful small world and was still invincible.

    "Instructor Ye," Xu Shi said with bitterness, looking at Song Yangzhu standing next to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo glanced at Xu Shi. He cut loose his ropes with a wind blade.

    Then, Xu Shi untied the others. All of those who had been saved went up to thank Ye Mo

    Ye Mo waved his hand and looked at Bao Brother. "You're robbing people here and killing them?"

    "No, no, Ye-Qianbei. I- I'm just collecting some advanced things to sell," Bao Brother said shakily.

    Ye Mo said coldly, "I have no patience. Did four women come here a few days ago? Was one of them a girl in her teens? What happened to them?"

    "Yes, yes, they were all very pretty-" Bao Brother said, but he was interrupted.

    "Get to the point."

    "Yes, yes. Wang Juan was here at the time and he wanted them. He attacked them."

    Bao Brother peaked at Ye Mo, whose face had turned very bleak, and stuttered, "Then, one of the women brought a little possum that was very strong which killed Wang Juan and seven others-"

    "Speak faster." Ye Mo could breathe a little more at ease.

    "Yes, yes. Then, Wang Juan's brother came. He was at half step great heaven, but one of them was also a great heaven master. They killed Wang Juan's brother and went to Xin Jia Mountain," Bao Brother said.

    "Why go to Xin Jia Mountain?" Ye Mo said.

    "Half a month ago, a teleportation formation appeared there and many people went," Bao brother said.

    Ye Mo's heart sunk. A formation had appeared there too, and also for half a month too. Ye Mo was sure that it wasn't to Earth. If it was, he would've long known.

    "Qianbei, half a month ago, Zihua Goddess took your two wives and also went in that formation," another half step great heaven man said.

    "What?" Ye Mo heard this and had a bad feeling. If that formation wasn't to Earth, then it was to the cultivation realm for sure.

    Luo Ying, Qingxue and Beiwei were invincible in the small world, but in the cultivation realm they were at the bottom. They had all taken the face preserving pill. What if people lusted after them?

    After he thought about this, Ye Mo waved out wind blades, killing everyone there but Bao Brother and the other half step great heaven master.

    However, Ye Mo damaged their dan tian.

    Before they could react, Ye Mo's voice sounded, "Seeing that you answered honestly, I'll let you live. Spread my word, those who dare to rob near this formation will die."

    Then, Ye Mo and the two women disappeared.


    Ye Mo got to Xin Jia Mountain as soon as possible.

    "Brother, what do we do?" Ye Ling had never been to the cultivation realm but seeing that even in the small realm it was the law of the jungle, the cultivation realm would be worse.

    "We'll go inside immediately." Song Yangzhu was also worried.

    Ye Mo understood their worry but he could only comfort them, "There are also good people in the cultivation realm, not everyone is cruel. Don't' worry, we should still be able to find them if we go now."

    But when Ye Mo went near the teleportation formation, his face changed.

    "What's wrong?" Song Yangzhu asked immediately.

    Ye Mo said, "It's troublesome. This formation does not teleport to a specific location, it's a random one-way formation."

    "Even if two people cross it at the same time, they might be millions of miles apart."

    "What!?" Ye Ling was shook and asked, "Brother, that means that if we enter at the same time, we might not appear in the same place?"

    Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, but this isn't what I'm worried about the most. I'll hold you two when we go, but I'm worried that even if we go through here, we won't be able to find Yimo and the others - and much less Qingxue and company, who went in even earlier."

    Ye Mo was very worried, Yimo was only 13. Such a little girl in the cultivation realm, that had dangers everywhere, wouldn't be able to survive for long.

    Song Yangzhu got extremely worried.

    Ye Mo said to Ye Ling, "Ye Ling, hold Silver. We'll go inside immediately."

    Ye Mo grabbed Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling and entered the teleportation formation.

    Ye Mo felt some dizziness. He immediately could tell that it was a very long distance teleportation.

    After some time, the three of them landed outside an endless valley.

    Ye Mo looked at Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling, who were still next to him and breathed at ease. But immediately, he sensed an extremely dense spirit chi.

    Feeling this, Ye Mo knew at once that it was the cultivation realm. He was quite familiar with that feeling. In Luo Yue Continent, the spirit chi was as dense.

    But Ye Mo knew that such density was considered very low in the cultivation realm. Most sects had spirit gathering formations and spirit arteries.

    TL note: spirit arteries - underground streams of spirit energy.

    "Ye Mo, I feel that this place is quite suitable for truth cultivation," Song Yangzhu said.

    Ye Mo nodded.

    Before he could tell her to go find a nearby city, he saw six people fighting and running. They were headed towards them.

    Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu were dazed. They had never seen such a way of fighting. Fireballs were everywhere in the air and there were runic papers that brought showers of ice. Flying swords also dashed around all over the place.

    They could tell that it was two people against four.

    Before they could ask Ye Mo, a grey-clothed man pierced a black-faced man's throat with his flying sword. However, before the man could rejoice, the dark-faced man also blasted a fireball through the man's chest.

    Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu witnessed this in shock. There were no laws there at all. Killing was a daily thing.

    The other member of the smaller party couldn't focus anymore and was soon killed by the remaining three.

    The remaining two guys and the woman picked up the storage bags before walking up to Ye Mo.

    Seeing these three ferocious people walk over, Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu immediately became anxious and stood behind Ye Mo. Even Silver felt their bad will and raised her feathers.

    "One at chi gathering stage and one- two non-cultivators. These two chicks aren't bad." The tall cultivator who walked at the front studied Ye Mo and laughed.

    He cultivated the Three Birth Chant, hence that man couldn't see Ye Mo's power at all.

    "Hmmm. A storage ring?!" a monkey-mouthed man behind the tall cultivator saw Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling's storage and exclaimed.

    He immediately tried to grab Song Yangzhu.
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