Chapter 838: Terrifying Cultivation Whirlpool

    Chapter 838: Terrifying Cultivation Whirlpool

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    "I'll carve the Primordial Chaos Chant on a jade slip for you - you can cultivate that from now on. Don't cultivate what Li Yuqian teaches you, but you can learn from her some cultivation magic. You must remember: never expose this cultivation method. I don't think there is in Luo Yue Continent a cultivation method of this caliber," Ye Mo said carefully.

    Ye Mo carved the cultivation method on jade slips and gave it to the two women. Then, he gave them 200 spirit stones each and some pills before saying, "You must remember to never trust people easily in the cultivation realm. The people here are willing to do anything to get stronger."

    "Ye Mo, where will you go?" Song Yangzhu didn't want to be away from Ye Mo, but she knew he had to do things.

    Ye Mo thought for a moment and said, "I'm still very weak right now. I want to search the entire Luo Yue Continent after I get stronger. I want to be able to go to the South Peace State to cultivate in the future. It's said that the spirit chi is much denser there."

    "Brother, when you go to the South Peace State, remember to take Sister Yangzhu and me with you." Ye Ling felt bad thinking that she might not be able to see her brother for a long time. She might have cried if Song Yangzhu hadn't been going with her to that strange place.

    Ye Ling saw the tears in Ye Ling's eyes and made up his mind to cultivate like crazy. They weren't on Earth. He had what was needed to cultivate. One day, he would take them wherever they wanted to go.

    "Go! Your master is quite decent. I can tell she's cultivating the rightful dao cultivation method. Don't make her wait too long." Ye Mo got up.


    "Brother Ye, I have an earth and wind dual spirit root. Elder Han has taken me as his disciple!" Xia Zhongwen said excitedly.

    Ye Mo hadn't expected his talent to be so good. Xia Pinger's talent wasn't that good. She had a 3 element spirit root, she had an average talent.

    The two golden core state elders soon took them all to the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect. In a short time, they travelled a two-days distance.

    Li Yuqian left Ye Mo and Xia Pinger in the ordinary outer sect reception and took Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling to Yan Yuan Peak.

    Because Ye Mo and Xia Pinger had been brought by golden core state elders, the receptionist was rather polite to them.

    Ye Mo got a room for cultivation. It only had a simple defense formation, but it was enough for Ye Mo.

    Despite being on the most outer region of the sect, the dense spirit chi still made Ye Mo happy.

    Ye Mo got an identity card and clothes and immediately went back to his place to cultivate. He didn't want to waste a minute.

    But when he ran meridian cycles in his meridians, he was shook and stopped cultivation immediately.

    In a few breaths time, the spirit chi outside had formed a dense whirlpool that rushed towards him. It was so huge that it reminded Ye Mo of the moment when foundation establishment state formed golden cores. It was too huge.

    Ye Mo was happy that his Three Birth Chant was so terrifying when devouring spirit chi. He was only at chi gathering stage. It didn't act like that on Earth due to the lack of spirit chi, but now it showed its true power.

    Ye Mo could guess that it was stronger at places with more spirit chi.

    But if he continued cultivation, people would notice immediately. If people found out that a chi gathering state cultivator could cause this, he would be dissected down to the bones.

    Power, power. Ye Mo sighed. Without power, he didn't even dare to cultivate.

    As soon as Ye Mo stopped cultivation, many powerful spirit senses scanned inside. Ye Mo didn't dare to move. There was a spirit sense that was far stronger than that Elder Han's. Ye Mo was certain that it belonged to the nascent soul state cultivator.

    They didn't find anything special and took back their spirit sense. Ye Mo was scared and sweating. He rejoiced that he had stopped early, or else he would've been caught.

    After collecting his thoughts, Ye Mo laid down. He had decided to leave the sect the next morning to cultivate.


    A night passed and Ye Mo rested well. As a new sect member, Ye Mo had to get approval before he could go out.

    Luckily, Ye Mo had been taken there by the golden core state elder and so the manager didn't really care. He just told him that new members had to go to mission hall to take missions.

    In any sect, the outer sect members were pawns. It was not only in the sense of battles between sects, but they also did a lot of missions for their sect. If they wanted cultivation resources, they had to complete missions to get points and exchange these points for resources.

    The herbs they worked arduously for and the beast they hunted were taken by the sect and given to the inner sect members and core sect members.

    It could be said that the outer sect members existed for inner sect members.

    Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu were private disciples and had the same power as a core sect member - sometimes even more.

    Those on a lower position than the outer sect members were the labour disciples. However, they usually didn't cultivate, so they had less pressure than outer sect members.

    Ye Mo arrived at the mission hall in the morning and found it was already full. The sect had nearly 1000 outer sect members, but there were limited missions. If you went early, you could get a low-risk highly-rewarded mission. If you arrived late, then you could only get those high-risk poorly-rewarded mission.

    Of course, it was relative. Usually a high-risk mission would be well rewarded.

    The mission hall had two screens which were controlled by a formation. One wrote the top ten foundation establishment state masters of the sect and the top 30 chi gathering masters. This ranking was called the Zheng Zhuan Hall of Fame. The other screen showed missions.

    "Did you know? Our sect's number one foundation establishment state Qianbei Li Baisen is in solitary cultivation now. It's said he's trying to reach golden core state."

    "Li-Qianbei is really the genius of the century in our sect. How long has it been? He's already trying to reach golden core state. When I just arrived at the sect, he was only at chi gathering state. Yet now, I'm still at chi gathering state."

    "Pffft- You dare to compare yourself with Li-Qianbei? Do you know Martial Brother Li Bailin? He is Li-Qianbei's younger brother. He's only been here for half a year and he's already ranked second on the chi gathering ranking."


    Ye Mo heard this, but he wasn't interested. He had gone there to get a mission, go out and cultivate.
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