Chapter 856: What Grade Pill Master are You

    Chapter 856: What Grade Pill Master are You

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    Zhang Chengfeng smiled, as though nothing had happened. The moment Ye Mo moved, he knew his purpose. Although he could stop it, he didn't. He didn't want trouble with the All Pill Tower now, but he didn't need to go help them either. It was fine for him to give this little help for a free Face Preserving Pill, but that was about it.

    Ye Mo knew that Zhang Chengfeng had had the opportunity to stop it. If he had, he would have known that there was no point in trying to connect with him. He would have immediately found an excuse to borrow spirit stones. Once he got the spirit stones, he would have left River State City immediately.

    "How dare you attack the young master of the All Pill Tower? City Lord Zhang, this Ye Mo dares to attack people in this city!" Peng Shiping hadn't had the ability to help at the spur of the moment.

    He wanted to attack Ye Mo, but he knew Zhang Chengfeng had taken Ye Mo's pill so he could only settle things with Zhang Chengfeng first. If he chose not to attack, then he could do whatever he wanted to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo said plainly, "Manager Peng, City Lord Zhang also saw what happened just then. I believe City Lord Zhang will deal with things with justice. I'm just like City Lord Zhang, someone who values husband-wife relationship. Your All Pill piece of trash dares to assault my wife! It's his luck that I haven't killed him already."

    Zhang Chengfeng nodded. "I saw what happened just then. It was indeed the All Pill Tower young master's fault, I support what Brother Ye did.

    "City Lord Zhang, this Ye Mo is just a foreigner. Are you really going to side with him?" Peng Shiping said.

    Ye Mo laughed. "I have a way to placate your anger. Your young master likes to assault wives, right? You can take him home to assault your wife."

    "How dare you-" Peng Shiping was about to rage.

    Zhang Chengfeng sneered, but he didn't talk. He was clearly unhappy.

    Peng Shiping heard this and realized it was impossible to teach Ye Mo a lesson at that moment. He thought and got up saluting Zhang Chengfeng and Yan Zheng, before taking his young master and leaving.

    "Hahaha!" Yan Zheng saw this and gave Ye Mo a thumbs up. "Brother Ye is indeed fearless! You even gave the young master of the All Pill Tower a beating. However, his father Lu Jiucheng is the boss of the River State Branch. He's at golden core state peak stage. It's said he's trying to reach nascent soul state. With the All Pill Tower's abundant resources, it will just be a matter of time."

    Ye Mo was quite shocked indeed. He had thought a branch boss would at most be at golden core state middle stage.

    He could stall around a golden core state cultivator, but against a nascent soul state cultivator, he wouldn't even be able to talk.

    As though seeing Ye Mo's worry, Zhang Chengfeng laughed and said, "Brother Ye, don't worry. Just develop your China Pharmaceuticals in this city, I don't think that the All Pill Tower dares to cross the line here."

    Ye Mo saluted him. "Thank you, Brother Zhang. I'll stay in this city. Please take this face preserving pill."

    Then he gave the pill to Zhang Chengfeng looking very willing.

    However, Ye Mo cursed in his heart. None of these guys were easy to deal with. Zhang Chengfeng got his pill, yet he had only said a few meaningless word.

    Zhang Chengfeng got what he needed and immediately left Ye Mo's shop, as though he had never said that they were brothers.

    This City Lord Zhang was a very pragmatic person. He wouldn't invest on something without getting a benefit. He was a golden core state cultivator and he wasn't going to lower himself to connect with a foundation establishment state cultivator.

    Ye Mo sighed, wondering whether he should have left the city.

    After thinking about all of that, he found that Yan Zheng was still sitting in front of him and hadn't left.

    Yan Zheng saw Ye Mo's expression change, but he didn't mind and instead saluted him with his fist. "Those two are gone. Now let's introduce each other again. I'm the manager of the Immortal Treasure Tower River State Branch, Yan Zheng."

    Ye Mo was confused by Yan Zheng's attitude and replied, "I'm China Pharmaceuticals' Ye Mo. Manager Yan, what do you wish to tell me?"

    Yan Zheng smiled. "Brother Ye, allow me to be straightforward. I can tell you're a brave person and I know why you gave the pill to City Lord Zhang."

    Yan Zheng's tone changed, "However, I don't think Brother Ye understands City Lord Zhang. Your efforts might not succeed."

    Once Yan Zheng said this, Ye Mo realized that Yan Zheng meant that the face preserving pill was precious to others, but not so to him.

    Seeing Ye Mo wasn't replying reply to him, Yan Zheng didn't mind. "Do you know why Ciy Lord Zhang called you brother? Just like how he doesn't consider us to be at his level, he is still very polite to us. It's all because we have power behind us. Moreover, Brother Ye's master is no ordinary person."

    Ye Mo smiled bitterly. He was no idiot, but he had just realized that Yan Zheng had called him brother because of that non-existent master he had.

    "Hahaha. What a pity for Brother Ye's face preserving pill!" Yan Zheng smiled and said.

    Ye Mo didn't really mind and laughed. "Brother Yan is really insightful. But, are you telling me these so I can ask to have the pill back?"

    "Of course not." Yan Zheng looked at Ye Mo and said, "The reason I stayed here is because I genuinely want to be friends with Brother Ye. If Brother Ye doesn't mind, I'm willing to take on the conflict between China Pharmaceuticals and the All Pill Tower. Would I have that honour?"

    Ye Mo was already planning to leave the city after realizing what Zhang Chengfeng was thinking, but now Yan Zheng's words confused him. They had just met for the first time, why did he think so highly of him and was willing to help him?

    Yan Zheng smiled and said, "Brother Ye, our Immortal Treasure Tower has always had conflict with the All Pill Tower. Even without Brother Ye's things, we're still enemies. The reason I approve of Brother Ye, other than the fact that you're a pill master, is that you're someone that can be a true friend. I don't think I'm wrong."

    Ye Mo wasn't going to keep pretending at this point. It would only benefit him to connect with the Immortal Treasure Tower, so he said, "Thank you, Brother Yan, for approving of me. Then I'll be troubling you from now on."

    "In that case, I won't waste time. Brother Ye, the place you rented is actually a property of our Immortal Treasure Tower, and so is the land in a 10000 m radius from here. If you don't mind, I'll make the decision to give it all to you for the starting step of China Pharmaceuticals," Yan Zheng said without hesitation.

    "Huuuh!" Ye Mo was really dazed. The land prices were very expensive there.

    "Brother Ye, I truly want to be friends with you. I don't think you're a mere spirit grade level 1 pill master, right? Let me guess, that benefit essence pill came from you? It's a master's work. I came today not for the face preserving pill. I want to know what grade pill master you are, Brother Ye," Yan Zheng said.
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